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Friday, May 11, 2012

Time, Love and Consciousness

Greetings dear ones we are the “E” and are at your service.....

It will not be long before the awareness will shift and awaken a new paradigm, it is said to have the wisdom of the ancients, it is a time you have all been waiting for.
Shouting with-in a familiar resonance which brings back memories of your past, the past of many lifetimes accumulated into one single expression - The expression of a Master.

The awakening is becoming evident, more than any one in your cultures can say it is just a minor phase which will soon pass and all return to the old. But is it true dear one? is it possible to diminish your light back to the way it was only a few months ago? or even a few days ago?
That is not possible dear angel of love, it is not possible for a light source to reduce its intensity, when all it knows is to shine more at each increment of time.

Our eyes and our love is upon you, make no mistake, you are not alone in this grand game of little gods expressing a reality of their own design.


The time is not behaving in a linear fashion nor is it allowing you to do the things you do at the same rate you are accustomed to. Many of you know you can no longer tell the relative time of the day based on your internal clock. If we had you in a hall you would all raise you hands and say yes “it is happening each and every day. Some days it is completely out of control and some days it is more manageable”.

Why is that sweet one? Why does time shift in such manner? If we told you it is you who are causing the fluctuation in time density would you feel it is so?

The Analogy

Let us take a look at the bigger picture for a moment and have ourselves a virtual trip on the winds of imagination.

As a human you are used to moving through a substance, air and or sometimes water. This interaction has an effect on your behavior, you can move faster in air than in water and when the wind is blowing strong you find your pace swayed from its rate. This interaction, or cause and effect, is simple to comprehend so we will use this as an analogy for our description of how you interact with time.

Time has substance and just like air and water it is made of something. This something is not easy to describe however, we will give an example which will provide you with a construct to ignite thought processes. These thought processes will give you the clues to what makes up time.

Water flows endlessly at a constant rate within a straight tube, the water flow is measurable and is relatively predictable. Something is then added to the tube and joins the flow making the water behave at a non linear fashion, it causes the water to move faster and or slower and different locations in the tube. Now time becomes unpredictable it becomes a flow of a substance which is the water and this something which is called consciousness. Our time or, rate of flow of water has been relatively static for a very long time or many lifetimes. Your internal clock is stamped deeply with the same time flow rate and now this flow is been altered.


Now consciousness plays a roll at another part in this explanation, it plays a roll with magnetism. Since magnetism is one of the “molecules” of time it brings forth a common denominator to the equation.
This is not simple so please go slow our dear speaker.
Time evolves around an anomaly which is the residual force of an energy.
This energy is what you call magnetism or gravity. Gravity is not a static construct of energy but, an ever-flowing and shifting scenario which to the naked eye this statement will not be applicable however, when this is observed on a quantum level it is becomes observable as an event, a process, which can only be described to you as “Magic”.

Time has a unified field harmonics with gravity; it is marriage between the two which create a specific reality in a field you call your solar system. This unification is governed by the consciousness residing with-in it. You can say that it looks to be the opposite, time effects consciousness and you would be semi correct……….. with this statement we caused an even bigger confusion now didn’t we (smile)

Oh dear ones it is complex, we told you so. Your conscious mind is having hard time understanding things that are not linear and it is understandable!

So how can you be partially correct to the statement we made? Well it is all about the connection you call Love.

“Wow E are you trying to make this all inconceivable for us” absolutely not!
The reason we bring this information forth, is to offer you the understanding of how things work for the reason that very soon it will be a subject your children will speak of. They will understand it clearly because they are born straight into a new and profound energy.


So time is effected by Love, how many of you reading this can remember their first love? How fast did time go by when you spent time together? Can that really be your imagination? well yes because it is related however, in actuality the presence of love effected the rate in which the harmonics of time and gravity interacted with one another causing you the feeling of acceleration in time.

Do you see now sweet human angel of love, your consciousness is the key to the shifting of the rate in time on your planet in fact, your entire solar system is going through the same shift and you are causing it!

Isn’t that magnificent? Doesn’t that tell you something about the God power you are?

You control time!

Now how does that affect other things around and with-in us? You might ask……

Oh dear one this is so grand, it is so complex and so intertwined to each and every part of every cell in your body, every part of your magnetic field, your mantel grid, emotional body, your dimension and then! It is related and mutually affected by the very center of your galaxy.

Could you imagine such a connection? Can you try to fathom your grandness in this entire game of universal expression?

Love is the glue, it is always present, it is always active on all dimensions and expressions throughout all that is.
Did you know that each beat of your heart is being acknowledged with love? We spoke about the connection your heart has with the rest of the universe did we not? Could it be so hard to accept that you are connected so intensely and so immensely to all there is?

We understand and know each and every soul reading these words, we know what you had to endure to find the love with-in and now that you are ready to move into a place where you are a Master, we ask of you to choose to love yourself more and more every single day, so that our words about your true magnificence will become your own.

Your time will continue to shift as long as you are moving forward in your journey of elevated consciousness. It will take time to adjust, at times it will pose a challenge and at times a fun experience. Please be patient dear one, all is as it should be.

We are the E and are in love with humanity, Love that is endless, undefined by time or place.
And so it is