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Monday, July 2, 2012

Personal Miracle Monday by Azlan White

Arising today, we may feel the energy of our work calling us right from an early hour. MOON SEXTILES SATURN at 4:08 am, giving us a productive grace in the early morning.  This FULL MOON coming, will ask us to dig deeply into our lives asking questions about our fulfillment, our place in life, and our way of being supported (or not) by our community–in our perception, and in our experience.
a MOON SQUARE MARS in the afternoon is a “grunge point,” where the soon to be FULL MOON (tomorrow morning), is heading toward a transformation and fruition point that may be asking things of us. This aspect will call us into action in ways that are in service to our life’s work, our home-base and our authentic community. This aspect makes today an “action day.”  Movement is better than no-movement in most situations.
MOON enters Capricorn after a brief half hour VOID period between 3:21 pm, pdt and 3:51 pdt.  This MOON in Capricorn is now in the sign of the FULL MOON, where we will “take our own life’s work seriously,” for the year. This is the cycle where we allow an alchemical death and rebirth in the area of our work in the world or the system within which we function in our “real world,” we may need to choose a different village, a different job, or a different way of being in the world that is closer to serving our authentic soul here and now.
MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE at 8:39 pm, pdt giving us Spriritual Grace in the evening. This grace can be surfed for prayers, for poetry, for stream-of-consciousness writing that brings wisdom for our time, or for a good night of sleep.  This aspect, at this time, may initiate a flow of spirit through prayer that ripples into our lives in profound ways.
May we all take a moment to examine our own life system, the way we live, communicate, travel, eat, and relate to community. How is it that we live within the context of a “larger village,” that supports us?  Where is this integrated WHOLE village lacking in our lives, and how do we need to restructure our lives so that where we live and how we work is part of a larger integrated “whole village system?” This “village system,” gives us a healthy place to belong. If we do not feel our integrated part of a whole village system, this is the FULL MOON that may call us to change our home, work or way of being so that we can become more a part of an integrated healthy whole village life. (in our own unique way).
May this cycle call us into our “pod,” out of our isolation, into our soul’s expression, out of our victim-filled expression, into our Cosmic Empowerment, transforming Shadow(unmet needs or hidden pain) to Clarified Power.