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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fire In the Soul Channelling – Igniting the Universal Flames of Passion

I am Mary Magdalene, welcome.

I come to present Information of Light to you for the purpose of helping humanity understand how important passion is. Understanding the power of passion ignites the Fire of the Soul and facilitates the transmutation of the old life trauma, manifesting a Divine Pathway to the soul’s ability to transform that which has created darkness and limitation by creating a new canvas upon which to co-create your life.

I, Mary Magdalene, have walked the Pathway of Passion on a number of occasions and have merged my energy with Goddess Consciousness, thus today we offer the Goddesses of Earth the opportunity to understand how the Fire of the Soul ignites the energies of Sacred Love, Sacred Sex, Sacred Creativity, Passion and the experience of life on a new level. It is part of the Goddesses journey to lead the way by experiencing the Passion of Life and the Passion for Life, creating a template others can draw energy from in order to create their own.
You have reached a point in the timeline of Earth where without passion it will become increasingly difficult to create within the new energies of the world. Your co-creative abilities united with Infinite Source is vitally important for the survival of Earth, the consciousness and the ability for humans to anchor the Divinity of the Soul on Earth as it is in Heaven. The Universal Gates are open and 44 Universes are extending energy to you and Mother Earth so as to continue burning through the veils of illusion which have resulted in many people feeling depression. The depression is the perception of one’s co-creative power being stifled by the lack of Passion for Life. The central ray of energy being emitted by the Central Universe of the 44 Universes focusing on Planet Earth today is what is burning a new trail into the core of your soul.
In the core of your soul is a Flame of Expression, one that embodies the Sacred Language of Co-creativity. Humanity has forgotten how to co-create in alignment with the Principles of Sacredness. Sacredness is not limited to the Laws of Integrity or Purity. Sacredness in fact, embodies the energy of respect and of honouring the power that exists within every realm of life. When one holds anything sacred, one is honouring and respecting what one has co- created, or what one is witnessing as a result of what is being co-created.
Your purpose at this time is to recognise everything you have co-created and how your past motivations and inspirations have passionately manifested in experiences which have brought you to the point of life experience you are experiencing. Today, Divine vibrations embrace you, filling your consciousness and igniting a new Fire in your Soul, a Passion that shall lead you into the realms of greater expression, deeper feeling and an inner quickening brought about by the Flame of the Core of your Soul, burning through the veils of illusion and barriers you have created as a means of lower-ego-based defence. Join in intention with me today and focus upon bringing to life the Passion of Co-creation, and bring to the fore all of that which is Sacred so as to remind humanity that Sacredness is a simple process of honour and respect, therefore honouring and respecting what one has and what one is intending to co-create and manifest in life.
Imagine yourself feeling the power of the Universal Ray coming to you from the Core Universe situated between the 44 Universes currently focusing on Planet Earth. This Universe is made up of many areas of Creative Passion in the world known as the Central Universe of fibrous light made up of many levels of quantum energy. It is time to learn how powerful Quantum Energy is, but before you can master it, it is vital you know Quantum Energy is a very unstable energy. It is to a degree a chaotic energy and because of this you are able to utilise it to create whatever your soul desires. This is the reason why the Masters have asked you to focus on positivity, to turn your attention to that which you wish to transform in your life, focusing on the creative aspect rather than the destructive aspect. The quantum cells of your body are responding to more and more of this energy and the energy that makes up the atom.
The atom is made up of protons and neutrons. The neutrons must spin in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction simultaneously. This is necessary in order for the energy within the atoms to produce the effect they do. If it does not spin in both directions, life as you know it would not exist. This very simple, yet life threatening process exists within every one of you. Some say the movement of the clockwise and anti-clockwise represents positive and negative, and to a degree it is correct, but let us take it one step further and say it represents masculine and feminine. In science the focus is on positive and negative and for this purpose it has created a scientific idea that negativity must be present in order for positivity to be present. I ask you to replace positivity and negativity with masculine and feminine.
The more one understands the necessity for both to be present, the more one understands that in fact negativity and positivity have simply been the presence of the two opposites of male and female. The male has been considered a harder energy than the feminine because it represents action, the external world, it is more grounded whereas feminine energy is more fluid, represented by water, it is softer and far more volatile than the masculine energy because of its ability to change form. Yet, one without the other cannot exist, which is why a neutron cannot be a neutron if the energy does not flow in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. The energies emitted by an atom are precise. If it is one degree out it cannot emit the energies it does and life as you know it, as I have said, will not exist. Everything is perfectly in order within a chaotic universe. This helps one understand that there is Divine Order within the presence of chaos, and even the chaotic principle has an order within itself,

for with other energies one has the power to choose how to manifest within one’s Divine world.
I have given you this scientific information in order to help you recognise that what we are asking of you is not ungrounded esoteric jargon, it is science. Science is and always has played a very important role in spirituality and in the utilisation of unseen energy in order for life to be. It is a fool who chooses to ignore the science of the Universes, for it is as precious and sacred as spirituality is. Quantum mechanics is a part of you whether you understand it or not. Its volatility is a reflection of the volatility of the emotions of the mind and the creative forces inside of you. You can choose to use your emotions to create negativity, to create chaos in its negative construct, which in fact is what is happening on Earth at this current time, or you can use the volatility of the energies to break through the negative constructs of the mind and manifest the union of light within oneself, tapping into the Fire of the Soul and igniting the Passion for Life, which brings into manifestation the Sacred Love, Sacred Passion, Sacred Creativity and the Sacred Experience of life in all its facets.
Sacred Love, Sacred Sex, Sacred Co-creativity simply means honouring and respecting the energies of love, sex, co-creativity, passion and every other energy you have access to. The energy you are experiencing today is a very dynamic one and one that will guide you dynamically in the direction of understanding how to create passionately. So drive your focus into your heart, and from the point of the core of your heart imagine a magnificent Flame burning brightly. Each time you inhale feel this Flame expanding to merge with your upper and lower chakras, expanding beyond your physical body, and feel how the Flame embodies the energy of passion. If you have difficulty experiencing this feeling, cast your mind back to a time where you felt passionately inspired. Visualise the experience and recreate the emotions. Observe what you are doing at the time of the passionate inspiration you were experiencing. Now bring that feeling into the here and now and imagine the neutrons that make up the nucleus of the atom spinning in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Feel the feminine and masculine energies emerging, replacing what you have considered in the past to be positive and negative.

The Fire of the Soul is what comes to you as a Revelation of Light, a gift of co-creative power replacing every negative with the power of the masculine energy and every positive with the power of the feminine energy, to also replace every positive with the power of the masculine energy and every negative with the power of the feminine energy. Male and female must co-exist to create from the point of passion for sacredness to survive and for you as a consciousness to thrive.

Therefore today, focus on being passionate about living your life. Take some time to consider the life you believe in your heart you deserve, the future you desire to create, to manifest and co-create. Pay attention to the details of the aspects of yourself you wish to bring fully into the light of passion. Now imagine yourself standing in the centre of the central Universe between Universes 1 and 44. Give yourself creative licence to imagine it any way you wish. In this central Universe everything is possible, even that which for you at this time you cannot even fathom, exists, you cannot see it because you cannot imagine it, but it is there, and this unseen energy; its intangible presence begins seeping into the pores of your skin, merging into your DNA, and very gently finding its way to every molecule and atomic structure inside of you and around you. It is the energy of passion that seeps into your being. If you cannot feel it simply imagine it.
Whilst this is happening remember the importance of utilising all your senses to co-create and manifest. The co-creative power you are drawing into your life today through the Michelle Manders © All Rights Reserved
3activation of the Fire of the Soul and the new Passion for Life comes from the inner knowing of your power as a co-creator. To begin with, you have an idea of what you desire or what you wish to change. The next step is to pay attention to what it is you wish to replace the old with. When you are sure what it is, then it is important to imagine this new image, to see yourself in that place, in the new energy experiencing the newness you are replacing the old with. And then you need to feel it. Emotionally feel what it would be like to experience the new way, the new energy, and take it one step further and experience it physically, which is why so many times you have been asked to act as if you are already healed, wealthy, free or fully illumined - whatever your choice may be.
Use the sense of “seeing” by imagining this being in a form materialised. Use your sense of touch by experiencing that which you will have. If you desire to manifest a healthy body, touch your body lovingly with the image in your mind of it being healthy. As you touch your body, touch it as if it is the healthy restored body you desire to recreate. Use your sense of taste by imagining what life will taste like healthy, whole, balanced and passionately at peace. Use your sense of hearing by imagining the words that will come to you from the external world, the words you’ll express regarding your health, hear yourself speaking of your new creative health, your newly created body you admire, that you worship as a Sacred Vessel for manifesting the passion and delights of the Infinite Source. It is a Sacred Vessel for it embodies Sacred Source, it embodies God, Christ, Mother/Father God; it is all inside of you. Use your 6th sense; your intuition, to continuously guide you in the direction of manifesting that Divine, healthy, whole body as you are imagining it.

As you move into this new space you will find miracles unfolding at a rapid rate. You will recognise how the sacred process of passionately co-creating within the chaotic Universe has a Divine purpose - the purpose of revealing to you your own divinity and how powerful passion is. The Flame of Passion within your soul is the Inner Guiding Light showing you the pathway before you. Thus, within the central Universe take a moment to call into your consciousness anything at this time you are choosing to transform. Bring it into your consciousness. Use your sense of sight to see what it is in your mind’s eye you wish to change or transform. Now take the image of what you will replace it with and place it over that which is to be changed. Use your sense of touch and feel yourself in that new state, if it is something external that you wish to transform, feel it, touch it in its new state. It can be anything. If it is something inside of you, touch your body feeling it in the new state of being, its greater sense of self, expanded awareness, illumination, whatever you’ve chosen.
Use your sense of hearing and listen to the words you speak, what words will be spoken back to you as a result of this transformation? Use your sense of smell, breathing in deeply, imagine what the world will smell like with all this new energy. Allow your sense of smell to inhale the freshness, lightness, and passion within and around you in your new state, in your new form and in the new experience of what you are transforming. Utilise your sense of taste and imagine what life will taste like in this new state of being, the passion, the positivity, confidence, love and peace that you are creating. And finally, move into your state of intuition and trust your 6th sense to guide you confidently in a direction of continuously, passionately creating whatever you desire in alignment with the divinity of your authentic self.
It is this 6th sense that you must bear in mind to utilise in your application when setting intentions for manifestation, for it will bring everything to all senses passionately recreating the original template of passionate co-creation. Passion of Spirit is what is needed in your world to inspire souls to bring into physical being the divinity and sacredness of life. This will bring to you a greater experience and expression of Sacred Love, Sacred Sexuality, Sacred

Co-creativity, Sacred Expression, Sacred Communication, Sacred Interaction, and Sacred Manifestation. Sacredness, I repeat, is honouring and respecting what you have, seeing it as a passionate, deeply precious part of you. Something you honour, something you recognise as being a blessing bestowed upon you to share with yourself and others.
It is time now for you to step into this newly created vision, to become one with what you have transformed. Imagine yourself as you are now stepping into the new body, the new situation; whatever it is you have visualised. Imagine it merging with you, replacing the old template with the Sacred Template of Passion. Anchor it firmly within the Fire of your Soul and it is the Flame of Passion from which you have created the new template so that more templates will come into being, and this, precious Lightworkers, is how you utilise the volatility of the quantum world to manifest the miracles of life. It is because many have sacrificed the power of choice that the world appears to be in a state of chaos. It is with focused intention, sacred passion and the belief in one’s ability to co-create that one manifests in accordance with the Higher Plan of one’s soul and Higher Self. Conscious beings who are aligned with truth, who are mature in their spirituality, their emotional self and the psychology of the self, are able to bring the world back into balance, but not into balance of negativity and positivity, but into the true state of balance between masculine and feminine, which will settle into the Being of Mother Earth those Divine energies of Sacred Love, Sacred Sex, Sacred Co-creativity, Sacred Passion, Sacred Life, and Earth will once again embrace Divine Sacredness, for humanity will remember the importance of the union of passion of masculine and feminine so as to manifest Divine order.
Inhale deeply as the energies you have created settle into the magnetic fibres of your energy field merging with the magnetic field of the quantum world. Visualise the energy moving through every cell, every molecule and into the atoms of your body, into the nucleus of every atom, merging with the neutrons and protons that you create new life with, and imagine it moving from the centre of the core of the Universe and all the universes around it, the Core of your heart, the Core of your soul moving into the energy of the neutrons and the protons, moving into the atoms, the molecules and the cells. See it filtering into your muscles and blood stream, the organs of your body, your skeletal system and the wholeness of your physical body.

Turn your palms to Heaven, open your heart chakra and inhale the Universal Rays of Passion. Inhale the energies of tranquillity and serenity. Open yourself as a conduit for anchoring the Fire of the Soul on Earth today, revelling in the light and passion of the Great Central Universe and allow yourself to receive the blessings of the Divine Ray of Passion and the blessings bestowed upon Earth on this sacred day. Breathe into your body. Attempt to use all your senses and experience this energy. Direct the flow of this energy into any part of your body you feel requires a calming energy and into the areas of your mind where there are volatile thoughts. Intend for this flow of light to harmonise your body, bring peace to your mind, to ensure the conscious flow of universal love, bringing it to the core of your heart, strengthening the flow of passion feeding the Fire within your soul.
The Universal Lords and Ladies of the central Universe gather around you emanating vibrations of passion, which merge with your magnetic field and are transported along the electrical frequencies connected to the atomic structures of your internal and your external self. The profound transformation initiating inside of you, deeper realisation, the inner knowing of your purpose as a passionate co-creator begin to stir, coming to the forefront of your mind, and into the deep inner knowingness within your consciousness. This creates a magnetic template so that you, and those of like mind and heart, begin co-creating many more grids of passion. I, Mary Magdalene, Keeper of the Flame of Passion, guide you

through the Fire of your Soul and will always stand alongside you, evoking the energy of passion, supporting you in invoking the energies of passion, reconnecting with the Passion for Life that shall lead to the final anchoring of the Divine Plan of Passion within the heart of every man, woman and child upon Earth resulting in the Revelation of the Power of Co- creation, and how the volatility of the quantum world is indeed a powerful tool in itself.
So Beloved Lightworkers, how are you going to use this energy? Where will you direct your passion? It is important that you work with you power of conscious consciousness. It is about burning through the old ways and finding a new way for yourselves. Inhale this energy feeling it settle comfortably within your chakras. It will take approximately another 15 minutes for the energy to settle harmoniously in all the energy systems of your internal and external bodies. The energies being created within and around you are also creating a new pattern of life for you, which is opening profound new doorways, for you as you align more consciously with the worlds beyond the Earth realm you tap into higher levels of expressing your Sacred Passion and the Divine Experience of life.

The next 8 years are vitally important for all of you, and the Flame of Passion ignited fully within the souls of humanity will bring about a Divine Reunion with the Cosmic Counterparts of Souls. With the reunion taking place, the sacred energies of passion will have seeped into the fibres of the etheric field around Mother Earth. She will connect with her cosmic counterpart resulting in a tangible experience of the God and Goddess energy on Earth as it is in the higher realms of expression, and it is at that time that the union between myself, Mary Magdalene and that of Master Jesus will be accepted as a reality. It will be integrated into the hearts of many human beings. When the realisation and acceptance of our Sacred Union comes into physical being you will weep with joy because you will know inside of yourself, without a shadow of a doubt, why you have gone through what you have. You will understand the transformations that have come, and that will come, and why you were lead in the direction you were lead in.

This is an extension of the energies that have been anchored regarding relationships and why many karmic relationships are reaching the end of their cycles. At this time humanity has been given the great opportunity to merge with Sacred Love, to open their hearts and accept Sacred Love, to release the belief that Sacred Love is an illusion eluding those who desire it very deeply. It does not mean that all of you will be separated from your partner, for some you will, for others, if you are with your Cosmic Counterpart that energy will manifest as a new dynamic within your relationship. What’s most important is that you surrender to this time, trusting in passion, believing in the light the Fire of your Soul presents to you showing you the pathway to emotional freedom, spiritual freedom, freedom of the mind, and freedom of the self to be Divinely, passionately and blissfully happy. Be grateful for the life you live.
Hold these thoughts, visualise the image of being blissfully happy, fulfilled, transformed in whichever way you choose, and as you bring this to life from inside of you it comes to life outside of you. Within the next 8 years a much greater love will exist on your planet. You will be experiencing it in yourself, and if your Cosmic Counterpart is not in a physical body, that aspect will bring to you a love representing what you deserve.

I trust my transmission has brought you greater insight and deeper understanding of what the Fire of Passion represents, and trust that you have within you the inspiration to be motivated by this passion and trust in the Fire of your Soul to guide you in the direction of your truth. Embrace all your senses, allow them to work for you, to work with you and experience the powers within your senses to create in Divine alignment with the Sacredness

of Infinite Source. I leave you with the Flame of your Soul fully ignited and burning brightly. This light is always strong enough to reveal to you the pathway of truth; the pathway of least resistance so as to manifest Divine Order.
I am Mary Magdalene, Goddess of Goddesses. I share my love with you. Go in peace.