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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nova Earth Divine by Steve Beckow

لحب- Thank you for everything. ا ِحّباء

At one point I’d have thought imagining the new paradigm would be a difficult process.
And now it seems a relatively simple matter. Can it be the rising energies?
I’m willing to bet that the new paradigm is the same as the divine qualities.
Love, peace, unity, harmony, bliss, joy, co-operation, compassion – does it not make sense that this would be the new paradigm?
According to this line of speculation,  the old paradigm would have been hate, war, separation, aggressiveness, hurt, sorrow, competition and no mercy. That sounds accurate, according to all we read.
Everything divine restores, releases, expands, pacifies. Why would it not be what we choose when we’ve shaken the cabal out of our hair? Who is willing to go another round in 3D?
More and more I’ve heard from people that they’re tired of this way of life. They may not know what’s next, but they just won’t settle for another round of this. I don’t think 3D world weariness is an accident.
In my reading on May 26, I asked Archangel Michael what was next. And he said imagining the world we wanted to have is next because that’s what we’ll draw towards us. And I have no difficulty imagining that world.
It’ll be a world filled with the divine qualities. A world of love, peace, unity, etc.
I think that’s what I’ll occupy myself with intending to create. A world governed by the divine qualities. A world in which people love and have compassion for each other, live united side by side in harmonious relations with each other and blissful peace, and cooperate to restore Mother Gaia and expand into the Nova Earth.
Yes, that’s it. That’s what I’m creating.