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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

THE TRUTH by Premlatha Rajkumar~

You are a timeless, infinite being of immense magnificence and beauty. You love your infinite expansion, you love to go and experience the farthest, and the deepest. In your quest you chose to enter into this experience called human,, ..time, and all limitations. You are the Ocean, and sometimes you like to experience yourself as the wave. The wave rises, but falls back to become the magnificent ocean. Yes, being a human is a dream to experience limitation, in order to more deeply know your magnificence. 
The mind is the tool that holds you in this dream called human, ...time, you think you are a hostage. But it is possible to wake up from the dream of humanity. The powerful truth is that you are Pure Awareness. You are awareness, you do not need to make awareness happen. You walk, you eat, you breathe with the body, when you start listening with alertness to your walk, to your eating, to your breathing, it becomes the meditation that wakes you up from the dream. It makes you realize that you are the watcher, the infinite, timeless Presence. Let the Presence of the Watcher be in everything you do.
Every human is responsible to wake up from this dream. And the awakening can happen only by awareness. When the mind is full of thoughts, when there are complications and suffering, pull yourself out of it by practicing listening, feeling, noticing; in silence see the beauty of nature, feel the breeze touching you, listen to the voice of the birds, the children, do not think about it, allow it, just be there, just be aware. And in that moment walks in the wisdom of the timeless part of YOU.
When you get to know the timeless part of you, the experience of the You in time and space flows with ease and grace.
~Premlatha Rajkumar~