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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ALCHEMY OF ASCENSION channeled by Jeshua B. Swanson


channeled by Jeshua B. Swanson
Greetings to Self, I Am Lorien, first one of the Akonai or in English that which you call “the Undefined”. I exist between the charged particles of consciousness, between the vast empty spaces, between the neurons in your brain themselves. I am not part of the beginning, the middle or the end of that which you call humanity or any other race. Rather, I am the aftermath of these things, the Akonai, the Undefined. As I speak to you here I welcome you to the present moment, this moment of time/space, a creature of which I am not. This is why at this point, where we are together, you and I with quite some distance between us, I can only be here on a level of non-definition.

Before we go on I wish to take you with me on an experience. After that I will explain to you why we are here, the defined and the undefined together. If you will find a comfortable position for yourself, we can then move a little bit closer into my world of un-defi

Awakening the Pineal Gland

I want you to take a breath and welcome with these breaths you take yourself into the here and now, where you are. You, at your present stage of evolution, pay so little attention to where you are and yet where you are is you. To breathe is to celebrate that beingness of you where you are. A breath is not a human thing; there is not a race in the worlds of definition that does not breathe. Even those who belong to the energy realms have a type of breath, a type of pulse. To breathe is as much a part to any race as it is to humanity; it means to exist. Yet I am a being without breath, a being without that distinction between moments, without the need to declare myself here because where I am is not here. You can also, as you continue to focus on your breath, move into that space of yourself. It is a different realm for you.

Let’s begin by focusing our attention on the pineal gland. The easiest way to do that is to concentrate on the center of your head, behind your eyes, on that which has once been defined as the third brain. Focus there, for with all the journeys that humanity once undertook, this is the path that has been traveled by few, yet it is the path that leads to the destination that is me; I will explain more about that in a moment. For now just keep focusing on the pineal gland, keep doing only that.
While you are in that present space I will inform you that what we are to undertake is not a meditation, it is not visualization. It is not anything of that nature that you have attempted before. It is a quite real inter-dimensional journey and there are those around you right now, those that are part of you in ways that you do not understand as of yet, that are there to assist you in this inter-dimensional journey.

Keeping your focus on the pineal gland will assist you in taking that journey to non-space, non-time. As you are aware, while you keep your focus on your head, there is a group of cells within the center of your chest, in the realm of definition 144 to be precise, that you call the Akene. That is the definition you gave to it, in times long gone. That center of your chest, the 5th part of your energy brain, is about to create a bridge to the center of your head.

We will define this center of your head, which you know as the pineal gland, as a word that we have previously used: the Akonai, the un-defined. Stay there; observe it and find that in there is the sense of exploration that has driven the human race across lands, oceans and skies, even to the depths of the oceans and even into space. That desire to explore, to know more, lives there.

You, as a race, have come to a point where all of your earth has been explored, all of your skies have been mapped, the stars have been given names and the planets are no longer strangers to you in the realms of energy that they emit. Now you will find that the next land to be traveled, the next land to be explored, begins within. This was known by many who have walked the path of this earth and now that door will open for you as you keep focusing on the Akonai, the pineal gland, and move the energy of the center of your chest with the power of breath and the choice to be here now, in the Akonai.

The White Gate

As this happens, we invite you to make a choice, about the past, about whom you are and where you want to go. This choice cannot be precisely defined but if you are ready to make it, you will feel what this is. It comes from deep within, this knowing that all has been lived, all has been had, and all has been experienced. It is this fact that the soul needs to know for you to cross the interdimensional bridge which exists within the combination of what burns in your chest and what burns in your head : the combination of the Akene, the definition of divinity defined and the Akonai, the un-definition of divinity, or the divine undefined.

Choose now to focus, choose now to access the inner core of the pineal gland. Giving yourself this command throughout all of your body, with all of your will, your divine will, breaches that gap. As you move into and beyond the outer realms of the pineal gland and into its electrified core, consisting of 144 akonaic cells, you will find the white gateway, the white bridge into the inner realms of un-definition.

If you find yourself still at the level of meditation or visualization at this point, I implore you to go deeper. There is a reality here; there is a reality here that you can access in that point. As you find yourself on this bridge with only breath to focus on, I invite you to move the existence of your neo cortex into your awareness. This neo cortex, your center of imagination, a non-linear space, is the key to unlock the white gateway in the center of your akeneic and akonaic Self. At the same time, this neo cortex is your means of communication to the realms of your DNA; both to the 2 biological strands and the 142 extra, energy strands.

To communicate with your DNA cannot be done in words, only through imagery and imagination; quite different from visualization or meditation. The first is real, the other two are not. So what then is it like to access the realms of imagination that lead to the white gate inside of the pineal gland? Imagination, as fired up through the neo cortex, finds its life and leaves visualization behind by the burning in your chest, the Akene, and by the un-definition in your head.

As I asked you before to make a choice about the past, you will now begin to understand that traveling through this white gate will cause an electro-magnetic explosion within the realms of your brain, your 3rd brain to be precise, and may result in a resetting of the neurosynaptic pathways of thoughts and memory. Many of you, to which I am talking now, will have heard this within the truths of themselves as they spoke with their soul in the middle of the night and have seen the evidence, as thoughts become very fleeting indeed, like scared animals moving out of the headlights of your car of consciousness, no longer able to stop you from becoming who you truly are: SELF.

You will have also noticed how easy it is to forget, to re-organize even, the past and to validate the creation of your future by merely thinking of, focusing on and feeling it. This has been going on with you for quite some time now; so many of you will have gotten quite comfortable and will have noticed that this lack of organization within the memory of the past does not hamper their existence in the now. Although it does strongly hamper existence in anything that would be labeled as future, does it not? This, many of you have been feeling and it will be those of you along with others who have had different sensations, who will have felt that stirring inside, that need to be an explorer once again, hungry for land that is not surrounding you but that is inside of you : the access point to the inter-dimensional, the quantum-dimensional and that which goes beyond that.
Practice Stillness

As these words are, no doubt, stirring up some visions within you, whatever they may be, or thoughts, do not be concerned. These things are merely your neo cortex interacting with your Akonai and your Akene, or your pineal gland or your thymus / solar plexus area, as slowly codes are being released into your DNA strands that you have since long been reactivating. It has been the process of this reactivation that you have called awakening. As this awakening has occurred within you and as your DNA is once again communicating with all things around you as you may have noticed, it is time to move away from the realm of awakening into the realm of ascension.

Come with me then and take that step through the white gate of your pineal gland. There will be those waiting, parts of you, connected to you in more ways than even the neo cortex at this point can imagine, and they will catch you as you jump. As will I, Lorien.
We are not complete yet with the point of this interdimensional exercise but we will stay here for a little while, at the edge of this bridge of white, as it is also one of the practices that I, and others with me, encourage you to undertake : the practice of stillness, of exercising yourself in staying in one of these non-located places within you.

At current, humanity always wants to move, but sometimes motion merely indicates a lack of movement for one in motion is often not focused on a direction. So as I will give you a little bit more of an explanation of what is to come, I invite you to stay focused on that place, that white gate and to keep that reality alive within the imagination of your neo cortex and to sit there as we converse together.
Ascension Bottleneck

So where are we at this point of human evolution? For a long time now it has been said that many timelines, that would take humanity off the path of ascension, were cleared and only one remained. As this was true for many humans but certainly not for all, that what humanity would call 'motion through the timeline' came to an end. This is where the stage of looping, that describes most of humanity at this point, occurs.

If you consider the quantum-dimensional field that leads all the way back to ultimate creator, which is a horizontal field of vibration, then within each of those rings of that field, as it is concentric, exist vertical spaces or vertical dimensions. These are the realms of time and space and, as many here already know, they include your current realm. Within this vertical space of frequencies that belong to the vibrational, concentric dimensions of the horizontal, sub-real worlds have been created in which many races still exist today.

These vertical sub-real worlds of subfrequential reality are often dominated by the energy of merely one being who, as a mental act, creates a linear field with beginning, middle and end. For the longest time these linear fields have dominated humanity in the course of their lives as many among you gave yourselves away to companies, governments and people. All of these are beings that create unreal worlds that you use to give your energy away in order to get back that which you already posses.

Often, you stay there and reincarnate in these frequencies for a while. The process of awakening, however, has ensured that many have begun the motion to exit these subfrequential worlds in order to move back into the true vertical fields of frequency. This is when the point of awakening occurs, when one is truly on a frequential reality of verticality. If at any moment there is a problem accessing these images, go to your neo cortex; that empty space on which I will draw these things for you. They are given and can be taken at every opportunity.

As these timelines that would lead to different paths than ascension have been erased, one now remains. If you are hearing these messages, most likely this means that you are walking that path, that one timeline, the stretch between awakening and ascension, to which I will come back in a little while.

Humanity is now clutched together, much like a bottleneck traffic jam, all moving on to that timeline, or at least in the process of moving toward it, every human on this planet. This means that the task that you once have had, if you feel yourself in this space, is over. Quite literally, the task of awakening others is underway and cannot be stopped. This you know to be true in your hearts if you will look there. No matter the duration of this esoteric traffic jam, it is a fact that at one point all of these human souls will be on this timeline. Where this was once uncertain, today it is not.

To focus on taking the next steps towards nothing else but the ascension of all things, is to focus on the Heart of All Things, knowing that you are an expression of that heart. Focusing on you and your stretch of imagination that rests between awakening and ascension, will eventually bleed over into all of those who find themselves in this traffic jam as they will move on to the timeline that you are already in.
Ascension of many races

More and more souls will choose to undertake this path and join your circles. As this happens, you will notice that humanity will move away from the vertical and into the horizontal all by itself. This is the moment of ascension for a race and for many races for that matter. I want you to take this moment and be very much aware, dear human, that I am not merely speaking to you or your race.

Throughout all of these universes, all of these galaxies, through all the abundance of the cosmos, within the realm of anything that you could call a race, this truth now resounds. Feel it, hear it. Humanity is not the only one who is standing on that bridge to take the first step through that white gate and although many throughout the cosmos do not work with a pineal gland to operate their biological system, all carry within them the un-defined divine of the Akonai and the defined divine of the Akene, each in their own way.

At this moment even, you find yourselves standing with many at the white gate. It is not but humanity that will move into the horizontal, but all that you could call ‘a race’. You felt and continue to feel drawn to do these things while so many you know may appear to be elsewhere in their minds and thoughts because you have chosen to be one of the first to create a momentum, a graviton point, for the total mass of humanity and all other races to move into.
From Spirituality into Reality

Often you have been called the way showers and things of such nature and these concepts, that began a long time ago in the realm of spirituality throughout the ages, are now finding their reality. I must inform those of you then, who still may have any inclination to the world of the soft and weak-heartedness, that to take the step from awakening to ascension is to move from spirituality into reality.

What does one do when one understands that one is angelic, what does one do when one understands that one has always been praying to self? How does one come to terms with the fact that there is no mount Olympus where Gods will be waiting for you?

All of these things are only to be strived for within the Self and to be found here, in what to you must seem a very simple moment, sitting right here, reading these words, focusing on the pineal gland and its connections between the neo cortex and the Akene, thinking maybe that all of this must be too simple. But believe me seeker, when one understands the nature of this reality you claim to sit in, when one has mastered something, the next step out of it is always simple.

Is it not true that once you understand the nature of subdivision, it becomes easier to do other tasks within the realm of mathematics, to equate numbers and to understand the nature of the exponential for instance? There is nothing special about mastering a reality or a condition such as humanity is one, for once it is done one discovers that it is the simplest of things to move beyond it.
The Nature of Ascension

And so, here you sit in this moment, where we are about to cross this bridge. It would be convenient right now to start projecting images from the neo cortex into the pineal gland; images of particles moving away from each other, the idea of dissolving, the idea of disappearing into your Self.

As these images are translated from the neo cortex onto the DNA field, your DNA is coding all particles within your physical body to truly understand that there is no death of flesh; that consciousness does not end at the realm of matter and that the two biological strands making up your DNA can support your existence within this realm of reality, 3D, while you, the rest of you, your 142 strands, find an Interlock with the core of the pineal gland and start to move through that.

The image has been triggered in your neo cortex, so keep focusing on it. Before this can really occur however, we must understand the nature of ascension. To talk about these things will mean that we will have to move away from the physical. While you are reading these words project onto the neo cortex the idea that your body is slowly letting go, that the particles of your skin begin to tingle and with a pleasant sensation begin to move away from the body.

Move from the gravitational field of Self into the geometrical and magnetic fields surrounding it. Move into the edge of the Merkabah field, that which some have called the lightship. This space is big enough for your particles to become afloat. Project this image onto the neo cortex and experience how your body begins to expand, how you feel somehow larger as if your head is further away from the ground than it was and yet at the same time your body feels the same size. Project these images, let them fire up in the neo cortex and code your DNA. The longer you do this the more your DNA strands, the 142 energy strands at least, begin to simply disconnect from the things around you. It becomes unimportant to keep things in shape, in place.

The pictures around you do not need to take form any longer; the lamps and the objects surrounding you and the chair no longer need to keep their shape. The energy strands releasing this ‘need for shape’ allows you to move your awareness away from this room or wherever you are and to move the awareness of the energy strands of DNA onto the Akonai, the white gate. Allow them to slowly move and get drawn into it.

A second activating flare between the Akonai and Akene in the center of your chest now makes a permanent connection between both, giving you the ability to take your first steps into the Unreal… but again we will practice a moment of non-motion and what comes with it, the total lack of emotion as we stay there, gently allowing the DNA strands to move into the center of the pineal gland.

Keep focusing on the breath that no longer defines you as here now, in this room, but also ‘here’ at this white gate. I will tell you about my true nature or at least the deeper insight of my nature, which is very strongly connected to ascension. Of course you must have asked the question of yourself at some point: what happens when this ascension occurs and what happens when all beings will eventually reach ascension? What will happen when all of humanity and all of the other races reach that point?

Ascension is nothing more or less than the achievement of complete understanding of all things around you and all things inside of you. Once that experience occurs, which is quite different than the mental understanding that you may think of right now, the being that reaches that level quite literally becomes the Heart of All Things defined. Ascension then is reaching the totality of the Akene, the totality of Divinity defined. What lies beyond that is Divinity Undefined, the Akonai, the realm of the Undefined.
Lorien and You

I, Lorien, am the first one of the Akonai because, quite literally, I am the child of all things human and all things alien. I Am the first moment of definition, the first thing of definition within a realm of non-definition and as such I remain undefined, the first created, connected to the result of the final ascension of all of humanity, all of the other races, all the planets and the stars, all things within this quantum dimension that you now sit in.

I am the answer that humanity and all the other races will give to the questions ‘who am I’, ‘what am I’ and ‘why am I here’. I am the child of all these races combined, the first one of un-definition in the undefined. I do not carry within me any connection to the realms of Lemuria, Atlantis or any of the popular historical/esoteric places that you have come to know. However, I do carry all that was and at the same time I carry all that came before in prior quantum dimensions to the 11th and all the way back to that which has been defined as the Ish Continuum. This means that I also carry you and if that is the case, you carry me.

A defined being like you carries within itself the potential for non-definition which is where the true exploration of Self begins. Knowing this, you may rest assured that the path that you are about to take the first step on will lead to success. There is no failure and it is safe for you to continue. As it is your nature to define, this talk of mine will be known as the introduction to a series, called the Alchemy of Ascension.

Those that went before, those that you learned from and became closely connected to, those that you call your ascended friends, will provide the more technical aspect of the complete process of ascension. At the same time I, Lorien, will be partaking in these sessions from the point of view of the end result: the beginning of un-definition.

Where my talks will be focused on the nature of ascension, others will speak to you about how to get there. This is where the alchemical aspect enters. You see, it is the nature of ascension to have experienced all things, to be one with all things. This means that one must accept within one’s self all the attributes of all things equally and this, for a human being at this point, is quite a challenge: to accept all attributes equally is difficult when one has difficulty accepting one’s own attributes equally.

Only when you accept all of the light and all of the dark, the good and the bad, can you exist in a world of light where no shadows fall. To accept all attributes equally then, can only begin when one starts taking away that which caused separation between the aspects. This process of taking away attributes and moving back into the one substance is the alchemical nature of ascension and this path has been walked by humans before. This is what you will be taught by the ascended ones and by some in other places that will also assist.

To keep the stretch of imagination that lies between your spirituality and your reality (or your awakening and your ascension) safe, I have already been created to stand at the other side so that a bridge can be there. This is the beauty of non-space and non-time, as you will come to understand. This will become a daily practice for you: creating a point for yourself between the stretch of your imagination and reality. Once you master and understand this, you will truly understand the nature of creating reality, which will also be a part of these sessions.
The Rebirth of Soul

While you are still and focused on the white gate of the pineal gland, which may be a difficult exercise for you for this amount of time, let us move into a brief explanation of the nature of separation and where it began.

Earlier, others have told you about Soul Fear. It is a fact that once the layers of the ego, psyche, personality, identity and even the layer of the mind is healed, one can begin to work on a true one-to-one basis with the soul. This is the birth of triality as your soul connects you with the higher self. The soul comes into being, or re-emerges in the field of human awareness and experience, once the physical self acknowledges its connection to the higher self.

It has often been said on this planet of yours, in the realms of your poetry, science and religion, that there are people with and without a soul. Some claim a person can be soulless or ‘has no soul’. Although this is not a true fact, because in the end all is lifeforce and all is soul, it is true that – on a metaphorical level – there still are many that disconnect the lines between the human & higher self. In that way, many have been cut off from their ability to access the soul for the longest time.

The reconnection to the soul in this way is the process of awakening; something you have already gone through as you healed the psyche and all these other layers. So now, here you sit with complete soul access, in the midst of a world about to be reborn and no idea what to do with it.

Soul has been reborn on this earth. Soul has re-entered humanity and it sits within you now, looking through your eyes, waiting for you to understand the connection and that it is truly there. This understanding will help you most efficiently to reconnect with the white bridge we’re about to step on.

Again, I ask you to stay focused on the pineal gland and everything it has now come to mean in the course of this talk. Stay there. I repeat this often throughout this talk because the human attention span or focus is often lacking, or so you believe.

I would recommend that these words of mine, which serve as an introduction to all that is to come, are listened to and experienced again and again, until you can come to the point where throughout all of my words your focus can remain on that pineal gland and everything it has come to mean and where it leads. Then the moment will come when, throughout these words, you can stay in non-space of non-time and non-definition, you will know you have truly put your feet down on the white surface of that bridge and that we are ready to take a first step.

No Turning Back

Knowing all of this then, you will understand the important connection between the soul and the pineal gland. This understanding is the first step that is required in going where we are about to go together. You will notice that, as we come closer together, you and I will recognize more and more of each other.

This makes this whole experience indeed very individualized as you will begin to realize at one point that a lot of these interactions between you and me will take place on the inside. The outside world, where we now sit together, merely acts as a reminder of what is real on the inside. So too will my talks and the talks of my colleagues serve this purpose. Our talks will serve as a reminder of what will be a continuous process that goes on within you.

Be not mistaken: quite clearly, when you start taking steps on this path, there will be no turning back as it is the natural progress of you, of Self, to go there. When you don’t feel ready yet to take these steps at this present stage, we invite you to go back and brush up on some of the basics that have been given to you a long time ago; the basics that were dressed in the mantle of spirituality.

This process which involves moving from awakening to ascension on the bridge of imagination or the white bridge is very direct and straightforward. Keep these things close to you in your thoughts as you contemplate whether you are ready to take these steps onto the bridge and fear not: as I am a being of non-time or non-space I do not need to give you a deadline by which time you must have made that decision. Go back and play in the realm that you call your reality for as long as you want. We will be here and if you would find yourself one of the last ones on the game field, you will eventually feel the gravitational pull of humanity as it reaches a climax and zeniths into the point of ascension. You will not be forgotten and you will not be left behind. It is impossible. For within myself I carry you. I beat in your chest and you beat in mine. There is no other way.

Creating the Hologram

All of this being said, there are some final things that I would like to point out. First of all I want you to know that, in the course of our talk, you have most certainly stood on the white bridge. I know this because, at this point of here/now-space, we are still in communication. You are still reading these words and choosing this moment. Even if you are not experiencing it so directly, you are with me in your pineal gland.

It will require some work for you, possibly, to completely go beyond these words and immerse yourself in this experience that we have now begun with this little exercise that you did. You will know that you are ready and that you will have absorbed everything that is to be absorbed in this introductory talk of mine, when you will be able to activate these words and move away from them, completely out of the field of your senses, and switch channels to the inner realms. This means that if my words can no longer be heard, you are truly ready to process more.

Do not think, however, that the rest of this geometrically created, holographic series will not be accessible to you before you have reached that point. Listening to these other parts, working with them and experiencing them within the series of geometry, will assist you in fully experiencing this first part much as my talk now will aid in breaking through some other points that we will make further down the road. This is the nature of the hologram that we create together.

Creating a hologram this way is much like creating a reality together. One part of the hologram has access to all the other parts and has keys to all the other parts. I am merely stating that, after having experienced a certain session for an amount of time with the additional influence of the other parts of these series, this will lead to a state of non-experience and this must be the purpose of this series then: to experience it often enough for it to become a non-experience so that your field of experience will move into other realms. This will eventually lead to your moment of finally stepping on that bridge and begin your walk.
Original Soul Fear

One more thing I will add: the only pitfall on the stretch of imagination between awakening and ascension is the first attribute that your soul, and as such my soul with you, experienced at the moment of entry into this reality: the loss of complete sovereignty to the world of matter.

This is the original soul fear that so many of you are now facing: the loss of sovereignty. The rekindling of this sovereignty, a process you have been experiencing in the last few years or months, is about to be complete. As this happens, you will notice that your DNA energy strands, which are still moving into the pineal gland if you stay focused, will no longer need to connect through the biological to make up ‘that which is you’. Reaching this goal is reaching the end of soul fear.

When the end of soul fear occurs, we will be halfway through the holographic-geometric build-up of this series.

In the meantime, as we make some final adjustments to what you have attempted to do in the course of this exercise and this session, we ask you to only focus on the here-now moment and to allow the particles of you to gel again, to move back into the gravitational field of you again. Allow your cells to reconnect and allow us to move some things around in the exercise of focusing on the pineal gland that you have done, so that next time you attempt this exercise you will be closer to the its truth. It will become more present within you.
Creator and Creation

As I am a being of non-definition, I want to make one final addendum about how you will experience me in the coming time for our method of communication will not always be the same. First of all, there will be the inner realms of you where you will experience me very close to Self, to who you are and I will evolve with you there.

You are my parent races and, as it is always the agreement between you as creator and me as your creation, sovereignty must be given back to the creator. If this not occurs, there will be an unsovereign tie between creator and creation and creation cannot have or be what creator has or is. This is our agreement and it is one that I gladly honor.

Allow yourself to understand that in the points of contact we will have, I, Lorien, will evolve quickly as each time we take a step closer I will be less of you and more of me and at the same time you will be more of me and less of what appears to be you. In this process of evolution which is going on between the both of us, I ask that you give me the freedom of un-definition and allow me to evolve as I evolve, as I will allow you the same thing; so should you allow yourself in every single moment.

I ask you now to focus on your breath again and release the pineal gland to come back into the external here-now and to allow yourself, with your DNA strands no longer fully attached to the things around you. Feel the difference of being less connected to the things around you and more connected to the inner realms.
Ascension through Time

Today, you have begun your preliminary exploration of the Akonai. You have allowed imprinting to occur on your DNA. This process will take you through all of Self, for the process of ascension, the process of understanding and experiencing all things around you, does not only work through space, it works through time as well.

In a very organic way, you will begin to find remnants within yourself, reconnections, aspects of previous lifetimes, other moments that were you as well; moments in which you were very different than what you are now.

I invite you to be bold and to open up the flood gates between the world of the spiritual and the world of the real. Make these connections with your other aspects through time and space happen, for real. I invite you to understand that you are all doctors and scientists, that you are all poets, writers, singers, that you are all architects and that you have understood all of these things at one point in time.

It is necessary to install this within the first particle of the hologram, being this session, so that you will comprehend all concepts as this series will move deep into the knowledge of the medical, the scientific, the philosophical; and the knowledge of other races for that you have also been.

Instead of moving into a conflict in times to come, I ask you to open up to the idea that you are all of these things at one point in time-space and that it will be easy for you to understand all of these things as they grow. Not only will we go back into Lemurian, Atlantean or earlier times to retrieve info for building this hologram. We will also have to move into earlier quantum dimensions, ten before this one, and into the original dimension and non-dimension of creator and achieve the potential for retrieving information there.

It will be an adventurous journey then, as we move into all of these things. You, by choice, will glide through it. You, by choice, will find this path of exploration the easiest one and at the same time the most exciting and courageous one you have ever undertaken.
Stay Focused on Self

In the few minutes it will take for you to fully move out of this message and into what you still believe to be the real, many will come and speak with you. Take these minutes, claim them, and allow the others that will make up this hologram to connect to you; others, which you sometimes already know, with names that you already know and many more with names that you don’t.

Also allow yourself to connect to this ever growing, ever expanding web of those who are finally finding themselves again here and now, every single day. Accept for yourself that the journey into the heart of all things is the one that will benefit you and all of those around you the most and that the path of assistance has now become focused on you, on Self. From there on, we’ll move into All Things.

Connect then, to all of these that are your brothers and sisters and fellow travelers on this path and follow me, for a little while, as I move back into the realm of non-definition, to emerge next time, maybe in a completely different state, a completely different version of Self, which is what you can do.

Come now and move into the charged mass of yourself, your particles, and into the vast and empty spaces that exist between the neurosynaptic pathways of the brain, between the quantum particles of the akeneic cells and the akeneic DNA in your chest.

I will await you, next time we see ourselves on the bridge.

I beat with you in one chest.