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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Excerpt "Lord Kuthumi - 8:8:8 Lion’s Gate Prosperity Christ Grids Anchoring" Channelling - through Michelle Manders

"The energies we bring you today will begin the process of assisting you in addressing your addictions. The Solar Feminine energy is a Fire Energy, burning through the veils of illusion holding you in addictive patterns that trap you in spirals which take you in and out in a horizontal dimensional direction, rather than the vertical spiral. What I mean by this is, you move up and down through processes. However, often you find yourself dealing with a similar process, and it feels as if you are moving sideways or backwards rather than forward. The horizontal dimensions are linked to many of the parallel and alternate systems of your creation, and when you are dealing with issues that pull your energy horizontally, you are clearing the process being played out by your present self and those in alternate or parallel lifetimes. This means you, as the head aspect of your soul group, is carrying a burden, so to speak, of all those aspects of self and you are feeling the weight – literally in some instances – of what is being cleared. Today’s activation accelerates the rate at which horizontal processing can take place, and yes, maybe you will have to get horizontal to clear it! But know that in your sleep state; your rest state, much can be done, therefore, it is vital you listen to the body’s needs. 

Your addictions are many. The 8:8:8 Lions Gate energy, and the Solar Flare of the Divine Feminine are a great blessing in accelerating the clearing of your addictions. Some of these addictions you may already be conscious of, but many of these addictions you do not even know you have. You may be addicted to fear, stress and anxiety. You may be addicted to lack and loss. You may be addicted to sabotaging yourself, self-hate, criticism, or judgement. You may be saying to yourself, “Now Kuthumi, what did you have for breakfast this morning!” for you sound delusional (laughter). For if you have lived a life and you have experienced lack in any form, it is what your body knows subconsciously and cellularly, it is what you know, even though it hurts you, it may be difficult to give it up, because what will you replace it with? What will take the place of that familiar feeling that you have learned to live with, that you in fact thrive on?

Your anxiety, your fear, diseases, insecurities, and wounds make you feel alive. They remind you that you deserve to live, your anxieties keep you going, your fears, your stress keeps you going, because that is what you were programmed with as being your motivating force. How many of you were taught that each day when you open your eyes to greet the sun is an opportunity to create Heaven on Earth? That you have the power to manifest greatness, to change the lives of people for the positive, to make a positive difference in the world? How many of you were taught this?

This is why it is so important that you be supported in creating a new system from which you draw your motivation. This motivation is love. Now I speak not of the love you have been taught is love. Believe me, true love is nowhere near what you have been taught. True love is the feeling you have in your heart when you are truly happy, when you look at your children if you have any, and you feel the joy and gratitude of being a parent. When you help someone in need, the joy and gratitude you feel because you were able to just be, give and do unconditionally. The love you feel when you look into the eyes of someone and your souls connect on all levels and you feel you are transported to another dimension and everything around you disappears because you recognize one another, you recognize the love you are created from and will share together. The deep inner recognition of one another motivates you to move in the direction of being together and exploring love even further. This is only an iota of the true essence of love.

Your creative spark is the creative spark inside of you which ignites the crown chakra, opening it as a portal to receive the divine inspiration and love motivation which comes from the source of all life. The 12 new Christ Grids embody these energies. You are linked to them and are a part of the maintenance of these Grids. Today, the Great Brotherhood of the Light will activate a unique 888 Christ grid inside of you, linking you to the 12 grids, in other words, the 12 new Lions Gate portals. It will activate your solar chakra, in other words your solar flare that shall keep the crown chakra active. This is a doorway in the higher worlds, and opens your energy into all the higher dimensional chakras you embody." Excerpt "Lord Kuthumi - 8:8:8 Lion’s Gate Prosperity Christ Grids Anchoring" Channelling - through Michelle Manders in Johannesburg, SA.