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Monday, July 23, 2012


I invite you today to take a sacred journey into your inner world and liberate yourself from the bondage of pain, both emotional and physical. I truly believe that our unresolved issues in life have a direct correlation to the health of our bodies and our wellbeing.

The key to our healing is to straight away deal with our wounds, to process our fears, forgive from the heart, and stand in our Truth.
Only a courageous person who is passionately seeking freedom can take this journey of moving through unresolved fears.

It is my observation that our physical bodies are formed not from the food and nutrients we take in, but from our life experiences, our attitudes to life, and our emotions and pain buried from past experiences. 

It is a human tendency to hide behind wounds and create walls so thick that we are unable to move ahead in life. 
We are powerful energy beings but it is sad to notice that we give away our energy for things that do not support us in any way.
We give away our creative energy to judge people, situations, places and things and lock them into wounded memories and attitudes.

We do not realize that our wounds cost us a great deal both physically and monetarily. Our health is intimately connected with our emotions and attitudes. Our unprocessed fears and emotions are injurious to our health and wellbeing. Our stress pours into our bodies as acid. Our blood pH is alkaline, and so to process the acid the body organs struggle everyday. Our bodies create fat cells to engulf the excess acid in the body and store it away from the vital organs and delicate systems of the body. Our bodies start holding fat and go into dis-ease.

I notice that locking ones focus into a negative past, focusing all ones attention and energy on it, feeding it by talking about it, and exaggerating it everyday, seems to be a most powerful pastime of our society and culture today! I find it very funny that people feel that if there is nothing to grumble about or be negative about, then there will be nothing else to talk with each other. In fact I lost all of my friends some 15 years ago when I stopped having a pity party with my stories, and my friends' stories of some unpleasant past. We develop powerful habbits of spoken language and body language that keep our wounds of the past alive.
Our habbits have become our culture, and our culture has taught us not to care for ourselves or to take responsibility for our happiness.

As I had mentioned before we are energy beings and our bodies thrive on life force energy. Our life force energy depends on our every thought, emotions, and attitudes. If we choose to encourage negative thoughts and emotions, we are in for great trouble. For, these are more toxic to the body than any toxic food or drink. The more judgemental we become, the more energy will become depleted from our system, our body becomes tired and weak, we become irritated and short tempered all the time, we even stop doing things that we were usually doing. This is very serious because we are heavily losing our life force energy. Negative beliefs and judgements cost a lot of energy, deliberately saying negative comments to people drains enormous amounts of energy.

How we create heaven or hell in our lives depends on how we treat ourselves and others. Being human is challenging, every person goes through trauma in life. 
I have noticed that people sometimes take the power from their trauma, build up stories around it and use it to control other people, this is why the saying, "hurt people are the ones who hurt others" is true. We become so connected with our wounded past that we use them to manipulate others. 

Every person, every place, every situation has been created benevolently by life for our growth physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Every interation with another human being, every experience with every situation is a beautiful opportunity to expand, to amass and gather enormous knowledge and wisdom. All we can deal from the mind is only what we see in front of us, we do not know the bigger picture. If we truly analyse from our heart, we can know that our past has brought us to where we are right now. Life has always been benevolent, reality / God is always good and there is no argument. When we argue with reality we suffer a lot.

The only key to avoid suffering of body, mind, and soul, is forgiveness towards oneself and others. Pain is not an enemy, it is a bringer of wisdom and knowledge, it is a guardian who shows us the way to freedom. Paying attention to life, living every moment fully and completely, allowing and accepting our reality, making room for forgiveness, choosing to focus our energy on our strengths and our gifts, and living from the place of Gratitude, are the most powerful ways of healing and liberating ourselves from the illusion of fear and pain. When we liberate ourselves, our life force energy is powerful enough to liberate everyone who comes into our space!

Making peace with humanity and Divinity is the MAGIC OF LIFE. 
Let us choose to create magic and miracles for ourselves and our Planet.
~Premlatha Rajkumar~