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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Power of Love - by Alina

We all know it. This is the month our beautiful Venus is stirring the pot and blasting love our way. We had the Venus transit, a partial eclipse, lots of solar eruptions sending waves of magnetics (= love) our way with the June Solstice coming up real soon.

This sounds as beautiful as it is AND can be very intense. A deep clearing is happening because of this. By now we have dropped enough of the program of personality – and surely will continue to do so - and all this love is supporting us to be able to dive even deeper into our heart space and find what is still there, still covered, still hidden, because it was too confronting to deal with before, now showing itself to be embraced.

We are starting to trust the process and therefore are able to go deeper. We have seen over and over again that we enter intense times and sometimes even barely seem to be able to hold on, and somehow we always manage anyway and come out of any period like that better than before. More illusions dropped, more of our soul being able to shine through. Our deep trust in what we are doing and our deep trust in each other and ascended guidance and our passion for rising life being the never fading fuel for moving forward, no matter what. How many times have we heard, it is not about the times you fall down; it is about getting up again and taking the next step, continuing to move forward. Holding the vision of New Earth and the Ascended version of Humanity in our heart and in our expression.

We are learning to navigate our own Merkabaic field by monitoring ourselves, the thoughts we choose , the expressions we choose and the space we are in. We are starting to recognize faster when we shift from the heart space to the mental realms, if we leave the reaction of self judgment out, we can just realign by choosing again. Moving Energy Around is the perfect tool to continuously stay in touch with Self and to dance in a harmonious, creative and ever expanding now with All That Is.

I for myself have discovered how deeply ingrained guilt still was in the neurosynaptic pathways, therefore it was so easily triggered. From a human view the guilt may have been subtle, from an ascending view we know that there is no difference between a mere 3% of guilt or allowing it all the way. The fact is that in a moment like that you choose for mind frequencies and this takes you away from the heart space until you choose again. On top of that there is no point in judging something that is not in the now, because it is not now, so not your reality. It is extremely silly to judge something or yourself in the now, while you could also use your energy to first accept and then change your now, from the heart space.

So vigilance and self love are required to overwrite the old and dense neurosynaptic pathways. Vigilance and love are the basis to choose expansion again and again, going beyond the old pathways and making expansion a natural expression of Self. Choosing an ascending outlook on life instead of a human outlook. Being excited about the journey, being excited about evolving. Try it for yourself: if you can look at all the intensity from this perspective it WILL be your experience.

This is the time to come to terms with the fact that reality has changed, literally has become more fluid, undeniably so. So never can you get back to old ways of navigating, it will never be compatible and will only cause frustration and failure.
Our new way of navigating, from the heart space, with Love – Joy – Freedom – Truth & Life as our GPS and our building blocks of reality at the same time, is a beautiful exploration. Looking at life through the eyes of love, living life as an expression of love cannot but create beautiful potentials in every now.

Love and expansion are my mantra, I am learning and remembering as we go.

Thank you for walking this path with me.

In Love, Alina