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Monday, June 4, 2012

Esoteric Meaning of The Venus Transit

لحب- Thank you for everything. ا ِحّباء

Every 120 years or so a dark spot glides across the Sun. Small, inky-black, almost perfectly circular, it's no ordinary sunspot. - NASA Science News

We are now on the eve of the second transit of a pair, after which there will be no other till the twenty-first century of our era has dawned upon the earth, and the June flowers are blooming in 2004 (and 2012). When the last transit season occurred the intellectual world was awakening from the slumber of ages, and that wondrous scientific activity which has led to our present advanced knowledge was just beginning. What will be the state of science when the next transit season arrives? God only knows. Not even our children's children will live to take part in the astronomy of that day. As for ourselves, we have to do with the present. - William Harkness, U.S. Naval Observatory 1882

Venus Transit 2004
Transits of Venus are among the rarest of all predictable astronomical events, happening only four times every 243 years. Careful observation of Transits of Venus in 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, and 1882 allowed the first reliable determination of the distance from the Earth to the Sun, and consequently of the scale of our Solar System. Imagine a scientific experiment that required 243 years and several generations of dedicated astronomers to complete! There is no story quite like it in the history of science. - The Old Farmer's Almanac

So, what IS the Venus Transit? A transit occurs when a planet passes between the Sun and Earth, so that we can see the planet's silhouette move across the face of the Sun.

Simply put, Venus will *eclipse* (or move in front of) the Sun but will not cover it. It is not the same as the rhythmic (4-7 per year) eclipse dance between Sun and Moon which we witness here on earth, since Venus is so much smaller than the Sun. There is no blotting out of one light by the other, and Venus is not absorbed by the sun; nor is the sun greatly changed by Venus' journey. Instead she walks through the fire, withstands the flares of intense heat and perhaps picks up the torch and carries it on in her olympic orbit for the next 100+ years. Perhaps she hits a reset button in her own evolutionary journey, signaling us to do the same. For certain, she acts as a transmitter of photonic information for any listening ear on Earth.

THE SUN drives our system and we only exist because of its LIGHT. This is our ultimate goal, enlightenment. The Sun is a furnace of Light and Information that is communicated in photonic flares, blasts that enter Earth's atmosphere, the etheric grid of the planet, our auras and our very cells. The photons transmit molecules of light that re-program and renew us at the atomic level. The Sun is a nuclear furnace. Nuclear energy fuels evolution via mutation.

In the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom via esoteric spiritual philosophy, it is said that VENUS has already achieved *SACRED STATUS* i.e. she has taken a key step in her own Ascension process toward Higher Consciousness. She has taken Initiation and increased her Light Quotient sufficiently to shed her 'personality self'" - the same goal that we humans seek.

There are four planets in our solar system that have not achieved Sacred Status: EARTH (polarity)MARS (aggression) PLUTO (death) and THE MOON (glamorous emotion). (Note: the Moon is not a planet but is considered so for these purposes.) It is said that Earth is next in taking Initiation into Sacred Status. Venus, our sister planet, leads the way, giving even more loaded meaning to the celestial phenomenon of her walk across the Sun.

The issues associated with each of the planets striving for Sacred Status are the issues that Venus can help us with at this time with even greater vigor. These issues - polarity, aggression, death and glamorous emotion - reveal the crux of the matter: THE DARK HAS NOT YET BEEN INTEGRATED IN THIS SOLAR SYSTEM.

The Venus Transit is by its very nature an experience of the Divine Feminine. However, the Transit is in the sign of Gemini, which is androgynous. So the Venus Transit Divine Feminine event is not overly yin and it is not overly yang - it is balanced and light in its expression, which is precisely what we need to be. The Feminine side of polarity is brought forward FOR THE ONLY REASON that it must be brought into balance with the masculine, wrung free of emotional glamour and used to end war and suffering.

Postscript: Neptune in Pisces - an energy of Pure Spirit which can be distorted by emotional glamour OR can create a profound Spiritual Awakening of Compassion - is standing still in the sky (not really, but it looks that way from earth). It is stationing to turn retrograde i.e. move backward. The exact moment of its pause will occur within 24 hours of The Venus Transit. Spirit hovers, offering a peaceful solution.