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Friday, July 20, 2012

Inside The DNA Of MDNA Because we take ourselves too seriously, with all that talk about global warming, solar flares, animal extinctions, massive oil spills that have wiped out most marine life in the Atlantic ocean, mercury poisoning  genetically modify foods, cloning, chem trails, sacred geometry, quantum physics,  ET's, DNA activation, merkabas,  the appearance of blue star kashina and all that talk about ascension. We believe that now is the time for a good source of entertainment.  This is a behind the scenes clip of Madonna's world tour MDNA. We examined this video thoroughly and we can assure you, that this video does not contain content that may continue to shrink your pineal gland. We know that you are so concern about it. We also applaud the motion graphics at the opening of this video, and of course everything else that followed.  We are inspired. And So it Is. Amen.