Saturday, July 14, 2012

Beloved I AM . We return to innocence...

Excerpt from the book Papalagi
(meaning foreigner, white man)

[about the book:
Gaia Speaking through the Elders! A GRAND BOOK!!!!
Through the eyes of a Gaian Chief, "we look and see ourselves from a standpoint we can never occupy again. Certainly there will be people, specially culture-freaks who will deem his point of view childish, perhaps even ignorant; but those of you who are more worldly-wise, and above all feel more humility, will be moved to reflection and self-criticism by much of what is going to be said. Because his wisdom is the fruit of simplicity, the greatest grace that God can bestow upon a man, showing him the things that science fails to comprehend."]

The places of pseudolife and the many papers have made the Papalagi into what he is now, a weak and lost human being, who loves what is unreal, who cannot make the distinction anymore between fantasy and reality, who thinks that the reflection of the moon is the moon itself and the closely printed papers are life itself