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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Because We LOVE our elderly. From Native American- Turanian Brotherhood: FIRST NATIONS First

Elders are here to bring us into the world and impart their knowledge to us through teaching and guidance. An upright human being is grateful for this and is polite and considerate to their elders. Grandparents, teachers, and other elders in the community can enrich our lives if we give them the chance.

This picture is showing an Ankalyn (''Chuckchi'') Elder of the Kamchatka
peninsula, Northeast Siberia.

(The Ankalyn (''Chukchi'') are the largest Native nation on the Asian side of the North Pacific. At present, they populate a huge area that reaches from Bering Strait to the Kolyma River valley deep in inland Siberia, and extends along both the Arctic and Pacific coasts of northeast Asia. The self-designation of these coastal people is "Ankalyn", "coastal man"/"sea people". The Russian name "Chukchi" actually comes from the Chukchi word Chauchu ("rich in reindeer")...)