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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Christ Grid By Ronald L. Holt Director of Flower of Life Research

The concept of the grid for the planet is a very old one. Plato described the Earth as having a dodecahedron grid. How would you explain the concept of grids such as this one through time?
Ron: In the workshop called "Seed of Life" which is our advanced FOL workshop we look at some questions similar to this. As far as my research goes, I found that the grid or grids were born at the moment of the Big-Bang or even prior to that when the Void was actually preparing for the birth of the physical universe. When we speak about the grid, many of us are reminded of the grid as it has been depicted in some books-a matrix of angular energy lines extended above our planet. This of course is correct, however there is far more to the grid than this.

Grids are actually fractal and holographic, and they span all of creation including its many dimensional levels. They are not just on Earth, but correspond to the physical universe. The physical universe does not exist without these grids. They are needed to ensure the appropriate distribution of life-force energy, provide the templates needed for material creation, and much more. Not only that, but they are a physicalized expression of the sacred code of creation itself. They are not inanimate "objects" - they are a blueprint of consciousness itself, expressed in a harmonic form.
The concept of grids is easy to understand if one has done some investigation of sacred geometry. In order to delve deeper into the understanding of consciousness grids, we will need to lay some groundwork first. For those who are new to sacred geometry, let me first say that grids are expressions of energy and consciousness that follow proportions defined by principles of sacred geometry and they span the entire multidimensional universe. What is sacred geometry? Everyone knows what geometry is, and anyone can draw a geometric form. But when you relate Great Spirit, consciousness, or "God" and the opening of the heart to geometry, you are creating sacred geometry.
Sacred geometry is the expression of geometry related to the evolution of consciousness, mind, body, and spirit in geometric terms. True sacred geometry is not just static angular forms. It is organic and living-it is in constant evolution (transcendence) or devolution (materialization), ascending or descending from one form to another.
So the grid of the planet is an actual geometric and energetic expression of the principles of creation that can serve as a bridge between our planet's physical and energetic manifestions. To get an idea of how vast the grid actually is, let's look first at our planet. On this planet, in order for the smallest particle, element or compound to congeal and materialize, it needs a blueprint and a template for its construction and purpose of existence.

The blueprint and template for our planet is the grid itself. The grid serves as a guide or blueprint around which muons, quarks, positrons, electron, atoms and finally compounds organize. The grid ensures proper distribution and alignment of the needed elemental components, which are the building blocks for creation. It also insures the proper distribution and alignment of life-force energy and the many frequencies needed to maintain an effective energetic phase relationship of the planets frequency spectrum. (Phase relationship ensures coherency, but that is a subject too vast for this article.)

So actually there exists a stratification of grid templates needed for any element to form. This stratification occurs from spirit to the etheric, to the electrical, to the gaseous, fluid and denser material. Consciousness moves through varying graduations of fabric density in order to affect each level from the very sublime to the dense.
Let's examine an example of grids that organize physical matter. An organizing grid is needed for each of the 108 elements in the periodic table in order to maintain order and functionality in the atomic configuration, otherwise without a grid template, it would soon lose its ability to maintain self organization. Likewise, a grid is needed for every species of bacteria, fungus, plant, insect, animal and mammal.
Let's look at the electron diffraction pattern in elements such as Beryl and Salt:
Electron View of a Salt Crystal
Electron View of a Beryl Crystal
In the photos above, we can see the atoms stretched across the grid in an organized fashion. These round electrons line up to form a mandala pattern just like a platonic solid or a combination of platonic solids.
If we look at Hans Jenney's work called Cymatics we can see examples of how placing sand on a circular metal plate capable of holding a musical tone when struck causes the the sand particles to form geometric patterns for each note. Change the note and you change the geometric configuration. When we look at Masaru Emoto's work from"Messages from Water" or Dr. Lorenzen's "Clustered Water" we can see the geometric pattern even in the atomic levels of water.
When we look closely at our 3D reality, we can see sacred geometry in all things. Minerals organize themselves in sacred geometric proportions and we can see this in most gem and mineral books, which lay out their respective geometric blueprint.
The planetary grid then is like a garden "trellis". The garden trellis guides vines and other plants to stretch and grow out and up across the latticework in a certain "shape". The two principal elements of a grid are the latticework and the fabric. Both have qualities or characteristics. We could call the latticework the masculine aspect and the fabric the feminine. Both work harmoniously with each other to integrate the diversity of life. This is similar to the metal ribs and the waterproof fabric of an umbrella. The metal structure allows for the fabric to be stretched across it so its full functionality can be expressed.
With human beings, we have a similar analogy. As spiritual beings in a human body, our spiritual aspect is born of a fabric that is so all-encompassing and holographic that it is literally connected with and spans all life and all of creation. To place the immenseness of all that into a physical body means that we have to fold up the vast umbrella of our being into a kind of butterfly cocoon and temporarily close it, awaiting the time when we unfurl our fabric and remember who we truly are. Nested and folded within all of us is an infinite expanse of fractal and holographic fabric of tremendous interconnection with all of creation.

The Christ Consciousness grid is the planet's version of this umbrella analogy - a fully opened fabric of creation that keeps us connected to our origins and stimulates us to evolve forward into reunification.
Consciousness grids hold the memory of cosmic interconnectedness, thus stimulating self-actualization for those who attune to them.
How would you describe the Christ grid for those who are not familiar with the concept? Essentially, what is it?
Ron: The Christ Consciousness Grid exists around the Earth and is reported by different researchers at varying heights above the Earth. I believe that due to the holographic and fractal nature of the grid, it appears at different levels because, in truth, it is everywhere. The Christ Grid is purported to be anchored by its axis at Cairo and Moorea, while many of its nodal points are laid out upon the surface of the Earth. These nodal points correspond to natural energy power spots, which many of the ancient cultures have pinpointed and utilized.
This Christ grid is different from the dodecahedronal grid that Plato described. It includes connecting the center of the Dodecahedronal pentagons with the corners using five more lines (of the same length) for each of the twelve pentagons. This creates what is called thestellated dodecahedron form, and that form is associated with "Christ consciousness". There is a vast difference in consciousness and experience between the dodecahedron and the stellated dodecahedron.

To get a good understanding of what the Christ grid is we have to look at the preceding stages of consciousness grids and understand them. This will build a good foundation. (These stages are the geometric forms that precede the stellated dodecahedron such as the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron and finally, the integration of all the forms, the stellated dodecahedron-representing the integration of all of our aspects. Currently we are doing much research in this area and in subsequent books and seminars we will introduce new technology based on this information.)
The stellated dodecahedron (the Chris grid) holds the template of all the preceding templates (expressed as geometric forms). It is an expression and model of "integrated completion" and "coherent unity" of all the foundational templates.
Let's look for a moment at the fifth template-the dodecahedron-which builds the foundation of the stellated dodecahedron. The dodecahedron represents total surrender to unconditional love. This seems to be a challenging point as many seem to stop here and get lost in bliss, feeling like there is no point in continuing to evolve.

To help identify why this happens, we found a clue as we were constructing the platonic solids out of tape and equal size plastic drinking straws. Constructing the solids in this fashion, one would find that because of the geometry, two geometric forms are weaker than the rest and have a very difficult time holding their shape or form. These two are the cube and the dodecahedron. The dodecahedron represents unconditional love. Unconditional love by itself is the sweetest blissful experience. It is a necessary step toward realizing Christ Consciousness. However, that blissful unconditional love is missing an important element.
The element missing is conscious awareness or "mindfulness". I am not talking about being mentally focused. I am referring to mindfulness in the Zen Buddhist description. It is so easy to be melted in bliss and then become crippled and unable to be effective in the physical world. This is like assuming that you have arrived at your life's destination and spending the rest of your life alone pursuing a constant state of bliss. In a way, this is simply just an addiction to bliss.
Mindfulness-the practice of observing one's habits, patterns, and choices is essential to our evolution. We must clearly see ourselves and our level of responsibility, integrity, and impeccability in order to evolve. All of these elements are what strengthen our dodecahedron and turn it into a stellated dodecahedron-enabling it to stand on its own and retain its shape. This is why the dodecahedron was not named the Christ consciousness grid. The openheartedness of the dodecahedron requires the internal support of a trinity of personal commitments: impeccability, self-responsibility, and integrity in order to transcend into the stellated dodecahedron or Christ grid. It takes the integrity and responsibility of honest self-observation and Zen Buddhist mindfulness to remain active and aware whether one is in the bliss state or in the struggle of 3D reality. The stellated dodecahedron is about adding conscious awareness, impeccability, self-responsibility, and integrity to the open heart to create Christ consciousness realization.
Without the commitment to the higher qualities stated above, unity becomes a transitory experience that is dependant upon a leader to get people there instead of the natural unfoldment of the process from the individual level. We have all frequently observed open-hearted people with the best of intentions fall prey to the agendas of other people or those of their own ego. If individuals do not commit themselves to impeccability in their behavior (which leads to a natural integrity), they fall prey to the ego agendas of themselves or others. Openheartedness without conscious mindfulness is an expression of dodeca consciousness. The stellated-dodeca is the consciousness of a self-realized being and that is why it is referred to as the Christ Consciousness Grid.
Christ (or any other master of this level) exhibits this self-aware consciousness, which is an exceptionally high level of personal refinement that is practical and attainable for all humans who sincerely discipline themselves to attain it. It is so much more than chasing bliss. This is what is truly expressed in Christ's teachings. He didn't want anyone to follow him. He wanted us to become as he became - a self-aware enlightened being. The Christ consciousness grid exists as a reminder of our true nature and encourages us to attain it.
How does the Christ grid affect our consciousness? I've read that it pushes our negativity to the surface for healing and transmutation, but it is easy to focus on the issue rather than the solution. What attitudes or changes in consciousness do you recommend at this time?
Ron: All of the grids exist throughout creation. This includes throughout ourselves-our organs, our cells, and our DNA. The grid is holographic and fractal, and so is every part of our being. So the Christ Consciousness Grid "above" the Earth has its fractal counterparts fully within our body, our spirit, and our consciousness. In our own heart the Christ Consciousness Grid equates to a diamond-like clarity of true, undistorted experience.
The Christ Grid stimulates us to evolve into conscious awareness with our open heart and with high levels of impeccability and integrity. The Christ Grid also helps us integrate and harmonize a true group unity. The Christ Grid is a unified collective consciousness. This means that we are also preparing our internal templates to integrate and harmonize all of the lifetimes we spent within each culture on this planet, setting the stage to help us feel the oneness of all cultures simultaneously, without bias or prejudice.
There are sub-grids for each of the seven root races. They can be seen as seven grid frequencies or colors comprising a rainbow of grid lines, frequency and color. The rainbow races are coming into aligned integration with each other as our personal consciousness continues to refine. Currently what has separated us was a form of surface tension between colors, frequencies and intentions. This surface tension is diminishing as we become self-aware and self-responsible for all our actions.

As we claim our personal integrity we no longer project our lessons upon others and we reduce the surface tensions. Right now the separation in frequencies creating the seven Christ grids are aligning to become one rainbow color grid and eventually it will become one golden color as we become truly one. This will eventually evolve to the diamond or crystal clear level. The crystal or diamond children are already being born on this planet to help accomplish this.
Just as we had a lifetime or more in each culture of this planet, we have also existed on other galactic worlds and cultures. Holographically we were born into all cultures, on all galactic worlds simultaneously. The Stellated dodecahedron is also representative of our quest to integrate and harmonize all of our terrestrial and extra-terrestrial lifetimes as a whole experience within this creation.
In terms of changes in attitudes or consciousness that would assist us at this time, let me suggest the following. Most of us at one time or another feels separated, alone, hurt, scared, ashamed, unworthy, or incapable. We feel this even though we have always been an expression of the complete fabric of creation. In essence, we are already complete and perfect.
All of these conditions of self-doubt are attachments that we choose and insist on holding whether consciously or unconsciously. These attachments, and our insistence upon holding them, distract us from unfurling our holographic fabric and experiencing our true heritage.
I recommend learning and developing skills in detachment and release. (Any number of Eastern-style teachers can provide training in this, as well as certain martial arts training programs.) When we detach and release mentally, emotionally and physically from what tensions we hold on to, we become bright and free. This begins with detaching from the merry-go-round of mental thoughts. I recommend developing the skill of "mindful observance" of our own self and our choices. This means taking steps to honestly observe our destructive patterns and make choices and actions to change them, before someone else forces us to see our own reflection in a much more unpleasant way.

For those who like intellectual stimulation to help them release attachments, I recommend reading such books as Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" and Osho's "The Diamond Sutra", as well as Neil Donald Walsh's "Conversations with God" and Lyssa Royal's"Millennium".

I recommend maintaining a good meditational practice that feels right for you, as long as it does not provide diversion or entertainment away from your own inner self. I recommend deep heart-opening exercises that appeal to you and especially those that take place in nature, which take you deep enough into the heart to help you release agendas and ego.

Because so many students have asked, I am now working on a meditation series on CD for the purpose of deepening the open-heart experience in nature. This can provide a deep experiential reverence for all life where one experiences absolute oneness, and thus many of these concepts we have discussed become known by the heart instead of understood by the head.
Also there seems to be a magnification of energy at this time -- whether harmonic or disharmonic -- how does this work in relation to the Christ grid? What can we do about it?
Ron: It has been stated that the Earth is waking up from the Kali Yuga and is transitioning into a period of heightened frequency. Also it has been said that the Earth is raising its resonant vibration. People are also experiencing the heightened frequencies and responding to it as best as they can. More and more people at this time are also awakening to their spirit and tuning to the higher levels or possibilities and this is also increasing the mass frequency and the consciousness level. This creates a wave effect through humankind, serving to stir the pot of awakening and focusing our attention upon what really matters. As the frequency rises, it is experienced by both polarized aspects within us (negative and positive) that we have not yet integrated into unity.
Some people resist the internal pressure of our unresolved personal issues that need to be processed. These issues will continue to escalate if they are not addressed, especially as the planetary frequency rises. Often, individuals might then choose to react by acting out and projecting their issues externally upon other people or world situations instead of truly addressing them internally.
The only effective manner I know that can help us handle this increasing pressure is to learn to respond to the pressure instead of react. (One of those actions is conscious, and the other is unconscious). Responding to the pressure means that we must be mindful of our personal habits and patterns and not be afraid to see our dark sides. This helps us learn to carefully choose our actions mentally, emotionally and physically. Sometimes this takes time and patience.
In relationship to the Christ Grid, the higher levels of life have always made their frequency available to everyone at all times. (After all, they are us in another form!) As we awaken to a higher sense of purpose and action, we naturally and eventually attune to higher grid levels until we reach the Christ Consciousness grid and awaken the Christ Consciousness within us. Life attempts to stimulate us to achieve our highest potential.

I know that focusing on the light and its vibratory rate can aid in clearing negative mental or emotional states. Is simply focusing on the 5th dimension a solution or an answer to the "being stuck" that many people seem to be experiencing right now?
Ron: Well, I would say that the sensation of being stuck is really a state of being unaware that one is choosing to hold onto an issue rather than releasing it. This is easily said and harder to release in practice. We all do this, and we would be best served by practicing detachment and release in the area needed, which may be the realm of the mental, emotional, or the physical. We attain the highest levels of our potential when we release totally and become absolutely "nothing"-mentally and emotionally. The Buddhists say, "When we become nothing, we become everything".
In this detached state, there is still a keen sense of awareness and focus, but it is different and it is much more rewarding, because you become more of your true self. So the disciplined practice of detaching from the busy-mindedness or the state of un-balanced emotionality, drama and neediness, is highly effective in bringing absolute peace and harmony.

The practice of impeccability and the mindfulness of ones actions, words, and choices is Christ Consciousness Grid level work (stellated dodecahedron) and will lead to the spiritual development and clarity that most are seeking. Focusing upon a "higher dimension" (like the 5th, as an example), can often be used as a way to escape the challenges of physical evolution. It is placing one's attention upon an external idea when what is truly needed is a clearer focus upon one own inner choices, patterns, and actions.
Are there changes that will occur in the DNA because of the Christ grid?
Ron: Absolutely and it has been happening for a long time now. Each step we take in our own personal integration and evolution is being written upon our DNA while being reflected in our reality around us. This allows us to tap into more frequency bands of consciousness, thus raising our awareness. The more we clear ourselves, integrate and progress, the more we activate our DNA packages, which helps us reach our full potential as individuals and as a planetary species.
Will it cause movement in the Tectonic plates?
Ron: It could, and often the movement of tectonic places is really just a reflection of our own consciousness as a species. Usually it has to do with what we are resisting rather than what we are embracing. If one ponders this I think you will find some interesting insights.