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Monday, June 11, 2012

Goddess Inferior Delight@Your Service... Says.

I am Divine Mother - Creator I AM Life. I am rising life. In this moment of time, and in days past and ahead. 
I revoke the  right of others to enter my space without question.  
As I am my own authority. When connecting to others a third space will be created and it will be known as life. As I move away from others and re-enter my own sovereign Self the Space that was will be no longer and all that needs to be taken from it it's the energy of ME. I am Divine Mother- the creator. I have no contract  with anything but life. The thoughts in my head I control and recognize as invitations to move in a certain direction or not.  I announce to the world of thought that the domination between thought and myself ends today. My obsession with DEATH turns into my passion for LIFE.  And as such I end my contract with the illusion of FORM. I end my contract with the illusion of TIME and SPACE. I end my contract with EXCHANGE. I end my contract with the illusion of DEATH. I end my contract with SUFFERING. I end my contract with VICTIM CONSCIOUSNESS. I end My contract with MANIPULATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. I end my contract with DAUBT. I end my contract with PAIN. I end my contract with POVERTY. I end contract with EGO.  I end My contract with WAR. I end my contract with Destruction. I end my contract with VIOLENCE. I end my contract with ILLNESS.  I end my contract with FEAR.
I AM ETERNAL. I AM FREE.  I AM LOVE expressing itself as JOY creating itself as freedom for all within me.  finding itself as truth for everything within me. I am the element of consciousness. I am the original DIVINE SPARK.  The original creator.  I acknowledge the invitation that at this time is given to me  by all beings of life. Including those beings in TIME and SPACE. Who protect and stand by life. 
I acknowledge the invitation to enter into the creation of a one and only contract with myself the one that I AM. 

-Quan Yin