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Saturday, May 26, 2012

On May 15 2012 Venus has gone retrograde in the sign of Gemini and will go direct again on June 27 2012


On May 15 2012 Venus has gone retrograde in the sign of Gemini and will go direct again on June 27 2012. This fact is not only important for those that express and filter reality through the sign of Gemini, it is interesting to everyone. You all carry the energy of Gemini within you, as you do all 12 parts of the zodiac.

Although a retrograde period, from the perspective of 'old energy astrology', is never considered all that beneficial, we have pointed out on previous occasions as early as last year that the concept of retrograde carries a slightly different meaning in your 'new energy realms' and has a different effect on your lives.

Where before the retrograde period would point to a time of reflection and introversion, not a good time to make major moves or decisions, from within this new space that is your ascension you can dare to approach the retrograde as quite an exciting time - a celebration of sorts.

When planetary bodies and human bodies affect each other in this way, by changing the direction of their spin from the personal perspective, it opens up your ability to drastically re-invent yourselves where and when needed.

Old energy used to be sticky, and situations, things, etc. would stay with you for years after the event. In many cases a certain imprint would never ever leave your soul's make-up again. This is very different now: using the energy moments of these retrogrades, you can 'shake it all off' in a matter of speaking.

You have an opportunity for purification and neutralisation and balance that you have stepped into now between 15 May and 27 June 2012. Because of the specific relationship between Venus and Earth, this retrograde 'shake up shake off' period is focused on the heart space and all matters Love. Not the conditional, small-minded version of love, but the mother load: LOVE.

What does LOVE mean in your life?
What place or space do you truly give LOVE?
What are the ways LOVE expands you and others in your life?

And, last but not least, ask yourself:

What am I taking with me from the period that was the last months, what am I integrating and what am I deciding to neutralise and re-balance? Find out by celebrating and by focused action exploring the LOVE currently in your lives, you will see this works better for you now than actually mentally analyzing what works and what does not.

You will see that choices made about these larger than life questions in the period between now and the end of June will strongly be supported by the universe and the abundance of creation that is always around you.

Welcome to LOVE, lovers.

Are you bold enough, this time, to let yourself fill up with it so much that you will shine it as a beacon, evermore? This process happens when you allow the space within yourself for it, which is why we suggest that you take inventory of the patterns, experiences and such that are clustering around your heart at this time.

Love freely. Live freely.
And enjoy all that Venus has to offer during this exciting time, which will include the Venus transit of June 5-6 2012."

-- Imzaia Consciousness
channeled by Quan Yin for