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Monday, May 21, 2012

There is a GEOMAGNETIC storm in the earths atmosphere.

There is a GEOMAGNETIC storm in the earths atmosphere....that started about 3 Hours ago Today matter where you are in the world. There is a Delta class field on Sunspot 1476 which is massive. There is increased sun activity leaving the earth facing many flares over the next week before the eclipse. There may also be a increase in Aurora activity as a result. With the increase of solar activity comes accession symptoms, some being sudden high energy followed feelings of extreme tiredness. Emotional, and physical highs and lows are more intensified. As we are shedding the old and making room for the new to emerge. Be mindful of your higher self; keeping egos in check so that you are align with the divine, with a heart of compassion and grace. As it may cause personal energies to flare also make sure your actions words and thoughts are ones that you are proud of. Also keep in mind to drink lots of WATER, get some good sleep, stay grounded and chill out during the day as much as possible. This solar increase brings forth some amazing healing energies with it, as the solar energies being so close promotes awakening of the consciousness to those whom are open. Take care of yourself, with extra TLC today and in the days ahead this next week ...and enjoy the ride. ♥
~ Rhonda Redbird