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Friday, July 20, 2012

Angelic Human Race  We love metaphors! We love angels. Most, people
who believe in angels do so in the privacy of their own  home. When people admit that they believe in angels they are ridiculed or perceived as being naive.
Other people believe in angels and they are certain that angels are  protective forces outside themselves. Some people even go as far as to pray to angels hoping that these beings may bring them miracles and keep them from harm's way. Although, it is hard for some of us to believe that the angels we have been praying to are in-fact within us.
Upon entering this reality we agreed to forget everything about ourselves. We also agreed to give our power away, for the sake of experiencing separation (Duality). It is 2012, we can assure you that we have mastered separation. We understand what is like to be separate from source (GOD- WITH IN).  We know what is like to live in the chaos of a mind based reality. Now, IS the time when we are returning to this oneness of self and creation. We are returning to our innocence. We are returning to beauty. We are returning to the state of being in which we remember that we are all part of one universal heart.  We are the ones that we have been waiting for.  We are the angelic human race. Surprise!!

This  video presentation  defines he angelic human in a very beautiful way.