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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ascension of Self in Simplicity - PART 1 - by Alina

( The e-book you are about to read was written by 'Ambika' in the summer of 2009. For those who don't know: Ambika was the name I chose to carry back then.

It was a different name from the name I had used as the personality before I was on my path of Ascension of Self, which I started around the end of 2007. It helped me to get more disidentified with who I thought I was. It assisted me to start freeing myself from mind, personality and programming.

In these 3 years reality has shifted and expanded exponentially and the being that was Ambika is not even to be recognized any more in my expression of the now, which is called Alina.

I am choosing to release this book under Ambika’s name and leave it in its original state. More of the personal path will be shared and then we’ll go all the way up to 2012. This book is meant to bring out the information that has helped so many people and has helped me to get where I am now. This book is meant to be a potential gateway to truth and freedom for whomever chooses it to be so.

It will be released in parts. Once it is complete, we will probably offer it as a free e-book on, the virtual home in my heart.

It is my wish that you will enjoy reading it.

In love & joy,



This is a free document written in passion:

Share it where ever it feels true to your heart. Thank you for being a bridge.

It is my wish that you choose to start seeing A HIGHER TRUTH because of reading my story. It is my wish that you start to choose BEAUTY because of it. My life – because of this higher truth – has drastically changed into a universe of so much love, so much joy, so much freedom, beauty and magnificence. While knowing I have hardly scratched the surface, there is so much more beauty that I will grow into, that I will start to choose into my life, that my heart so wishes to share this with as many as possible, maybe providing a bridge into this Universe of Magnificence for them as well.
I am grateful for all of the Ones that have been, and still are, teaching me. I am so grateful going through planetary ascension with so many of you, and grateful for the things we share, at the same time realising you are all me.
I remain in Deep LOVE,
Ambika Suraya

Summer 2009



Thanks to my deep soul connection with David Dubie (the original channel for the imzaia material) since 2005, who left and made room for the walk-in of 'Jeshua' in 2007 and later on, in 2009, Quan Yin - a process that you can read more abouthere - I have been in close physical connection with Ascended Masters on this side of the veil for eight years now. Through the channelings of the imzaia material, I have also been in a very intense connection and tuition with our friends, the Ascended Masters who we often believe to be in heaven or 'on the other side of the veil.'

I have had the honour of hearing their words over and over again and only now I am starting to get what they truly mean! I am beginning to experience the magnificent truth of what they and many grand teachers before them have been talking about.

I also know that I have chosen to be a bridge for people to help them GET IT too.

So here we are.

I will give my heart and joy in creating this document to make this TRUTH – this Magnificent way of Expressing and Experiencing Life – known to as many as possible, to translate it into words that might be a bridge into your heart and therefore be a portal for you to step into this Beautiful Experience of Life alongside me and, eventually, everyone else.

These words are for you if you feel in your heart that there should be something more, that life should be about more depth, more love, more joy and more freedom but you don't really know how you can get there. This book is also for those who have been walking this path of growth and ascension for a while. It might bring some further inspiration. 
The feelings that I will share throughout these pages however, I dedicate to you, if you have seen a loved one make choices that took him or her on to the path of soul ascension, choices that might have taken them in to a different direction than the one you are choosing for. If this is you, then I hope this book will be able to help you in trying to understand why someone would choose for a drastic change such as ascension, what he or she is doing and why they are feeling the need to do so.

I truly wish that you will somehow recognise it so that you too can continue onward and upward with your life. You will know then that LOVE just is - and that it never has been different, not even in the times that seemed so challenging for you. You might even recognise that the exact same desire and knowingness has always been in your heart, so that for you too this might be a portal into that magnificent state of BEING that is humanity's natural evolution called ascension.

Just allow yourself to go with the words even if at some moments you feel it makes no sense. Allow yourself to at least do that. What can you lose? And just imagine that there is a chance that all this really would be true, that it truly would be possible to live in paradise right now.

Would you want to miss that opportunity?

Enjoy your adventure!



In the beginning there is Energy, let's call it SPIRIT or GOD. It just IS and wants to understand Itself.
The question arises:

Just to fully be able to experience the scope of all this: ... remember my story, deep down, is about YOU. You are this SPIRIT, this GOD. This is your story! We are marking your early Beginnings.

So you decide to start an experience, a game, you divide yourself into an infinity of particles, all as grand and as big as YOU – SPIRIT – GOD, exploring who you are in infinite variety in order to play the game to the fullest. All of this knowingness of you being SPIRIT or GOD, the knowingness that you just divided yourself but still are as ONE as you have always been, that all the different parts on its own are still as grand as the whole, all this knowingness is seemingly forgotten. So here we are in this field of experience, all in a different outfit, your body still ONE but not realising that yet, constantly interacting with self, but not realising that yet.

In order to know light you have to know darkness. Without darkness you would not know light.
So in order to know who you are you first have to explore who you are not.

That is exactly what we did and it is why we are here right now. Once the continent that is called Atlantis came to an end, even our biological essence (a totality of 144 strands of DNA) was changed into a very limited version of itself (only 2 DNA strands left, the biological ones, the ones connected to the mind).

You kept coming back, every time again, because this field of experience provides a beauty that can only be felt and held when in human form: the sensing, the seeing, the hearing, the smelling. We cherish it because we – YOU – GOD – SPIRIT – are in love with LIFE , in love with the magic of having a physical body, and so in love with Love.

The diminishing of our being because of these missing DNA strands is something we created to cut ourselves off even more from the knowingness of ONENESS and we started playing around with limited mind frequencies. We started thinking, literally and fully forgetting about the ONENESS. We forgot about the LOVE that JUST IS. We created personalities and many attitudes, a harness of layers which we took on to not get hurt, to survive the apparent frailty of physical existence.

Our personalities then created our ego, an even more obvious concept of masks, protecting the self, often to a very strange and illogical degree: I can only be good, when someone else is less. Over time, life became a struggle of being better than others in a desperate attempt to be loved.

We made ourselves believe we had to deserve love, to be a certain way in order to gain love. We could lose someone's love and we didn't find the love inside anymore. Countless situations came down to a struggle to be loved and in struggling, we dishonoured the Self, dishonoured what we felt inside. We adapted ourselves, our personalities, to what others expected, not because you were just acting from self, but because you were always re-acting to others around you. In doing so, we even forgot that the personality is not who we are. We fully identified with it.

There might have been moments where you truly felt love and felt loved, and that is beautiful, that is what kept you going, but very quickly this feeling turned into a need for this love, a fear of losing it with all the complications of distrust, jealousy, claiming... the list of all these emotions that intoxicated the feeling of pure love is almost endless.

We made ourselves do divided that we no longer loved ourselves and had to get love from the outside, it was a need to fulfill ourselves. If you ARE LOVE from within, filled with love for SELF and all that is SELF anyway, you don't 'need' love from outside of you. If the frequency of need enters love, love cannot just be, but is a tool of pushing and pulling, constantly in imbalance, constantly a struggle.

Many people these days, also those who are not so-called spiritual at all, have been starting to feel an emptiness. Life has lost its glory and has become a sequence of problems and too many responsibilities.