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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pure Inner Fire Light Magic by Azlan White

لحب- Thank you for everything. ا ِحّباء

As the SUN rises this morning, in the Eclipsed sign of Gemini, it is in a harmonious SEXTILE with the MOON in solar fire Leo. When Masculine and Feminine come together in any form of Union, we have a VESSEL for creation. This creation can take place in a business partnership or any other kind of partnership we can dream. The grace and magic this union is capable of far exceeds what either side is capable alone. Today, we can celebrate our (masculine-feminine unions)–even the ones within. They are bubbling with extra magic and life today for the benefit of our world. This masculine feminine magic took place in our sleep in the middle of the night.

This morning, the feminine rises with a womb full of invisible magic, due to a MOON SEXTILE URANUS, feminine fire to inventive fire, giving us divine sacred fire. We enter our day holding this magic wand in consciousness, able to communicate our spirit into this receptive world of form.

May the igniting of this inner light, give us the next level of our flowering consciousness.