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Friday, June 1, 2012

Venus Transit and Retrograde

Dear Friends,

We are well into the Venus Retrograde and being encouraged to see how Venus is urging deep penetrating life-changing healing. We are experiencing the most profound shifts, and digesting the realisation that we are indeed crossing the threshold into a new world of experience is in itself challenging because so much of our subconscious beliefs trust chaos and disappointment above anything else. This is the "Promise of New Life" showing itself to us, but if we are to consciously and completely merge with this truth, we have to make room for it to fit into our "full" life. Here comes the all important question - "What is my life full of?" Happiness, balance, positive abundance, trust and love, or is it full of suffering, struggle, conflict, obstacles, delays, lack and disappointment? Only you truly know the answer to this question. One thing that is absolutely true is this - if you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got! A rather sobering statement, I know.

As sobering as the statement is, how often does it actually get one motivated enough to get up and change one's sorry lot called "my life"? In most cases, seldom, unless of course a massive Cosmic Slap accompanies it, and with Venus and Saturn both currently in retrograde motion there is a whole lot of Cosmic Slapping going on. This is being exacerbated by the upcoming Venus Transit occurring in Gemini on 5th - 6th of June, and because Venus is retrograde, it aint pretty! In my line of work I am generally "the last resort" when things become chronically unbearable, and I am currently inundated with e-mails from people at the end of their tether. For many it is the "end of their world."

We have reached the midpoint of 2012, which signifies drastic change, and the "end" of our private world as we have come to know it is in the middle of its greatest shift. This is also the last Venus transit we will experience in our life-time. A Transit is when a planet crosses the face of the Sun. Venus is small in comparison to the Sun and Moon, so her transiting the face of the Sun is called an occultation, not to be mistaken as an eclipse, because she is unable to block out the Sun because of her small size in comparison. This a very important event, because Venus transits come in pairs approximately every 121 years, and then 8 years apart. Venus' last transit was on the 8th of June 2004, we have now completed the 8 year "pairing" cycle and being given the opportunity to cross the threshold into a "new world." 

Venus in Gemini has to do with communication and commerce. This Venus requires affectionate words, and is friendly, inquisitive, versatile, adaptable, cunning, talkative and changeable. However, there is a split between wanting and not wanting. Saying "yes" and meaning "no," and vice versa. She wants to build bridges in a playful, flirtatious and light way, but because she is moving in retrograde motion this is either mismanaged, disrupted, delayed, internalised, over-done, or totally invisible. She is having difficulty communicating lovingly and playfully, her freedom and lightness is internalised and sometimes mismanaged resulting in saying things not meant, and/or feeling victimised by gossip, fickleness, trickery and hypocritical behaviour. Bridges are being burnt instead of built, finances and commerce related issues are being challenged by indecision, inconsistency, over-analysis, criticism, and fear of appearing imperfect. This is because, as things currently stand cosmically, retrograde Venus in Gemini is squaring Mars in Virgo. Mercury, the ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, is also considered to be the "messenger of the gods" especially Winged Messengers, like Angels. Therefore, working with your Healing Angel, and more importantly your Guardian Angel, will ease the intensity of the current Cosmic influences we are at the mercy of.

Mercury is currently in Gemini, the sign it rules, thus it is dignified and able to deliver what it promises, therefore, with careful researched thinking, active purification of ones mind, thoughts and actions, current challenges can be lessened. Patience, discipline and working into issues add to the value to be gained in the not too distant future when Venus and Saturn, now trining each other and promising liberation, turn direct toward the end of July. The Venus transit sheds light on what mental patterns need most of our attention in order to rise above what has brought on our Cosmic Slap. We need to really pay attention to and think hard about what we want our future to be. Remaining in denial will make life a living nightmare. If we are to move out of survival and experience thriving in this world we have to wake up and face reality. 

Venus rules Libra and Taurus. Saturn is retrograding through Libra, its place of exaltation. In time (Saturn), through patience, discipline and putting in the hard work (Saturn) harmony, justice and balance will be restored (Libra), but first we have to do the work, especially under this retrograde and Venus transit. We have to address how we love and value ourselves (Venus). We have to consider and own whether we are motivated primarily by love (Venus) or fear (Saturn). We have to be aware of what we think and communicate (Gemini) and how that supports or destroys the journey toward building healthy self-love and a wealthy, full and positively rich life in all its forms. What old bridges need to be burned? Where in your life have you bought into the idea you have to "do life" alone? How does your inner dialogue and thinking split you in two? What decisions do you feel torn between? This is just a few of the many things being faced at the moment.

I have seen how taking the time to work into one's issues with determination pay off. Everyone attending my mini-course webinar classes are experiencing this, and the insight and realisations are coming quickly because these people are willing to do what it takes to rise above their fate. They know that their hard work will be rewarded, and that the initial challenge experienced when "facing one's demons" is far less challenging than spending the rest of their lives experiencing what they have and feeling as they have in the past. Therefore, through getting to know themselves better though understanding their blueprint, which I explain and teach them about in-depth in the classes, they build a bridge to Mother/Father God, within and externally. Thus, utilise the Venus Transit to recognise the truths within yourself based on what I have explained, and build your bridge to Father/Mother God, the Source of Life and the Creative Power of All That Is, and between your inner masculine and feminine instead of tricking yourself into believing "everything is ok" when you know deep inside it's not and change needs to happen in order to regain your sanity.

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Much love,