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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goddess Inferior Delight@Your Service... Says.

I am DIVINE MOTHER-CREATOR! I am LIFE.  I AM rising LIFE. I acknowledge the invitation that at this time is given to me  by all beings of life. Including those beings in TIME and SPACE. Who protect and stand by life. 
I acknowledge the invitation to enter into the creation of a one and only contract with myself the one that I AM to take that which I can carry no less and no more. In the understanding that holographic unity has brought me to change the face of Gaia and ME forever. I understand that I am entering the phase of universal exchange. That was promised to me and all things LIFE before my birth which I claim was no birth at all but an entrance to a reality which invoke me. I am LIFE. I acknowledge the invitation of life to step up to that which I AM.  I denounce that which I AM not. I AM service, including myself. I radiate my heart to the heart of the solar system. I transmit and code my life force to this hologram. My energy is NOW universal. I am open let my mission begin my line of communication and the self that I recognize in others are OPEN. Let my reason for being who I am commence right now.

- Quan Yin