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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Walk-Ins: The Wandering Souls

Usually the term Walk-in is used to describe an experience or experiment of inter-dimensions, an Inter-planetary Soul exchange, where a Soul extension or personality takes over the body of an adult human being who has chosen to leave his physical body.
The Walk-in concept is often hard for people to believe. If you stop and think about it, every person is a Walk-in in the sense that everyone walks into a baby’s body. The only distinction is that the Walk-in moves into an adult body rather than an infant body.
The Walk-in comes here because it has special work to do. Usually it is to help others: for example, as a healer or counselor. Often the Soul that walks in performs similar occupation as when it was in an embodiment at another time, and is presently here to spread knowledge. As a Starseed type, Walk-ins are specialists and many are case managers, and willingly decided to bring their expertise to a specific period of time and dimension.
In the Walk-in process, the advantage is that the incoming Soul gains a physical adult body, avoiding the years of childhood, the delays in maturing the mind and psychic resources, and is all ready in a position to be of service to humanity and the planet. Walk-ins generally carry of the crystal genes.
The vast majority of Walk-ins do not know that they are such; it depends on the vibrational frequency the Souls in this contract retained before the exchange was made.
This process of cosmic Soul-wandering has occurred since the beginning of human experience on Earth and is common throughout the Universe, and expresses the basic Law of Service in which elder Souls freely go to serve worlds in need.
The occurrence of a Walk-in is first clearly stated in ancient Hindu sacred literature.

Source: Humanity