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Friday, May 18, 2012

Rising Life: A New Beginning for All Creation - by Bonnie - IMZAIA

What would you put in a 'time capsule' to explain to future generations, this transformational process we are going through now?

Inspired by Beloved Abraham, this question was asked of me today and this is what flowed out of my heart, speaking in the plural as a literary device to answer this question for all of humanity. A wonderful exercise of expression and exploration of these amazing times which I thoroughly enjoyed writing and offer to my fellow human travellers – from my heart to yours, in appreciation of who you are and for sharing this amazing journey with me and with all life:

While to many it may look like the conditions of life on Earth are falling apart, these are wondrous times for not only Humanity, but for all of life. Long spoken of in esoteric circles here on Earth, humanity is and always has been a beautiful creation and expansion of Source energy, a divine set-up, if you will, freely chosen to explore, in a way that has never been done, the answer to the original questions: Who Am I, What Am I, Why Am I? For these are THE questions that burst forth from the original spark of life that created the omni-verse, life, and all evolution. It is in this explicit freedom of exploration, including the freedom to experience not being free, to not know the answers to these questions, that what humanity chooses is expanding the experience for all life everywhere, to the extent that it is possible for the first time in all of Creation, that these questions are no longer necessary and all life will rise ─ knowing, truly knowing and truly feeling, the answers to these questions, birthing ever new and ever creative, infinite potentials for further exploration of what life truly is and can be.

It is in the birthing of these potentials that all life sheds the inquiry, and therefore, the limitations of this inquiry, and begins to wrap itself in the full mantle of sovereign creatorship as pure expressions of Source energy in which love, expressed as joy and experienced in freedom, emanates the truth of conscious creation, of consciousness itself, moving from vibrational reality to tonal reality, a song of the heart, if you will, still explorative, but from a new perspective where the construct of how we create our shared reality changes and anything is possible – yes, anything – within the knowing that this is who, what and why I AM – who, what and why WE ARE - who, what and why LIFE IS! Love, joy, freedom, truth and an ever present desire for expansion, for Rising Life, become the active ingredients of choice and creation, arising from the heart of all things, from the heart energy that forms the basis for all life and connects every single physical and non-physical particle or energy that exists in all of Creation. In essence, the concept of a need for evolution itself evolves to an expansion of infinite sovereign expression and experience. This is coming full circle, and it throws the doors wide open, literally blows them off their hinges, with a grand breath of unimaginable fresh air and waves of love that we, as humans, are using to transform our individual and shared experience of life. We are moving from hit-or-miss, unconscious creation (limited by a pre-programmed human mind and egoic personality within a vibrational paradigm) through empowered co-creation (beginning to create individual and shared experiences with conscious awareness within a vibrational paradigm) to conscious inter-creation (fully sovereign creation harmonized with others as a natural outpouring of life force energy in a tonal paradigm). 

We are flexing our new creative muscles, spreading our wings and remembering how to fly; how to really love; how to be free; how to dance in the oneness and uniqueness of creation; how to be responsible stewards of a New Earth that we have birthed with Gaia and are in the process of integrating; how to be sovereign creators; how to integrate this new perspective, new way of being, to become a new we as a species, referred to as ‘Human Spiritus’, the ‘New Human’, the ‘Humane Race’ and ‘Gaians’ ─ all terms we are currently using to wrap our minds around the great metamorphosis that we are experiencing, as it unfolds. Most of all, we are exploring what this means on an individual level, for what we learn and how we grow on this level will affect everything else as it expands potentials to be chosen by each unique spark of life in this moment of linear time on Earth, in the eternal now, and in the continuum of all life. 

We can’t consciously know just yet the details of how this will play out, although even this constraint is rapidly falling away as we learn what is it to be consciously aware of the multi-dimensional nature of our beingness and of reality. The nature of this transformation on such a grand scale is infused with uncertainty precisely so that the playing field at this juncture in this movement from evolution to infinite, multi-dimensional expression is as fluid as possible given current planetary and universal constructs that are, indeed, also undergoing transformation, to assist in completely releasing the limitations that have held humanity and all life back from its full potential. This gives a new vitality to freely flowing imagination and a fluid process of creation arising fully from our individual and connected heart space – a process that is merging the mind and the heart, the soul and the body, in a beautiful dance with divinity, with life force, itself. 

In this current period of linear time on Earth, time is accelerating to such a degree that eventually linear time will no longer exist. There will be a flowing of experience that can be likened to the passage of time but the past-present-future time construct that humans have lived with is changing dramatically and there is a growing recognition that life is contained in the now moment, while time continues to play itself out here on Earth, and the passage of experience moves from now moment to now moment….to the perception of ALL experience being now. This recognition frees humanity from a repetitive and messy thought-based preoccupation with past experience and future concerns, thus breaking the hold mind-based fear and uncertainty have had for millennia. It amplifies the ability to feel one’s way through the experience of life; in fact, feelings become the predominant mechanism that precedes creation through the act of expression generated from the heart space. It becomes the way in which creation, in which life, is experienced multi-dimensionally, all in the infinite now. Mental uncertainty will soon find its way into the dustbin to be left there for all eternity, eliminating fear altogether and vice versa. This is accomplished by the full connection of the human heart with Source energy which cannot be constricted and can only know expansion….and love. 

We will explain a little further since it is likely that you, future generations, will not know what fear or uncertainty are in your experience. Fear is constrictive and is based on human mental judgment and illusion, primarily that we are separated from Source, from our spirits or souls, and from other life forms, both physical and non-physical. It has caused many erroneous beliefs and limitations such as scarcity, the need for competition and the experience of a great deal of suffering including disease and war and the experience of not being loved by others and not being able to touch the love of Self for Self and share it with other humans and life forms and even for our beautiful planet. It is the dualistic opposite of love. However, it cannot exist in the new human, planetary or universal paradigms brought about by the shift currently underway. In essence, through this shift, fear is transformed by and into love, and with this simple transformation, the experience of uncertainty changes to a new awareness, which springs forth from a knowing that biological and energetic systems are fully online and are working in synch, which then elevates the act of creation to an art of the heart, or in other words, the art of expressive energy, in which experience follows what the heart expresses, in a natural dance and flow of inspired life. This means that Humans are currently learning to think with their hearts. The mind moves inward blending with the heart energy, breaking the hold of planetary control systems that have kept individuals in fear and in the dark about their true nature ─ sovereign expressions of Source energy free to create what their hearts desire, actively using the ingredients of love, joy, freedom, and truth, which become universal, unchecked by a pre-programmed, limited mind within the awareness that they are magnificent representations of this energy, with full access to divine or universal mind and life force flowing through the heart space and all that is expressed and experienced. 

This grand transformation has been no small task, and as this ‘time capsule’ is prepared, and the ‘living time capsule’ represented by this shift continues to unfold, there is still much to do. However, the ‘eventual’ outcome in terms of what this opens up in potential has never been in question; there is great support for this, and no soul will be left behind. And, best of all, humans are coming together in record numbers as consciousness pioneers, visionaries and change agents like never before, aware that there are important choices to make at this time in our personal and shared evolution, in this movement from vibrational to tonal reality creation. 

This is a time that will be known as the Great Shift and the Ascension of All Matter and Rising Life, and we will not forsake this incredible opportunity and service to ourselves, to you, and to all life. It is who we are, what we are and why we are here. We write this to inspire you, future generations, along with all humans moving through this shift, to create nothing less than the grandest beauty you can imagine in the recognition that we truly are/that life is one heart, interconnected and magnificently intertwined in the all-encompassing breath and embrace of the grandest love there is in which well-being abounds, galaxies are born, the music never stops and the show goes on…and on….as one pulsing heartbeat of love, joy, freedom, truth and rising life.