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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crux Point in a Waning Moon – Wake Up or Die by Azlan White

MARS in Libra TRINE JUPITER in Gemini, (5:38 am, pdt), first thing this morning gives us the expanded power we need to overcome any limitation. We may not know we have this power, and yet we do.
MOON SQUARES MARS at 8:34 am, pdt connecting us personally with the planet-wide cathartic tension of the MARS, URANUS, PLUTO T-SQUARE we touch today.  This SQUARE with POWER PLANETS is a transition point in our work, power, action body, leadership, initiative & energy management areas.  MOON SQUARE MARS gives us something that may feel as if it is “not working,” within the context which we need to “find our way through,” this initiatory day.  We have what we need to overcome every limitation we face. Can we do it in grace, or will the pressure overtake us?
MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO at 8:48 am, pdt challenges us to manage our own power more effectively.  This may feel like a “Wake Up or Die” command. We each have a Dark Moon Underworld of feeling that may be touched today and tomorrow. It is ok to feel the underworld when the underworld is present. May we carry our death processes with grace and love.
MOON SQUARE URANUS at 10:12 am gives us a “Breakthrough Point,” in which internal, home-based, or personal stress pushes us to a “Breakthrough” or SHIFT point. The build-up of pressure we may experience is part of the breakthrough. We can surrender to the breakthrough by seeing the truth of “what is not working,” and being willing to make the needed changes to SHIFT it.
MARS SQUARE PLUTO today at 1:26 pm, pdt is a large archetypal POWER SHIFT PRESSURE POINT in our collective and personally. It is important for us to “keep evolving,” with this pressure, rather than collapsing, becoming overwhelmed, or giving up. This day will contain a pressure and a POWER that is uncommon, as days go. We’re at a 2012 CRUX POINT in a larger lunar cycle that is about our SURRENDER to DIVINE CONNECTION, in place of limitation.
Today and Tomorrow are a two day portal of volatile change.  We are in a GRAND INITIATION of INNER PRESSURE TO SHIFT ~ May we change gracefully, enjoying the evolutionary thrust of our lives in these moments.