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Saturday, June 16, 2012

THE DIVINE MOTHER & MASTER KUTHUMI 4th Chakra (Heart) Androgyny Grid" through Michelle Manders at Avebury Stone Circle, England.

"Your heart chakra symbolises space within your life - every space you find yourself within. How much room do you give your Self to breathe? How much room, or space, do you give others to breathe? Is the Love within you stifled? Have you felt smothered, suffocating from the density of that which no longer serves the higher purpose of your plan?

Today’s blessing is bringing you the gift of recognising the density that numbs your heart to the light of your Twin Flame. The Twin Flames of Passion have been secured within the solar plexus chakra. This consciousness is drawn up into the heart - the bridge between the perceived upper worlds and lower worlds. The bridge between your Earth self and your Higher Self.

When the heart does not feel, when it is closed, numb, and blackened by the absence of love within the consciousness of humanity, the bridge between the two worlds does not function. And when the bridge does not function, you are unable to cross between the two worlds to successfully integrate that which your Higher Self presents you in the form of spiritual journeys, spiritual lessons, which are required to be mastered within your physical reality so that you can move into the next level of understanding the higher plan of the Divine Plan.

The level at which humanity’s consciousness currently resides – and I speak now of the majority – has created a gate that will not open. A gate that has been tightly shut, not because it is locked, but because it has not been used. It is rusted. What ever you do not use becomes stagnant, and eventually turns to rot.

This is the awakening into the Higher Being of your Sacred Self. This is the opportunity to stand within the power presented by the Twin Flame of Androgyny and look into the eyes of your own soul and find the gaze of your sacred twin. It is through your own eyes that you will recognise this sacred twin - the other part of you that speaks the language encoded with the same vibration as yours. Soul signatures that mirror one another.

The Twin Flame of Androgyny Consciousness is one that opens thousands of inter-dimensional portals, as well as entrapped dimensional portals, birthing life on many new levels. These levels you, as yet, have not encountered. However, your time is very near.

You have responded to the call of every aspect of your Self requiring your co-operation so that the Golden Bridge between the worlds of Heaven and Earth can be re-united and the Unity Consciousness of the Sacred Twin Flame can return to earth, embodying the full sacred vibration that was emitted through the Divine Grids of Androgyny Consciousness which were carried within the Sacred Chalice of the One you know as Yeshua, and the One whom you know as Mary Magdalene.

This Combined Presence is affording humanity an opportunity – a window of opportunity – to open the heart and to receive. To open the heart and embrace your Divine Right to Love and Be Loved."

Excerpt "THE DIVINE MOTHER & MASTER KUTHUMI 4th Chakra (Heart) Androgyny Grid" through Michelle Manders at Avebury Stone Circle, England.