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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Power of Forgiveness

I am one of those who came in without any karma. I was born knowing this, and have met many psychics who affirmed it (and were fascinated with me about it). But this does not mean that things happen to me in this lifetime, and as such karma happens.

The good thing is that I learned how to bring that karma back to zero. But I forgot to practice it for some time now. Until recently, the Universe sent me a gentle reminder. So for the last week, I practiced bringing karma back to zero again, and things have been amazing since then. I must say, I had forgotten how good it is to do this. And how powerful it is!

You can do it too. And experience how your life changes after that. Here’s a gentle caution – sometimes the changes are subtle. Sometimes they can be monumental. I would suggest trying it a little and see how things go. Then if you are comfortable, do more. Here it is:

1. It is best to be in a meditative state to do this. But I have found it can be done even just by sitting still anywhere and focusing.

2. Connect with Mother Earth and the True Creator.

3. Bring in Divine Love and Light (I see it as White Color Energy) into your entire being, and surrounding you, protecting you. Like an energy cocoon shaped like an egg.

4. You can do the following steps mentally or speaking out loud, whichever you are comfortable with:

5. Call the person whom you wish to forgive, ask forgiveness, and/or end and complete karma with. (you can feel or visualize the person appear before you)

6. Say to the person “I ask for your forgiveness. I also forgive you. Let us end and complete all karma between us now, for it no longer serves us. This I ask for my highest good and the highest good of all.”

7. After you are done with that person, you can repeat with another person with steps 5 and 6 again.

8. Note: You can also do with groups of people, the entire human race, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, all spirits, elemental forces, Mother Earth, etc.

Shared with much Love and Light.
I welcome anyone who tries it, and shares their experience with me or everyone here.
Timotheus Lee