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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Deconstruction of Who we thought Ourselves to be July 2012 Monthly Visions - By Dana Mrkich via IMZAIA.COM

We are currently experiencing the complete deconstruction of who we thought ourselves to be, and the process can feel extremely disorienting even to those who are used to the ongoing shifts within this Great Shift. A lot of our memories are being wiped from our spheres of conscious awareness and subconscious, specifically memories that are no longer serving us, including many cellular memories that have been held by our physical bodies and many soul memories that have been held by our energetic bodies. These old memories have influenced and thus participated in the creation of our day to day, life to life, realities. The memories are being removed because they have served their purpose, and would be more of a hindrance than a help in our new reality chapters and new reality creation processes. It’s kind of like upgrading to new computer software – the previous version helps to create the new version, but once the new version is ready to go you don’t need to keep the old version on your computer. You can still of course access any memory any time if you really want to, but they will now more exist in the cosmic storage central library as opposed to your home study.

Ironically this ‘memory wipe’ of no longer relevant memories is happening as we’re seemingly opening up to more and more of our galactic and authentic self memory. We use the word ‘seemingly’ because technically it is not our memory that is returning, rather it is our awareness that is expanding as we enter higher frequency energy allowing us to access higher states of consciousness that contain information and knowledge we haven’t had access to for a long time. This increase in awareness is of course expanding our previously conceived notions of who we really are and thus contributing to the deconstruction process of who we thought ourselves to be.

This memory wipe also applies to recent memories (as recent as minutes or hours ago) that have no benefit in staying with us. You may be finding it harder and harder to have any tangible hold on what you used to call ‘the past’. More and more it feels like a dream, some of which you can remember clearly, some of which you can’t remember at all or have to focus really hard to recall. You may have no recollection of conversations that others insist took place. No, you aren’t going crazy. It is just that our minds are choosing to hold on to less and less these days, particularly that which isn’t relevant to our immediate present. Essentially, that’s what happening – we are moving into the much talked about time of living in the Now. By its very definition Now means no sense of ‘Past’ or ‘Future’ and so this wiping of the memories is an integral part of our arrival into Living in the Now time.

We assumed that living in the Now meant living in a very calm and blissful state, and it does mean that – but until we get used to it it’s a bit like living without a watch after a lifetime of having one attached to your wrist. You don’t have your usual point of reference to anchor you. We are connecting to a new point of reference, an inner point. Until we get used to that, it can sometimes feel like we’re floating in a bubble not attached to anything in particular. This simultaneously feels really blissful and yet a little bit scary because we’re used to having anchors and attachments and something to hold our reality together. At first we may interpret it as ‘My brain has disappeared’, ‘I can’t focus or concentrate on anything’, ‘I can’t hold my thoughts together/string a sentence together’ and ‘Everything feels so vague and foggy’. This ‘no time’ business is like being an astronaut who has to get used to zero gravity – it’s cool but strange.

As part of this shift into ‘no time’, and as part of the corresponding deconstruction of who we thought ourselves to be, we are being asked to let go of so much of our former identities. If we used to define ourselves by a particular role or job, you can be sure that that role or job is in a state of major change or has been completely removed from your life. Again, there’s the feeling that we aren’t being allowed to hold on to anything external as our point of reference. We are establishing new identities, or rather re-discovering our authentic identities. This doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to have anything external in our lives. We will still have relationships and friends and family, we’ll still have work and activities and interests, but the difference is those things are no longer going to be the sources that define us. We are rediscovering our inner being as the source of who we are, with our external realities being conscious physical expressions of this inner source.

We can no longer ‘fake’ who we are inside by creating an illusion of it outside. If our outer reality doesn’t match what is really going on within us, it will collapse or be forced to transform. A great example is when someone who has always struggled with money wins millions of dollars, but still has a poverty, lack or ‘I’m not worthy’ mentality. You hear story after story where that person ends up, in a very short time, back to their old situation: broke and in debt. Who has had the situation where you unexpectedly receive some money, maybe a pay bonus, a lottery win or some other gift, and just as unexpectedly you receive a parking fine or your car breaks down or the oven needs fixing, and the total bill comes to the exact amount of the bonus money you’d just received? On the one hand you might think, wow isn’t the universe great? It must have known this bill was coming because here I am with the bonus money for it! On the other hand you are angry and frustrated because what’s the deal? The second you get some extra cash, out the door it goes! What’s happened is, you received more than your current ceiling ‘limit’ when it comes to what you feel you deserve and rather than use the opportunity to adjust and lift your ceiling, your energy ‘bounced back’ the extra amount much like a bounced check. “We don’t accept amounts over $xyz thanks very much” or “We don’t accept money we haven’t worked hard for and earned” says your energy, and creates a situation that sucks up that extra money – enter the unexpected bill.

Right now a lot of our ‘ceiling limit’ stuff around money, love and self-worth is coming up because Venus has just turned forward after her recent retrograde journey, and thus she will technically be in what’s known as the shadow period all July as she gets back to the place she was before she started reversing. During the retrograde she let us know where we have held ourselves back, especially in the areas of love and money, specifically related to our levels of self-love, self-worth, self-value and what we truly feel we deserve. She also highlighted any issues we have around our Divine Feminine, and all the Feminine represents: our creativity, intuition, feelings, expressing our needs, how we feel about ourselves as women (if you are a woman), and how we feel about women regardless of our gender, including any old wounds around our mother and being mothered. Our feminine also governs our capacity to be nourished and nurtured, and our ability to Receive all that we truly need. Is your basket open and limitless, or do you have self-imposed limits to what you can receive and how you can receive it?

As Venus turned direct last week she wooshed her tail around like a big Mama Dragon, giving us all that final kick up the pants on this topic of Receiving. Any issues you still have with Receiving what you are worth, receiving what you deserve and receiving what you truly need may have been highlighted by a big in your face confrontation with the opposite: Lack thinking, 'not enough' typethoughts, feeling pressured to give more energy/time/money than you feel you have, feeling there's a big hole where there should be a basket full of good stuff. Rather than sit in the hole feeling gloomy, confront it. Ask yourself: why would I create this hole, this lack, this feeling of 'not enough'? Are my thoughts of lack true or do I need to climb aboard the gratitude wagon for all I have? Does my reality tell me I haven't allowed myself to receive, and if so, what false beliefs do I need to ditch and what truth am I being called to uncover about who I really am? Have I settled for less when really I am here to experience more?

As we all go through this deconstruction process, it is getting harder to hide our truth, from ourselves or others. Ulterior motives are becoming glaringly obvious – this is so visible right now in politics, business and the media, as well as in our personal lives. Unresolved issues long hidden under the carpet are being swooshed out. The more we try to avoid or resist what is ultimately our own authentic self trying to get us to see our own truth and trying to lead us to our own highest path and potential, the longer we draw out the whole process and the more difficult it becomes. Too often, in an attempt to avoid emotions like sadness and grief which so often go hand in hand with realizing certain truths, we end up living with a dormant yet heavy layer of those emotions stuck inside us. If we can find the courage to openly deal with whatever comes our way, we’ll find that while the emotional journey may be harrowing in the moment, we come out the other side stronger, clearer, wiser and faster than we would ever have thought possible.

There is an interesting air of nostalgia in the air right now, as if we should all be taking pause to realise how special our lives here really are. How blessed we are to have a sun that warms us, an earth that provides for us, fresh, clean air that we can breathe, and water to sustain us. How often do you stop to really take in the gift that is your life? How often do you say thank you for all the blessings that are daily present in your life? This air of nostalgia is a part of the incoming frequency of Appreciation, which is part of a whole bunch of higher frequency energies we’re now moving into. The frequency of Appreciation is gaining in potency, playing its part toward influencing us to start viewing, and living, our lives in a more conscious, heart-centred way. Whether we each have one more day or one hundred more years on this planet, appreciation for what we have has the magical effect of suddenly allowing us to see things from a new perspective, to see situations and people around us with fresh eyes.

Appreciation opens and expands our energy, allowing us to receive and create more of all that is good.
With all this deconstruction happening, new identities and new lives must follow. In recent days many of us have received our new scripts for the times ahead, albeit received during our night time or nap time sleep state. So, we don’t necessarily have any conscious memory of this, nor any ideas as to what our new scripts contain. Our only clue that we might have attended a script meeting recently is finding ourselves feeling an increased state of excitement and anticipation, a greater sense of peace and ease that everything is going to be okay, or, depending on your personal script, an overwhelming passionate feeling that you have to do something about a particular social or global issue. If any of these describe you, know that your new script has been downloaded, and you will do what you need to do at the right time, in the best possible way. Follow your truth and your heart every day, that’s all you need to do, to do what you are next here to do.