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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Active Preparation by Azlan White

MOON in deep water Scorpio SEXTILES MARS in sacred Virgo first thing this morning at 6:14 am pdt. We can surf this sacred action sextile all day long. There are no other aspects until MOON OPPOSES JUPITER early tomorrow morning, pre-dawn.

This is a preparation day, for the potent initiatory aspects we have coming! We are still between two eclipses, just a day away from the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE at 4:12 am, pdt. We’re already in this transformational cauldron and have been since before the New Moon. Eclipses generally begin their story at least a month before. This eclipse happens to fall with a NEPTUNE STATIONARY RETROGRADE and a MARS SQUARE VENUS! The tension of the MARS/VENUS SQUARE will challenge our masculine feminine relationships in the height of a POWER CHANGE ECLIPSE. This aspect, socially, needs to be handled with care. People who are sensitive may feel vulnerable and people who get angry may get triggered.

Tomorrow and the next day are potent energetic days of shift and power, including the now famous VENUS SUN TRANSIT on June 5th. This transit of VENUS to SUN, is a 113 year cycle completing and starting again. The Mayans tracked the Venus Cycle in their Calendar making, and this Venus Transit is a poignant moment in the 2012 shift. We are receiving a New Birth in the area of love, affection, creativity and the feminine.

May we infuse our lives with an upgrade in our VENUS fabric of consciousness.