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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Middle of The Shift Channeled

Greetings dear human angels we are the “E” and at your service.

And here we are, standing before you on the precipice of time making every bit of our presence aware to each and every one of you.

Many speak of a shift, some call it “the end of times” and some, “the end of days” they speak of it using seeds of fear and drama, but that is understandable.

Let us take a look at what is really going on.

There is no secret, it is not an end to the expression you all know and live by each and every day, no. There are those who spoke of a bitter end arriving and yet, you are still here living your day to day with the routines and duties you have created for yourselves. We will not go into what could have and or what should have but instead, we would like to offer an overview with some details about the short period of time you are experiencing now and the next few months.

The Center

A 26000 year cycle is coming to an end, an end of turn in which its direction has set the energy or paradigm for that specific period. You are now leaving that which is part of an old path, an old energy an “old” planet, letting go of what was and making space for what is ahead. Making this space available and allowing the old to leave is your greatest challenge, it will play a roll for years to come.
Your life flows on the winds of time, these winds are never constant, they change direction and speed, sometimes they offer a challenge and sometimes they present progress nevertheless, you are always moving, you are always offered life from a different perspective. The travel path of Gaia and the Family is one which is aligned with the Core, what you know as the Center of the Galaxy, this Center is moving yet around another Center. It is not alone in the game, it plays a roll of perception just as other Centers play a roll with it.
The center of your galaxy is directly linked to each and every part of your galaxy and beyond, this connection is all knowing, instantaneous, it is alive and moreover it is the same exact center which resides within your heart.

When you say “a human is like a whole world”, we see it literally! You are part of everything around in your galaxy and beyond, you don’t see it as we do obviously but, you will soon have the inner ability to see more of this truth and so will your science.

Future Resonance

The cycle around the center of your galaxy, or more particularly the path and its direction, sets the stage for what will be the core of the Future Resonance, which helps determine how your creative intent will co-inside with this energy and how will the future potentials look like and manifest.
It is not only the magnetic field energy of near by planets, which affects your birth imprints that plays a roll in your resonance, but your alignment with the center of the galaxy brings forth that which is the resonance of the possible potentials for the future.
The 26000 year cycle is divided into 4 quadrants, 2 on each side. The last time you crossed a quadrant was 13000 years ago, it was the beginning of what you now call your history. The previous quadrant was an acclimation period from the last re-set, Lumeria.

Now we ask you this sweet one what do you feel the next quadrant is all about? Another re-set? or, something spectacular?
If you said something that has never been seen on Gaia or on any other sentient planet in the whole universe, then you are correct!

The Three Months

Two life times ago our speaker was aware of something, he is re-discovering this something this time around again. Many like him, are becoming aware of the path they are to take and the gifts they have brought to share only to learn, that something is “stretching” them, holding them back, it feels as if time is playing tricks on them.
We will tell you why that is, the quadrant is ending and a new energy is entering your solar system, your planet, your field, your heart. In many cases when something goes through a transition there is that point you would see as the middle, that very critical timing where the wheel comes to a complete stop and halts for a fraction of moment and then, begins to turn the other way.
2012 is the middle year, within the middle of the year there are the middle of months, days and hours. Your “wheel” is coming to a “halt” and is about to begin to turn to the other side, to the next quadrant. With this turn to the new direction, you will experience the quickening of time, the release of the “stretching” you can’t seem to get rid of.

This is the time you will feel that the wind is at your back and stepping into your path will start becoming an easier process dear human angel.

The next three months representing the very middle of the shift is a time of calibration and change. “don’t you think we have seen enough change?” you say?
Well you didn’t think it will be that easy now did you? Life is a work camp for angels pretending to be humans, you keep coming back to work again and again because it is your passion on the other side. You came back this time because you knew this is not like any other work day, this is a day you graduate with honors.

We see and feel your struggles, your times of frustration. We are there with you every step of the way, rejoicing your every move. Honor yourself, celebrate your achievements with great pride, what better time do this than in the year of the middle of the shift? we ask you.

This short period of increased “sluggishness” translates into increased stress, especially on those human angels which are struggling with health challenges and old age. Many may choose to exit unexpectedly. For those of you who will find themselves losing a loved one we would like offer you these words…..

They are not leaving you behind, they are taking a short break only to come back and be there beside you again!
They might com back as your son, daughter, niece, nephew or cousin. It does not matter nor do you need to try to figure out when it will happen.

Trust the process you did it with them many times before, so celebrate their passing as we do every time you come back home.
Challenging it is! Yes we know sweet ones.

Time for you to look at death the same way you look at birth - it is a process, you know it is there, you live by it and yet you are afraid to let go of the old belief system. Let it go and allow the new to come in, It will serve you better.

With love and pride we will end these words, remember you are the one who can shift your reality.

The “E”
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