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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goddess Inferior Delight@Your Service... Says.

By Michelle Sanders

"You have a Divine Plan, one that is fully active for you, one that you are honouring, one that is calling to you to respond on a whole new level to the Divine Light of the Divine Feminine that exists within every thing. As the Light of the Divine Feminine rises from the darkness of ignorance and mis-interpretation, you will discover the worlds that have been hidden from you. These worlds contain messages that lead you in the direction of a New Truth, one that brings you closer to the Sacred Template embodying your authenticity.

Truth always changes. If your Truth never changes then you are not experiencing growth, for every level of consciousness embodies a level of truth, but never the whole truth. There is no human being on earth who knows the whole truth, for there is so much of it yet to be discovered. You do not know the whole truth, because you, as yet, have not experienced Whole Love. The Love we speak of is not limited to romantic love or the love you have for your children or those close to you.

I speak of a Love so pure, so unconditional that its presence incinerates all darkness, and every single veil of illusion in existence disappears in a millisecond. I can, joyfully, tell you that you are already heading in the direction of connecting with the Power of that Love. 

This is the time where Balance in its true essence is returning to Earth. Some of you may already be familiar with Kuthumi’s teachings regarding True Balance - the Time of Light Reflecting Light. This is the time where you bring into your space that which is the reflection of your Light Self. That which reflects your light, brings your shadow into the Light and this is where you embrace the gifts of the Divine Goddess.

Your sacral chakra is the Holy Chalice. It is the receptacle that holds all the potential of your creativity. It is the place within you that leads you into the world of new life. At this moment in time your Healing Angel is extending its energy into your sacral chakra. It brings the Flame of Love to this chakra and places this flame within the area of your sacral chakra’s light - the power that exists within the Divine Goddess.

It places within your chakras the Flames of Illumination that allow the Divine Chakra of the Sacred Goddess to re-connect with the chakra of your physical body. As the androgynous signatures of the sacral chakra are activated, every thing in your life that symbolises isolation, loneliness, separation and dis-connectedness comes into the centre of your Being to receive attention and be healed.

Today we activate the flow of water so that your water element can find its unique flow, and in so doing, it can nourish your Earth element, keeping the earth in perfect balance so as to receive everything it needs to nurture the seeds you have planted in your earth element - your base chakra." Excerpt "MARY MAGDELENE
2nd Chakra (Sacral) Androgyny Grid" through Michelle Manders at Mary’s Chapel, Glendalough, Ireland.