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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PRAYER TO ISHTAR ( Virgin Mary, Semiramis)

I call upon the I AM presence!to call upon the I AM Presence of my loved ones into action.  Into their GOD resurrection, Into their GOD understanding. Into their GOD action. Into their GOD oneness.

Unto the queen of the gods, Within me
into whose hands are committed the assembly of the great gods,
unto the lady of Nineveh,the queen of the gods,
the exhalted one,unto the daughter of the moon-god,
the twin sister of the sun god, unto her who ruleth all kingdoms,
unto the goddess of the world who deetermineth decrees,
unto the Lady of heaven and earth who recieveth supplication,
unto the merciful goddess who hearkeneth unto entreaty,
who recieveth prayer, who loveth righteousness,

I make my prayer unto Ishtar within me
to whom all confusion is a cause of grief.
The sorrows which I see are diffused within your love, beloved mother within me.
Incline thine ear unto my words of awareness
and let thine heart be opened unto the joy of my speech.

Turn thy face unto me,
O Lady, so that by reason thereof
my heart may be made strong! So that my heart continues to open. So that I may see thine light within every being in creation Always.

But thou, O Ishtar, thou mighty Queen of the gods,
by the lifting up of thine eyes did teach me,
for thou didst desire my awakening.
Thou didst take me from the mountains,
and didst make me the Door of my experiences
. . . and thou, O Ishtar, didst make great my name!
and let thine heart be mercifully inclined towards me and towards my Loved ones. I love you forever and ever, Beloved mother. Thank you!

                                                                And So it Is.