Finally something we can is guided by the knowledge that the Origin of All life is Lov. We believe that respecting and taking care of our home planet 'earth' keeps us safe and healthy. New is dedicated to all men and women who have been persecuted or murdered because of their sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, race, age, gender, martial status, disability, or HIV infection. We loves god very very much.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Beloved I AM. We are in LOVE. Thank you for everything.

I AM eternal. I AM free. 
I AM unborn. I AM ever lasting.
I AM not only this body. I AM the universe.
Thank you, divine mother-creator  within me for all
your blessings. Thank you for the sun, the moon, the stars. Thank you, for all my friends, 
my family, the abundance within me and without. Thank you, divine mother within me for our beautiful planet Earth.  Thank you divine mother creator for all the sentient beings, and non- sentient beings.  Thank you divine mother, for the smog. Thank you divine mother for the  traffic. Thank you divine mother for the loud noises in this city, Thank you for all the parking tickets, Thank you. Thank you for the high gas prices.  Thank you divine mother all the  trash, thank you for the pollution, thank you for all the germs, bacteria, and viruses.  Thank you,  divine mother for all the genetically engineer foods and all  preservatives.  Thank you for Chemtrails. Thank you for  Everything. I embrace the totality of this  creation as a co-creator, because  I understand that EVERYTHING is ME.  
Beloved, mother- creator. I AM the original
spark. I AM the element consciousness, LIFE. I have never done anything good or bad. 
Thank you, Divine mother -creator within me for your compassion, and
your ever lasting universal LOVE.  NEVER was there a time when I did not exist. Never, will there be a  time when I seize to be,  I AM unborn. I AM immortal.  I AM timeless. I AM ageless . And  as such I return to my original innocence. Beloved I AM.

And So it IS...