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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Surfing the VENUS Transit by Azlan White

MOON enters Capricorn at 5:31 am, pdt, grounding our emotional depths into earth. Capricorn is the least of the “feeling” related signs, being the colder most Saturnian of the signs. Capricorn goes for long term security, not short term romance or emotional fulfillment.

This MOON SEXTILES freshly RETROGRADE NEPTUNE at 10:38 am, pdt, adding tenderness from our watery giant. Unlike Capricorn, Pisces, where NEPTUNE is currently living, is all about emotional fulfillment on the deepest levels. As it retrogrades, NEPTUNE in Pisces may remind us that we have very deep longings in our hearts. These longings for love are powerful validations of our deep desire to become more and more filled with love, as we move into the future.

VENUS will be as close to EARTH as it gets at 4:38 pm, pdt. These planetary forces, even venus, are larger than human. Although they are a part of us, like a giant arm or leg into the solar system, they instigate very large energetic shifts that always stretch us wider, ask us for more consciousness, and especially with VENUS, call us into an expanded capacity to love.

VENUS TRANSITS the SUN at 6:09 pm, pdt. At this point VENUS will cross right in front of the SUN, from EARTH’s perspective. This transit is tracked by the Mayans in their Calendar, is the completion of a 113 year cycle and the beginning of a new one. There is a deep and slightly uncomfortable truth that “Love brings up everything unlike itself.” Especially when that love is being emanated from a giant being a trillion times bigger than us. This force of love might not feel like “love,” but rather may feel like everything that will stretch our heart into that love, which may drag us outside of our comfort zone. Being dragged out of ones comfort zone can take many forms. We can be stretched through pain or joy, fear or compassion. Many different kinds of influences come to meet us, pressuring us in different ways to grow in our capacity to have love and compassion for ourselves, the other creatures on the earth, and each other.

Along with the VENUS TRANSIT, today features a touch from the MOON into the oncoming SQUARE between URANUS and PLUTO. URANUS SQUARES PLUTO on June 24th, giving us some of the biggest revolution and change energy of our lives! Being revolutionary energy, URANUS SQUARE PLUTO is filled with tension, volatility and the potential for conflict between peoples. We will need expanded states of love, compassion, flexibility, acceptance and neutrality to get through the next four years of URANUS SQUARING PLUTO seven times!

MOON SQUARES URANUS at 6:31 pm pdt, activating shock, humor, or inner revolution.

MOON CONJUNCTS PLUTO at 7:54 pm pdt, for our monthly contact with death. Here we can allow ourselves to die to our past. We can die to our patterns, and all the old “shells” that are blocking our hearts from simply loving the creatures in front of us. Th e Divine calls us into deeper compassion for and with each other. This MOON PLUTO connection is an infusion of depth and soul.

Although we have expressions on this earth that may seem “counter to love,” where we are going, as a humanity, is more love, compassion and connectedness with each other. Sometimes someone or something must die, for the sacred alchemy of our souls.

May we manage our body, our VENUS, our PLUTO and our URANUS with grace today. These extensions of us (planets) are meeting each other in ways that ask us to expand. May we infuse this expansion with our grace and love.