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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sacred Communications Fire Aflight by azlan white

(lotus yantra)

If we were not given “sacred fire,” from our ancestors or our God, within the last year, then TODAY IS THE DAY! Today has more power to communicate than any day i’ve ever seen in the sky! The communication could be so powerful that we are burnt by the flames in some way. To avoid “burning in the fires,” of today, it is good to ignite our “inner fire.” Inner fire is the spark that is in our heart which, once ignited, transforms us into a “holy spirit warrior.”

At 4:19 am (predawn) pacific daylight time, SUN CONJUNCTS MERCURY, at times called “combust,” meaning “fire that needs tempering.” If we can temper this powerful fire of communications light, we may connect with our higher self, become Christ, or join a band of mercurial wing-footed super-hero’s and fly toward the sun.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS at 6:57 am, pdt, kisses our hearts with gentle tender touches from both mother and girlfriend. “We are family, I got all my sisters and me!” There is a special bond between the MOON and VENUS, and in this time, as the ECLIPSE is killing things off in its path, those who will thrive in this path are those who are fluid, flexible and able to move and change to keep up with the “incoming new world,” even in the ashes of the phoenix fires of a time BETWEEN TWO ECLIPSES, and alight with this LOVE-FIRE!

MOON SEXTILE SATURN at 11:07 am, pdt, gives a foundation for magic, by grounding us into the physical world with harmonious connection to SATURN our “physical world maker.”

MERCURY SEXTILE URANUS at 4:36 pm, pdt gives us a “wand” of a magical mind. This mind is so creative, so delicately able to manifest every nuance or inkling of thought, or sentiment, that we want to be optimists with an “inventors mind,” today, because we are likely to create anything we intend or dream today. MERCURY (already CONJUNCT the SUN) is supported by lightning fire URANUS. This power for humor, fun and instant manifestation is a tool of miracle-makers.

As we’re in this Magic Wand Mind, MOON SQUARES JUPITER at 4:54 pm, pdt, and our feeling capacity is expanding, with heart opening and mind on fire. We may feel like we’re “not sure if we have the vessel for this!” Yes we can. We can do whatever we need to do to set our aliveness on fire today. MOON enters the VOID for several hours until grounding into Earth Virgo at 11:06 pm, pdt, (Mercury’s Earth sign), for more messages, now perhaps coming from the Earth herself, as we enter the night.

When the old Christian Mystics spoke of the “Second Coming of Christ,” they spoke of a time when there would be a “second awakening into divinity,” only this time, it would happen “en masse,” they said. This day, as we rise in the transformative light of the Solar and Lunar eclipses, we are faced with Death or Rebirth at least once in this Eclipse Lunar Cycle. Today is a day of Communication