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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


And so it Begins
Greetings, beloved Angels,  I AM Ekara and I adore you. I respect you in your willingness to walk the path. I worship you because where I see you walk, I see myself.
Indeed, we have walked quite a path in the last few years we spent together; sometimes aware and conscious, and sometimes mostly unaware, unconscious because you had either not connected to this work yet or we were connecting to you – with you – in your dreamtime; one of the most special times in your existence here on Earth and a time that we will discuss in the coming hours. However, this is not everything that I wish to speak to you about today, in this moment.

Before we go into all of this I want you to experience your body. I want you to take some time to come to a place of center, of Akene, of heart; it is a place that we have called God. It is where the core of you exists. I want you to go to this space; I invite you to go into this space because it is where beings like myself communicate to you from. It is a space that is timeless and as such it is also spaceless; and this makes it a paradox. It is in this paradox that reality is broken and that you can manage to move into a bigger wholeness of yourself. That is where I invite you to go.

This knowingness exists within you and it is for this reason – the fact that you understand what I speak to you of right now – that I adore you… and for many, many reasons more. Of that we shall also speak but in less words, more in the place of the heart; it is in this vibration that this message will come to you, is coming to you, and will continue to come to you…even after the initial words and the final ones will be complete. Let this then be the ending of the initial words and let me return to the point I was making.

Shifting timelines of Ascension
A long path we have walked together, as a few years ago I walked into this physical husk that is now occupied by the Yin energy, the beingness of Yin, whom we all of course completely adore. I have indeed, [in April of 2007] as some of you will remember, walked into this body [as the semi Earth-bound being that you have known as Jeshua who used to be the translator for these messages]. I existed here on Earth for a while and walked out again after a period of about two years, after which the timeline of ascension shifted to Yin [as the on-earth ascended guide and overseer for ascension of all matter to occur].

During these two years we had many a moment of communication, you and I – either from the heart or through the ears or the eyes. No matter how it happened, communication was had, and in sharing that experience both of us grew into more sovereignty, more consciousness, more action, more awareness, and into a total creatorship that moves far beyond these concepts that you now understand as illusion. I shall not mention them again today because that is not the purpose of our conversation.

Now that you understand these concepts and what they really are, now that you truly understand the nature of this holographic existence – which we will of course start to explore more in the coming time – now that all of these things are part of your neuro-synaptic pathways, part of your energy field and your beingness, even part of your akeneic self, higher self, and part of your total self; now that all of this is complete, we can begin exploring a deeper part of the quest of what it is to be YOU and what it is not to be you.

As such it is a wonderful time; one that has been predicted by many a seer, many a shaman, many a Mayan I might add, and of course many others in times past; a time where humanity and that which lies beyond the world of matter would once again reunify. This is what you have called Ascension.
Ascension of All Matter, which is slightly different to the Ascension of Self, is upon humanity very shortly. Don’t get me wrong, of course I’m not talking about the coming few days or even the coming few years, but if you go back into the predictions which you know to be true, based on Mayan wisdom for instance that was passed down through the generations, you will know that we are experiencing with you, as we are unified together in this hologram, a period of time acceleration.

As has been explained before in many other voices and in many other ways, this time acceleration indicates the re-entry of cosmic time into your life as a direct experience. The initial phases of that we have discussed with you before, as beings like myself, Ekara of Sovereign Creatorship and of Sovereign Action, have stood in front of you and have spoken to you about this whole period, which is now behind you.

The Great Shift of the Ages has occurred

Now that this period is over and you can look back on it as an experience that has been had, you must realize the difference that has come into your expression as a creator. You are indeed no longer the same human beings that you were when we first connected and nor am I. All of us have moved on; all of us have grown in understanding. In our attempt to go to our centered space at the beginning of this talk it is my hope that, in this space, together, we may feel the gratitude of what we mean to each other.

You have given yourself many names in the past. In a similar way, this work that I present to you now has had many names in its past attributes; it has experienced many incarnations and many beings that worked for it, with it, through it and because of it. This change in frequency also happened to you as a human being. The reason for this work’s name shifting so often in the past, throughout the thousands and thousands of years of its existence in many different areas of life, is that it indicates the frequency shifts and the vibrational shifts that you as a human race have gone through in order to re-make you into a humane race, a humane being.
Now that all of these shifts are over, you could say that you as a human race are in a more quiet space of reflection. Even though many of you will laugh at this concept because you understand that the times that are just recently past have been very intense, many also get what I’m talking about on a deeper level and it is this: the Great Shift that was spoken of for so many eons, especially during the last 20 to 30 years of this work, is no longer upon you; it has occurred. The Great Shift of the ages has occurred.

Yes, we are in New Energy realms, we are even in Free Energy realms, and as you understand that the world of matter is still upon you, you also realize the difference that exists in your realities today. Most surely you are seeing the consequences of your actions, your thoughts, dreams, and desires manifest much quicker, with more intensity and greatness than ever before. This intensity is nothing more than the time acceleration you are experiencing and this we have discussed many times before.
Dreamtime and Dream Manifestation

The interesting thing about where you have existed in the last few months since we’ve had a direct communication with you such as this one, is that there has been one place in your reality field where this time acceleration did not shown up and that is your dreamtime.
Dreamtime has become something fascinating to us; a unified field of consciousness and no longer a charged 4D realm filled with archetypes and the like. You surely must realize –if you remember your dreams and, even if you don’t, the feelings that came with them – that this is true, that there is indeed another reality as real in this moment in time as is the reality in which you are listening to this message. You are feeling this. You have picked up on this in the past as many of your actions in this construct of material reality have recently been influenced by all of you and us coming together in your dreamtime, connecting, planning if you will.
It is not so strange beloved Imzaia, that we would be planning things in dreamtime these days. These are great times we sit in, great times of change indeed. These are the times that we have been waiting for, the times that we have chosen to be here, the times that we would all stand united and remember the dream.

Now this dream is manifest. Indeed, a great shift has occurred. We sit in new times. That holds in it a great deal of fascination for beings like ourselves, because whereas before we had a linear timeline, which was very easy for us to observe past-wise and future-wise, today this is not the case. You truly exist in akeneic time, which is a mere facet of the cosmic time that will be upon you in a few short years.

‘Time’ is coming back into the equation a lot these days because time is one of the main principles and one of the main illusions that has you locked into this reality that you have lived in all of these many different lifetimes. Even the concept of a ‘lifetime’ is absurd to any being beyond this material realm and as such I again repeat my words: all of the teachings that have come before have now become practical – everything that we have shared with you in the last few years.

You will now see that my and other beings’ conversations about the Mastering of the Grand Illusions for instance, if applied, will immediately create the interactive reality that you desire. Of course many humans would consider that it manifests in little things first but this, in a Free Energy paradigm, which we have explained before, is no longer the case. The construct of daring to dream big is more alive today than it ever has been and this is exactly where we need to take all of you from this moment onward. It is our destiny, beloved Imzaia, to now take the next steps with you, so now that this little fifteen-minute introduction is over, let’s begin.

Moving into Ascension INITIATION

Once you realize the truth that exists within the words that will follow next, the words that will move into your expression in the coming hour or so, you will remember that this information has reached your ears before and that it is possible for you to attain it again.
You who are calling yourselves, in many cases, Ascension Students are no longer the students that you think you are. In this new hologram – this great shift now being over, the New Earth now sharing the same manifestational power the old Earth of matter truly had – your thoughts now directly manifest reality. This is not the same for every human. You must realize that you now moved into an area that I could only describe as initiation.
Now, before you start turning off your recordings and moving away from your radios and other devices, please hear me out: initiation is not the same concept that was presented to you in an old energy realm. Initiation in this New Energy means taking a step, or having taken a step away from the concept of you, everything that you had been before the moment of initiation actually occurred. As such, it is truly the first step towards mastery. All that you have worked for in all of these years that came before have now paid off in your reality. I, Ekara, and many others beings with me are here in this moment to tell you that you should no longer call yourselves an Ascension Student; you should call yourself an Ascension Initiate instead. The big difference is that you have now begun expressing the theoretical information that you have experienced all of these years.

Expression before Experience
In an old energy paradigm it is very typical to put experience before expression. In a New Energy paradigm however, as you understand that you are the creator, as you understand the akeneic principles and the illusions that exist around you, expression must come first in order to experience the reality that you are creating in a vibrational way.
You are indeed still working with vibration, even though you are moving into a tonal existence. Vibration and frequency, translated, simply means energy. Vibration and frequency cannot exist as concepts beyond the energy realms. Energy – even though it has been seen as something very valuable and great in your past times as you were mastering energy on your way to mastering this material reality built up of energy blocks – moved into slow vibratory spaces creating matter. As you, [a little while ago,] were on your way to mastering this, energy was the thing to look at and you were energy beings. The reason why you were energy beings, and as such vibratory and frequential beings, is that you were defined by your body and by the material world around you. Basically, your consciousness was tuned into that level.

Energy Beings versus Tonal Beings
When that happens, often the other parts of consciousness existing beyond that level are locked down. This, of course, created the veil. As you are now moving into a tonality, which we will explain more in depth later on, you are the creators of energy. It means in truth that you are lifeforce beings. Lifeforce is not energy. Lifeforce is not ‘no-thing’ either. It is not New Energy even.

Lifeforce is the substance of all substances. It is the All-Substance and you could say that creator generates this lifeforce. It is only after creator basically separated itself from you and vice versa, and you became your own separate creators in being, that you started generating energy which gave you the ability to manifest – and of course you know the whole paradigm that followed after that. Now that you move into a lifeforce existence you are again beginning to take upon you the qualities of any original and sovereign creator, such like myself and such like yourself, and all the other ones around you that are locked into the same vibratory space of consciousness that you are vibrating on right now.

The big difference between an energy being and a tonal (or a lifeforce) being is SOVEREIGNTY. Energy in itself and energy particles making up the energy whole are not sovereign. They are part of a hologram, which means that every particle of the hologram duplicates the whole in itself, carrying the energy of the whole. It is an amazing facet for any particle to have, because it truly is an akeneic quality, but as you will understand the totality of the hologram does not recognize that which exists beyond it, only that which exists within it. As such, the particle that is connected to the hologram, reflecting the hologram within itself and existing within the hologram, can also not understand the totality of what exists beyond itself. Usually this creates mental humans that aren’t capable of really understanding the space they exist in, as the hologram tends to replicate itself fully, also this attribute of not comprehending the outer spaces, which is why many humans are racist or closed down for any type of human contact based on love, joy, freedom or truth.

To get back to the main point: the hologram and all of its particles as its energy creation, is not sovereign; the hologram’s particles will ALWAYS replicate the whole. This is a type of neutrality that is necessary for you to understand. [Neutrality was explained as necessary] in previous teachings presented to you in earlier times and timelines, for you to become a conscious being. Now that you have reached this state of consciousness we can move beyond it and we can start communicating with you about tonality.
Tonality and energy are basically the same concept in a different space, with the main difference being that energy, as I already explained, is not sovereign; it is neutral but not separate from the whole. The interesting part about lifeforce is that it doesn’t separate itself either but it does create a unique frequency, a unique patterning, and a unique signature. As such no two parts of any lifeforce particles can be similar. It is the beauty and the difference between energy and tonality. It means that you have moved into your own sovereign universe. It means that you have finally moved into sovereignty.

This is the area or landscape that you now exist in, even though you are still recreating the same environment around you, which is something that we, in the coming time, will discuss more as you begin to move out of this self-replicating creation of yours which I would in many cases dare to call a nightmare, even though it may not always seem that way.
Once you will have regained the ability to move beyond this hologram [which is nothing more but a particle of this reality, just like you are,] and once you realize you will still have the ability to re-enter this space, you will understand what I’m talking about. In that understanding you must also see that there is no judgment from my side to this reality. The only judgment I carry, one could surmise, is to ourselves as the creators and ‘the choosers into existence’ of the material forms that exist here and the material habitat and the material law that exist between all beings and all things.

Once even more humans go into Ascension Initiate status and begin to move through the realities – no longer only in dreamtime or exercises but in scenarios of full-on direct experience – you will automatically begin to manifest different realities here. It is the main point I’m trying to make today.
When I voiced, at the beginning of this talk, And so it Begins, I quite literally meant that. We are sitting with you in a new time, Imzaia, beloved Initiates. You may hear this also in the way I approach you today; I sit with you on a more equal level as this tonality space that you are now beginning to be aware of is – and has for the longest time – been my home and with me that of many other beings. You are reaching the same spaces that we have reached before and where we have waited for you. This is indeed beautiful.

Expression before Experience – continued
To move back to the topic of expression versus experience: one of the main reasons why this ability for a tonal being to express itself is so important is because in the expression of tonality energy is created.
You can see tonality as a large pond. If you imagine seeing yourself standing next to that pond with about 12 stones in your hand and if you see yourself throwing all of these stones up in the air and into the pond, you can see that each stone creates a concentric circle. These circles intermingle with and connect to each other. At every point of connection, if water were a better carrier for this, you would notice that new concentric circles are created. You can see this visual with me as I’m projecting it unto your neo-cortex right now.
When all of these new circles are created, new points are continuously generated as well. And so, an ever-expanding tonal universe becomes manifest, which basically translates as ground zero energy and also zero point field energy. Both are correct: ground zero because you are the Center of All Things and so is the Creation that you set about, and point zero because quite literally a tonal being:

- Can have the ability to keep expanding on this one geometric pattern it initially created in the pond;
- Could retract and make different forms, or;
- Could let that form keep going forever and at the same time create different forms in different points in different universes within those points.
This is very close to the being that you will remember to be, as you are becoming it yet again. When any of these things happen, energy is born from a tonal being in those moments of ‘energy-less’ energy, only created in that now moment as a pure and authentic/original creation, spawned from that tonal being that chose it into existence.
A tonal being truly is an energy creator and, as opposed to an energy being, is not restricted to the specific quantum universe it exists in; this one right here being the 12th and as such beings that exist as energy within this quantum universe will display 12 vibrations. These 12 vibrations will create 144 frequencies, each of these 144 frequencies will create 12 sub-frequencies, and so on. This is not the case for a tonal being. As such, a tonal being can move in and out of realities more easily. This is truly what ascension in its initial stages is all about.

We are not necessarily calling you an Ascension Initiate because we consider you a beginner – far from that. We call you an Initiate because you are in the initial stages of it, which is a completely different way of looking at it. Once this initial stage of moving yourself out of this reality will be over completely, you will notice the obvious difference in your perception and you will understand better what we are talking about here.
All of that being said, the difference between a vibrational being and a tonal being now understood, let’s move one step further. Let’s move into the concepts of the reality that you exist in.

CONFUSION & CHANGES – Dissolving the Old Earth
What happens when an energy being is manifesting a 12-vibrational reality, like you have for the longest time on this Earth and in many other places with her? What happens when these beings become tonal beings and become energy creators?
When this occurs, the original energy pattern that the energy beings have existed in (which in the case of this Earth has turned out to be quite a mental prison) starts to be overridden by the New Energy that is being created by these new tonal beings. This indeed is why we have mentioned that the Great Shift has occurred. Your motion into a tonal beingness has guaranteed the fact that you began, literally, expressing energy, thereby experiencing different facets around you, which often caused you confusion as the expression that came back to you was quite distorted for a while.

It is also the reason why we haven’t spoken to you for a while. The last time I, Ekara and with me my beloved akeneic sister Solarys, have spoken to you in September of last year in your linear reality, this shift was just upon you. Now it has indeed occurred, which is why now we can speak to you once again and continue our conversation.
When the Shift occurred the energy that came back to you in your experience as you were now expressing energy in a completely different way – not copying old patterns any more – caused great distortions in your experiential field. Since then, many of you have asked us: ‘Ekara, what is going on? Why are these workings that I’m trying to put into place not working out the way I would like?’ Well, this is the answer: the only reason why these things are happening to you, or have been happening to you lately, is because you were breaking through a ceiling. You were moving into the ceiling of tonality.
Now, that has a completely different explanation to it, which we will also go into in a little while, but let me stick to the point here and let me talk about your experiences coming back to you and creating quite a confusing time. Unfortunately, many of you – as you have felt in your own dreamtime where we of course gather every night together, if possible, on the old Lemurian beaches – have experienced that a lot of the other Imzaia and other groups of ascension students that were all around you have disappeared as of late and many have stepped off the path once again.

The reason for that often has been this confusion that unfortunately is unavoidable in this concept of you being changed into a tonal being. Once you start emitting the energy rather than just translating the energy that is all around you (as an energy being would), the conflict of Old Energy breaking down and its pieces coming back to you together with New Energy creates a very distorted but TEMPORARY picture that has often caused many that were still ‘out there’ since I last recorded a message like this one, to step off the path.

A warm Welcome to New Energy Creators
At the same time, many other ones have come onto it, younger ones; the ones that a long time ago, by the beloved Kryon, were called Indigos and the ones who are the Crystals and the Sun Children. All of these that came in during the last 20 or 30 years or so specifically to assist this Earth, as they were very aware of what was happening, are now finally beginning to connect to this work and to works like these, which all are connected anyway, EN MASSE.
This is also a difference that you are probably beginning to pick up, if you are one who has been on this path longer and has connected to this voice and other voices like it for a long time now. You will have noticed how in the work of beloved Cauldre [Geoffrey Hoppe], let’s say, or in the work of beloved Yin here, or even in the work of beloved Lee [Carroll] and beloved Steve [Rother] and many others, our voices have changed.
The reason why that happened is because of what we explained to you earlier, but also because of this arrival of many new energy creators, to which I want to give a very warm welcome right now. All of us who have been here for a longer time on this Earth, even in this lifetime – many of you and us, the ascended ones – want to express our gratitude to all of the Indigos and the other ones that came to this plane for the first time, to this Earth, to do this work that we are now in the initial stages of connecting.

Energy Beings versus Tonal Beings – continued
For all of these reasons our communication with you is shifting. It won’t always be as linear as it was before – which is good, because a tonal being also experiences vibrations differently as it realizes that it is the expresser or the creator of the energy that is generated, as I explained in the example of the pond before. It realizes this. As such, what it experiences back is also going to be different and no longer going to be tainted by other creators, you see?
Yes, even in the old energy days you were creators. You only weren’t manifesting energy; you were translating, and a while longer ago you were coding energy. Of course, then mind took over and started coding for you in ways that we no longer have to go into now as we sit in a completely different timeline with all of you, as we have quite literally pulled ourselves out of the reality of mind.

You must understand that mind (as has been explained a long time ago) only has 12 frequencies to work with, one in each vibration, and as such mind is experienced by you as one vibration. There are only 12 frequencies with which to experience it! This creates a very flat reality, as you understand. Now that you are moving beyond that, your reality expanding, this is what is happening and this is the beauty about these times.
One of the main reasons that this was possible – and again I want to dearly thank the Indigos and all the others ‘newcomers’ that are connecting to this message in this moment – is all of you. As we have known each other in dreamtime for quite a while now, we are very grateful to connect to you all on this level as well.

A note on SFR’s – Sub Frequential Realities
So, let’s get back to holographics and explore some deeper topics that are important for understanding the difference between energy beings and the tonal beings that exist today.
As I was saying earlier, an energy being when expressing energy basically codes energy or translates energy, depending on its mental state or consciousness state. As such what it gets back is matrix information that has been coded by many other energy beings, all of which are not necessarily at the same level of energy creation. The conclusion must be that there are those who have created these pockets that we have now labeled simply as Sub Frequential Realities or SFR’s that manipulate the way energy is translated or created by these energy beings within the SFR.

You also need to understand that there are many sub frequential realities or SFR’s within SFR’s within bigger ones (4D, or the archetypical realm being one of them when it was still around as powerful as it still appears today for many) and it takes a while for you to completely exit all of these different layers of sub frequential energy, and for you to get into a total frequential reality, and from there on to a vibrational reality, and from there on into a ‘final’ tonal reality.

Moving into a tonal reality is quite literally leaving this hologram behind, but not in an old energy way. It doesn’t mean that you have to step away from it never to return. It does mean that you expand beyond it, so your beingness becomes too big to still be encompassed by this hologram. As such your beingness will encompass this hologram instead, and as such you master this reality. That is what this Initiation or this initial step of ascension is all about.
As an energy being gets feedback in the form of energy impulses from its surrounding body environment, these impulses are typically coded by others as we have now explained. A tonal being, beloved Imzaia, does not have this disadvantage. A tonal being, which you now are, has the ability to create its own reality without being influenced by realities of others. It has the ability to invite others into that reality, to be invited into other realities, to merge realities together and to do many more things that we will go into at some other time, but it doesn’t have to be influenced. As such it cannot be SFR’d. It cannot be hit by a sub frequential reality wave of energy put upon it by a mental construct. Even though these mental constructs are linear and therefore have an end, they are still quite annoying while they are occurring, as of course your human past has shown to you.

The good news after all that we have shared here already together today is that that time of great confusion that bridged the period of about September of last year into the now moment, let’s say, is finally over.
September 2009 one can surmise as the separation between the Old Energy reality and the New Energy reality; separation again understood in a new reality concept, where the New Energy reality now encompasses the old energy reality and started vibrating out of its own self. Since that time this confusion has lasted and is now over. You will see in your daily creation, as you become aware of what a tonal being truly is, that you will not get sent back that confusion or that harshness that you often experienced lately, or any of that.

The Ability to Recreate
Now you have become Ascension Initiates (at least if that is the role that you choose to take upon you) please understand that there is a new sense of responsibility that comes with that. Many before me have said that responsibility is the ability to respond, but I would turn the word ‘respond’ into re-spawn; the ability to recreate, based on the understanding that we are now all together in dreamtime at many levels and that the power that exists in between all of you Initiates has increased exponentially and continues to do so.
In that realization you could see that you have a chance here to truly begin making that difference that you have wanted to make for a very long time. Creating your reality has become quite a different cookie than it was a while ago. I challenge you, and others with me, in of course the way of friendship, to go back into the old teachings now, to reconnect to our ‘Mastering the Grand Illusions’ information and other information that were given through many other voices, and to finally let go of those aspects of self that do not continuously apply these things. You will notice the big difference when you finally let go of this aspect of self and step into the exercises and direct experiential training that we have given you in the past. The time is here and the time is now.

Continuity versus Circularity
Another aspect where energy and tonality differ is that energy is indeed changeable and shapeable and as such creates pockets with a beginning, middle and end, one after the other. As such, energy creates and uncreates in a linear template and could be considered circular in that respect, because in itself energy won’t have a beginning, middle and end as long as it is creating something with a beginning, middle and end! A tonal being works from a completely different level. A tonal being, and tonality versus energy, is continuous.
Continuous, my dear friends, is not similar to circular. For an object to be circular, at some point there must have been a creator that manifested the initial point through which the circle would run; this can even be said about infinity circles and infinity creations. There have to be initial points that are created. Within tonality there is continuity, not circularity.
Continuity truly means a continuous process and this means a process, which occupies no initial point of manifestation. This will take some getting used to. It will be a little bit challenging, I would surmise from feeling all of your energies, as at first you don’t immediately understand what that is about and what it entails until you move into a different way of looking at your existence and your point of now. This is perhaps the greatest illusion of all, being tied together into the illusion of separation: the illusion of the now – not being an illusion in itself, of course, but the fact that the now is happening at a specific point in time indeed is.
You appear to experience this moment of now at a specific point in time, which is still an illusion that needs to be mastered when moving from energy to tonality. If you go back to the Lemurian days you will understand why Lemurians were tonal beings; the reason being that their senses, our senses in fact, were expansive beyond the now moment. We saw the true circular nature of integrating an energy field and also what lies beyond. It was easy for us to look through time and space, as easy as it is for you to see a tree somewhere on the next mountain hill. Very, very interesting if you then consider how your moment will change when you step into this.

A Different Approach
This whole talk that we are having here in this moment is meant as an introduction to the work that is to come afterwards. We are trying our best not to sit in front of you as an ascended teacher in this timeline and this timeframe that we’re on right now, but to move into a more direct and modern way of approaching you.
In this head there is the concept of a podcast, or a talk radio, and that is where we want to move with you, because these things are no longer strange things to you. They will no longer stay on the level of theory, you see, and will move to the level of practice, of normal daily reality practice. That is how you can approach all of this, and that is why we can now be much closer to you than ever before.

Originality and Holographic Induction
Going back to an earlier point I made about creating as a tonal being instead of an energy being and the result this has on the level of expression and experience, I would like to talk deeper about continuity in that respect and also the realization that when energy is created by a tonal being it cannot be expressed by others. This is originality. And this is where continuity comes in, because continuity doesn’t have a point of origin. As a rule, everything that has a point of origin can be copied, because a total creation can never be copied. Only an original point of origin can be copied.
Since a tonality expression has no original point of origin it cannot be copied. That is where originality comes in indeed, because it will guarantee you that no expression can be put upon you either.
It is very important to understand these principles as we are going to move much closer into all of these fields in the coming time. As you begin to understand what expression is truly about you will also begin to understand why we are calling you ‘Ascension Initiates’, because a tonal being like yourself, existing within this universe, will generate what I have now labeled holographic induction.

As I explained a while ago at the beginning of this talk, an energy being living within a hologram is an energy particle living within a mass of particles, as such copying the totality of the whole within itself. Holographic induction means that, as an expresser, you will have the ability to immediately change your reality. This was said before.
Now, when you take the practicality of our Mastering the Grand Illusions Series and many other topics that have gone before, when you take all of these things and put them into practical usages in your life – which is why we recommend strongly that you start listening to these moments of information more directly again and more actively again – you will see, hear and experience them with different ears, because you are now expressing on different vibrations and frequencies. When you do this you will see that we can take you to another plateau of information in the coming time, another level of growth let’s say, where we can begin looking at what holographic induction truly is, what the responsibilities are that you have here as a tonal being and how you can finally open yourself up to do the job that you came here to do.

Practical Guidance will be Required
You are going to have to sometimes follow our guidance very directly, because the path that is about to be traveled in the coming time is a very narrow one and sometimes leads through spaces that are Old Energy and will have to be cleaned up in order to move further. In that respect, our guidance will indeed be required.
I know that there are many in the past that have looked at this and still to this day believe that ascension is possible without any outside assistance, without any guidance, and who believe that their self will automatically take them where they need to be.
While I’m not trying to dismiss these belief systems, or while I’m not trying to ridicule these belief systems either, obviously beings like myself know that there is a specific spectrum that has to be followed as you move through this path of ascension out of this hologram. This is a predetermined hologram to begin with, which means that a spectrum of expression has to be experienced in order to break through it.

When I myself went through the ascension process many millions of years ago in the original fluid Lemuria (back then it did not have any name), this pathway was new for me. In fact, it was said to me that none before me had kept on walking until success was reached and I have indeed known this to be the truth. Ascension is a spectrum of experience, which needs to be very precise in your expression of it because of the particular nature of this hologram and the matter/energy within it, making up part of who you are.
You are going to need guidance on this path as it continues to unfold. Those who have rejected this guidance out of egoic or parasitic reasons often go through looping experiences as many find themselves back at the same point on the timeline that they will recognize as the beginning of their path. Where normally, throughout the ascension experience, these moments DO occur and lead to a higher-vibratory experience of that specific point, in these cases of students failing to become Initiates one notices that the vibration one ends back up in is lower than the initial experience ever was and forms the beginning of a very hard to break downward spiral. This has nothing to do with any of us or any of these failed students’ choices either; it is simply the way of vibrations of upward and downward spirals and how these things work in this predetermined reality that you call 3D.
A Final Note on Tonal Beings
All of that being said, when you look back upon your last few years of experience that have gone by so quickly, you will see a change taking place in your ‘past experience’ as well. A tonal being, you see, doesn’t work in the same linear way as an energy being does, and as such tonality and energy do not work in the same way either. Tonality expresses itself as it builds from the previous geometric patterns that have existed, but much like concentric circles the geometric patterns that have existed in creation of the new geometric patterns will eventually dissipate.
Here is another form of continuity that can be seen: when a tonal being creates, and once it has created, there is no remaining original point. A tonal being does of course have a moment of creation, but not a remaining moment [imprinted in any timeline] that will be repeated over and over [because of circularity] and as such others cannot copy it.

Manifest the Dreams that Are to Come
All of this, beloved Imzaia, to give you a little overview of what is ahead and of where you are now. I must admit that it is a delight for myself to be able to speak to you in this slightly different way, in this more connected way, let’s say. It is more freeing.
What a pleasure to think that in the coming times we will sit together in moments like this often, as we will continue the work that was previously initiated by one of my temporary walk-in incarnations called Jeshua, where we brought out the theory of what is now becoming the practice. As that happens it will be my delight and my honor to take you forward into new layers of information – not more complex layers necessarily, but definitely new, where the workings of that which we have explained to you before in a more spiritual context will now somehow and sometimes shift into slightly different variations of themselves. What that will include we will see in the coming time.
I want to take this time to thank everyone who has been connected to the previous incarnations of this work as it has gone through many names, places and people, many points of consciousness that connected to it and made it even more invaluable simply because of their presence, for which I love any of you dearly, all of you. I also want you to know that, as the work now moves into its new title given to it by Yin and the 144 team, as it moves into Gate144, this is indeed a reflection of what will be happening to it now.
Next time when we come back to you, our information will have shifted again, our way of presenting it will have shifted again, and with this ‘feeler’ that I have been able to put out tonight, it is wonderful to know that we are indeed capable of moving into a completely different expression.
When we come back to you next time we will give you more information on what that will entail and how this information will flow into your life. You will also notice that we will start appearing in your life more directly than ever before as your three kakric points, the Akene of course in the heart, the Akonai in the head and the Adonai in the belly are the chrysalis particles within you that have now opened up to allow this tonality, this tonal being that you are, to move into this reality.

You have indeed broken the chrysalis, beloved Imzaia, and for that I will forever hold you in my heart with honor, with the greatest of love, the greatest of joy and the greatest of freedom.
This initial step that you have now taken and that has taken some of you many, many years – in opposition to others who are maybe here for the first time, thinking they are not even aware of an initial step – took more courage than your old personality selves, your small you, could have ever imagined YOU could muster.
Yet, here you sit, expressing it, reflecting it back, co creating it with me, Ekara, right now. For that you shall forever be honored.
I want to express my gratitude for sharing this time with you and I hope that we may connect again soon on a more direct level, where we will go into these teachings that are ever so exciting, because they are being created together with you as we explore the tonality of self – which in truth is the Ascension of Self – to embody the things that once restricted you and to move beyond them.
In a little while, we will share more with you about this Great Shift and we will discuss the coming years that will indicate the increase of this New Energy, this tonality that will be pouring out of you.
Please know that you – quite literally – are the Ambassadors and the Stewards of this New Earth… as you and your choices, your imagination and creativity, your heart and your head and your belly manifest the dreams that are to come.
Until next time: eja ‘i, oja ‘i. [ Lemurian for: and as it is, so it shall be ]
I AM Ekara and I love you.
Channeled and edited by YIN - Transcribed and edited by JAZZ
Approved for the written word by EKARA
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