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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The following is more than a little speculative.  It is downright fanciful.  But it also thinks in terms of what might actually be reality.  And if we’re collectively becoming ever more talented at Creating Reality, then why not use the tried and true, Time-reversed technique to revise history.  It’s not like history revisionists have been in short supply as of late.
So buckle your safety belt, and hang on.  You have only your preconceptions and societal paradigms to shatter.

 I am Paatah. Or rather I am of the Paatah.  That is to say, a member of an Eleventh dimensional community of souls unified in their diversity.  I have become an individual separate from the cosmic consciousness of the Paatah -- and thus the why of calling myself Paatah -- in order to act as Guardian.
For my community has embarked on a curious and extraordinary experiment -- to condense our beings into a mere three dimensions of space, and simultaneously, fall into time; time being that extraordinary, linear phenomenon where perception becomes three fold, i.e. past, present and future.  The experiment is to experience the ordeals of living within the dense confines of three dimensions, where limitations abound and Illusions of restrictions take on the appearance of reality -- where there is a buffer of time between desire and manifestation.
As Guardian, I am to watch over the experiment, separate from and distinct from the experientialists who are to live within the four-dimensional space-time creation.  It is my task to observe, monitor, and ensure the completion or resolution of the experiment.  I am also authorized to provide appropriate action if things appear to go wrong or get out of hand.  Even then, I am determined to interject only the most minimal intervention, and only at whatever stage appropriate.
Unfortunately, conditions have evolved to the point where intervention is now necessary. Members of my community, who have so zealously taken on their parts in the greatest of dramas, have reached an impasse, whereby the very stage upon which they are performing is nearing destruction.  Not only from the vagaries of the strange and colorful stagings of a diversity of dramas the densified Paatah have concocted, but also from external sources -- beings from the intervening dimensions who, while acknowledging the Paatah as something akin to gods, have nonetheless decided that self-advantage on their part is to be gained by thwarting the goals of the Paatah and simultaneously gaining from control of the Paatah’s latent, inner powers.            
Isolated members of the Paatah -- in their guise as four-dimensional humanoids -- have encountered hints and pieces of the puzzle, and have begun the process of remembering. Many have shared the puzzlement and partial enlightenment with others -- some on a large scale.  But of course, in full respect for the experimental protocol, none have garnered the full picture of the past, present and future of their dimensionally limited drama.            
Of course, one should not expect this treatise to be the complete and final picture either.  But it is intended to correct many misconceptions, to identify clearly the more precise picture, and then initiate, as gently as possible (consistent with the urgency of completing the experiment within the time constraints long ago imposed) a wake up call for all of the Paatah, a wake up call set hundreds of years ago and slated for 2012 A.D., a call to all to continue the process of completing the Great Experiment.  
I am optimistic.  I am Paatah.