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Monday, May 28, 2012

Message From The Arcturians ~ Stay Centered in Your Heart


Dearest ones,
we are the Arcturians!
It is now high time to prepare, for the multi-layered process of shifting on all levels of  your reality. Yes, all shifts always start on the level of thought, a thought that has being dreamed in the Heart of God. From there all truly Divineprojects of creation are being initiated, and then all the other chain reactions are following, down to the level where the initial thought has been aiming towards.
This process of creation is now manifesting increasingly on your world, and many of you have been feeling the new great waves of light which have been arriving in the recent days and which still continue to arrive. They  are the messengers not only of your shifting consciousness, but also of the shifting of your bodies and the shifting of Gaia’s body. This shifting will continue also in other areas of your life, so that your daily routine might be disturbed by these  changes.
However do not think that there will be one major  catastrophic event leading to the total destruction of your world. Yes, there will be  disturbances in all kind of areas of your life, but if you have been preparing, you will  find ways and the strength how to manage  changes and transitory events that require to let go of what has been familiar to you.
You see, changes in your outer world are just  that,  changes which do not touch what YOU yourself are.  However, as long as you identify with  outer appearances solely, when they are changing, it is difficult to accept this with a serene mind, as you are convinced in this  case, that YOU yourself are being undermined and deprived somehow of parts of yourself, whereas in truth it is only about your  familiarity with habits and environments.
Therefore It is important, that you are centered in yourself, in the heart of your very being and not allow changing circumstances to take away your equanimity. Trust in a shift that happens in a way that it is benign for you. Remember, everything is possible, and if you connect yourself with Gaia, being grounded in her and one with her in your heart, she will find ways to gently provide protection and fulfill your needs.
At the same time, it is important, that you learn to let go of your 3dimensional world as being your undoubting reality, whereas it is only an  dream in a low density. While you let go, you are free to dream your new Divine world and to free yourself from the errors of what you are not.
Your new  reality in the higher dimensions will be very different, and what is now still a matter of course, will be gone  completely. So be prepared to be willing to let go,  what you still consider to be so called “necessities”. This is not about a world that collapses and is waiting to be rebuilt with the old same parameters like in your past. This is about the arising of a completely new world.
Naturally, when you are willing to let go the signs of your present world as being irreplaceable because you do not want to hold on to a fading false world, you are already on your way to dream your new world without limitations, - in the most ideal case. Because if you do not impose any limitation on your deepest heart desires how your new world should look like, miraculous things can happen.
We recommend therefore that you, if you have not yet done so, practice daily and center yourself in your feeling heart and observe and understand that the things around you do not really belong to you, they never did. Let go of all ideas of “having”, but concentrate on “being”. And while you allow the feeling of being to expand, start dreaming your new world, a world which will be much lighter and vibrant, where  all the things and objects, you are now clinging to, cannot exist anymore, because of a new and higher vibration!
Start preparing yourself now for the great transition, and in case you experience disruptions in your daily life, do not hold on to what once was functioning so far. Do not try to recreate the old. Let it go. Be creative and put all your energy and heart in new ways of living, working and  cooperating with one another.
Remember, that in the first place your own vibration will be changed and increased, and with that you would not be happy with anything you presently enjoy and play with. The massive energy waves and light are there to be received by you to increase your own  vibration and light quotient. This is the fundamental work you need to do, to go as easily as possible through the coming changes. The light is altering your consciousness, and with a new consciousness your view of the world and your understanding of it will flow with the shift.
This shift has already started, and it will  continue over a longer period of time. So do not settle into any step you will have done at any moment, but be prepared to  exist in an ongoing shifting of your world, by being centered in your heart. Share this place of peace with everybody and be united in love with one another.
Dearest ones, now your  true humanness is challenged to emerge, and it is already emerging, you know it and you cannot  deny it anymore, as it is  happening with each single one of you who are here to participate in this great transition.
Be Blessed! We share our love with you, it is the unconditional Love, this very  special and precious vibration which embraces you now and which is established on your earth. Always remember, that all the changes in your world are embraced and are happening in this Field of unlimited Divine Love. They do not occur outside of It, they occur because Love has already settled down in your realm.
We are the Arcturians!
Message conveyed by Ute 29.05.2012

Message conveyed by Ute 29.05.2012