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Thursday, May 3, 2012

New York' s District Attorney's office admits to GOOF! Madonna's alleged stalker Robert Linhart will be facing trial ( New York Post)

Manhattan prosecutors admit they made 'a dumb mistake' for letting a Madonna-besotted ex-firefighter slip through their fingers by waiting too long to try him - but they want another crack at him anyway. 
Robert Linhart had been busted in September 2010 after he twice parked outside the singer’s ninth-floor, Upper West Side apartment, opened cans of paint and started crafting poster-board professions of love. 
He was charged with felony weapons possession - for a gravity knife and an awl - and spent several weeks in Rikers, unable to post bail. 
The case was dismissed last month for prosecutors’ failure to meet speedy trial deadlines. 
A judge yesterday agreed to give the DA another shot. 
'If this was John Q Public and not Madonna, they wouldn’t be pushing so hard,' Linhart’s lawyer, Kevin Kitson, told The Post.