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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Activating The Law of Forgiveness

The-Torture-of-Prometheus_Humanity-Healing“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”
~ Lewis B. Smedes
In the manifested universe, only the use of forgiveness can facilitate the transmutation of unperfected energies. The sincere pardon of our own mistakes in addition to the errors and faults of others acts as a magic gift that liberates, releases and heals situations and events in the lives of all of those involved.
Without exercising forgiveness, one will not experience transformation.  Without transformation, there is no evolution. Once one realizes the amount of inertia and resistance contained in the simple act of contention and retaining painful memories, progress towards liberation and release can be made. Inside of our energetic system, these stagnated energies tend to occupy the space of a more luminous set of power that expands our consciousness and self-realization. These “energy blocks” impede any spiritual cleansing and the defragmentation of old concepts, feelings and sets of beliefs; hence delaying and damaging our spiritual path.
When we truly forgive, the Universe creates goodness and realization, because we are no longer bounded by the laws of Inertia and we are relieved from the baggage that prevents us from reaching our Divine gifts and live purpose.
Personal-forgiveness_Humanity-HealingThe real truth is that the Presence I AM of any individual, even the ones we may judge as unethical and shady, intends for the perfection of their lower vehicle. When any individual appeals for the assistance of the I AM Presence of mankind to be the vehicle of forgiveness and healing for all, it will also be activating our own I AM Presence to act as the sacred fire of purifying love upon our own energy field, even if there have been centuries without any active contact between the soul and its extension. The I AM Presence has been responsible since the beginning for the breathing of the emanation of life into the soul.
When the Ascended Masters assist us, they see our souls and our emanations through the energy fields derived from what we are, what we feel and how we think. From these observations they evaluate the extension of our Light. In the same way, they are also aware of our shadows. The Masters are not primarily concerned with the shadows that we may resonate; neither are they concern about our gripes, irritations, and disputes we may have with our fellow travelers.  They are all irrelevant in the big scheme of life and evolution.  They are concerned about our will, our intention and our determination in transforming these “shadows” into Light; the transmuting of the attachments which will eradicate the emotional turmoil that prevents our spirit to soar.
To activate the benefits of this simple but powerful law, we strongly recommend the following affirmation, practiced several times a day.
I AM the Law of Forgiveness of the Transforming Flame, for all the mistakes I committed.
I AM the Law of Forgiveness of the Transforming Flame, for all the mistakes committed by Humanity.
Blessed and Divine Presence I AM that lives inside of me and all Humanity; Beloved Master Saint Germaine, I love you. I (state your name) consciously invoke the Law of Forgiveness to be activated on me, all Mankind and sentient Beings of Planet Earth, releasing and dissolving all the conscious and unconscious transgressions against the way of love.
Blessed Presence I AM, assist me to release with ease all my short comings, and wrong thought patterns that I may still emulate in my daily life. Make your presence known inside my life as One, until we reintegrate completely.
Heavenly Father (Mother/Father God, All That Is, or however you address God), immerse in your pure flame of your Light, support me in the removal of cause, effects, remembrances of mistakes and offenses from the past, present and future.
And So It Is, Presence I AM.
The constant use of the Violet Flame along with the invocation of the Law of Forgiveness is the most efficient way to avoid the negative “creations” to fixate inside of our personal world.  Open your heart for exultation, open your mind to the revelations, and open yourself for the pure will of spirit: 
I AM the transmuted fire of the Violet Flame.