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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kundalini activation - Transformation into the Divine Reality

As the Kundalini activation permeates the body a chain reaction is building. This can happen very quickly or slow depending on the quality of a person's practice, acceptance and surrender.
The spine will feel as if it wants to be straight. A feeling of powerful energies begins to build at the base of the spine and as they increase a pressure forms at this base until it gives way like a dam bursting. Exquisite energies then sweep up the spinal column causing the back to arch backward and the head is immediately wrapped in a swirling mass of energy. Lights and sounds and smells are experienced. Sensations of tiny electric currents are felt just below the scalp zipping and fizzing their way around the head and often spreading through out the body. An inner HUM begins to be percieved.
Extreme feelings of love and joy are felt as this energy convulses the body with the intensity of an internal hurricane of joy and movement. Some people have reported seeing streamers of light fountaining out the top of their head around them. The top of the head at the fontanel can become an organ of vision.
Beauty, Joy, love and a feeling of completion pervade the body as the energy begins to fill the cranial spaces with a golden white light that is viewed with eyes closed but looking up. The sensation of a bowl on the top of the head extending down to the temples is perceived (the new halo). Some minor spastic movements and jerking of the body is felt as the Kundalini completes its initial foray in and around the body.
This can last for minutes or seconds and it is what the energy of that person decides is needed. No pain, unless you resist, and even then, in the beginning, it will wait until you resist consistently before helping you understand.
This is the time to call upon your personal divinity. The one you have been communicating with (praying to). Or your own inner divinity. Don't be surprised to actually see them appear in the physical reality as you are in a blending of realities as this first appears. To a degree the veil that separates us from the Divine Reality (the true reality) has been lifted, but not completely, as it is understood that you still have to function in a body and in the physical world.
You may begin to experience the skills and attributes of the awakened individual i.e. telepathic skills, seeing peoples thoughts or emotions, astral projection, remote viewing or sensing. These are only "lesser experiences" when encountering the Divine but need to be stated.
Now you have a whole new set of rules to live and flourish by and guidance is there to help you understand what those rules are. The Kundalini will guide you through the process by way of intuition, visions, and feelings.
At this time it is EXTREMELY important not to see, hear, or experience any of the negative forms of entertainment our western society has to offer. No books or movies or music that isn't loving or conducive to positive loving feelings. This is necessary for your pattern to develop and strengthen. As much as you are able to be, be at peace and prayerful. Remember the (Inner Joy) and smile and know that you're indeed blessed for now and ever. - blessings - chrism