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Monday, July 23, 2012

"Entertain the idea that today is your last day on Earth"Latest Channelling from Michelle Manders/Palace of Peace - "Golden Oracle Master - Lord Metatron" channelled in Johannesburg SA, I know! I know! I have heard this before!  for those people who have empowered the believe system of karma like We use to this channeling may help you diffuse this believe.  karma is simply "Action or deed" Unfortunately, the translation of karma is widely misunderstood as a form of punishment or reward based on one's actions. Some may even go as far as saying that we recycle karma from other lives.  It is our understanding that we give power to karma when we allow guilt and shame to be part of our learning process.  This is how we  allow the  mind to become our punisher.  Obviously, there are tons of religious  institutions that have been set up in a  way that  empowers the believe system of  Good Karma and bad karma.  Some  belief systems empower karma as the reason why a man is born into poverty or into wealth, or why success happens to some and not to others.  The lessons we learn here in this physical plane are neither good or bad they are simply lessons. We were not born in sin.  Being at peace with one's creation is key, taking responsibility for this creations leads to  freedom.  Forgiving ourselves and others for creating experiences that brought about separation unifies self with creation. Understanding that everything around us is connected to us gives birth to a more peaceful way of living.   Spirit, creator, god, goddess, divine mother, Alll That Is, Source IS  karma free and since we are made in her/his image so are We.  So if today is our last day on this earth plane we celebrate knowing that we are completely In Love with the totality of our creation. We embrace oneness. We are eternal. We are magical forever and ever . And So It Is...

Michelle Sanders: "Entertain the idea that today is your last day on Earth. What are you going to do with it? By holding this question in your mind daily supports you in becoming more accustomed to living in the moment. This too contributes to you empowering yourself with the concrete inner knowing that happiness is a state of mind, for in being present within the moment your mind is unable to waste time being in fear, and slowly adapts to harnessing the energies of positivity, thus bringing balance. This too enhances your healing process. If you knew today was your last day on your planet Earth then you would also know that you are free of your past life influences and karma, and that the death process is one aspect of moving forward. But, because you do not know if today is your last day or not, you are also therefore required to pay attention to whatever unfinished business you intuitively feel needs to be attended to.

Living with an attitude of taking one day at a time allows you to enjoy the fullness of every moment. When, in those days you are faced with a challenge it changes your attitude toward the challenge, for no longer is it a case of fearing that the challenge will destroy your future, or that the challenge is going to debilitate you. You don't have to fear that the challenge will remain for days and weeks and months on end. Why? Because the challenge is present right now and right here. What is your challenge showing you? And what, right now, can you do about it? What do you have at your disposal in this moment that allows you to see that you have the energy, know-how and ability to move beyond it?"

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