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Friday, May 18, 2012

Master Kuthumi Time Travel Channelling by Michelle Manders Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa

I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet you at this time and to bring unto you blessings of lightness, trust, love and dependability. Greetings beloved ones.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

The gathering today, beloved ones, is in fact a very deep healing taking place with all here. It is the healing of the Collective Sisterhood, where there have been deep levels of abuse through the control of the Goddess, the abuse of the Goddess’s power, her sexuality, her creativity and her ability to stand within the authentic light of the universal truth and feminine principles of manifestation.

Your journey of time travelling today is a personal experience. However, it is a twofold one. One that will facilitate the healing relating to what I have just shared with you, therefore, dislodging the crystallised moments frozen in time and space that keep women trapped within a false identity. This journey is one of releasing the goddess into the warmth and light of the authentic creation of love, power and intention. This process manifests a collective DNA cleansing, shifting from the cells all of that which has stifled the Goddess for millennia. This is something that you, as an emerging goddess have chosen to experience and express through your personal divine awakening. Some of you are finding the new kundalini power overwhelming, blazing through the veils of illusion showing you the fullness of that divine power and where it will take you. All of you can expect a change within the structure you have created in your life. All of these changes are for the greater good of the whole. The whole of you.
Remembering your wholeness can at times manifest itself in many confused, scattered pieces. I assure you, however, that all the pieces are coming together. Now is your time to

simply stand in the face of your personal truth and allow the universe to facilitate the unfolding of the pathway before you. Do not fear what you have created for it is what empowers you.
You will also find, as a result of today's activation and cleansing, that some very important soul contracts will come to the fore. And for some of you, these soul contracts have manifested very recently in your life as well, with other people specifically. These contracts, these people are catalysts in your life, contributing to the change you are experiencing. It is up to you to discern the relationship and how you want to work with it. It is important that you feel what your heart is telling you throughout the process; and do not be swayed by any negative input from another, especially if their input is merely a projection of their own fear. It is exquisite to see how each of you is emerging into the Goddess power. You are precious flowers opening to the light of the sun to receive your divine blessings. The Golden Rays of the Sun that bring you the Golden Age are truly upon you. Let us take you on your journey now.
Place yourself in a comfortable position. Breathe in deeply through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, and on your next in breath push the tip of your tongue into the roof of your mouth, and as you exhale push the tip of your tongue into the base of your mouth. Continue to do this until I tell you to stop (Pause 25). Stop. Now, imagine yourself surrounded by all your personal Guides, Masters and Angels. Call upon any other Being of the light whom you wish to have present with you

We call upon Prince Damien, one of the Lords of Time. Imagine him appearing before you as we ask him to open the portals of time and space so that you may be taken through this portal to the times where energy has become crystallised, holding a pattern of negativity limitation or destruction, that has resulted in you living an incomplete life. Your Healing Angels, your fully mastered and Christ Self of the Light and your Master Guide will accompany you through the portal. When you are ready step up to the gateway. Prince Damien opens the portal, which you pass through, finding yourself moving through space and time.
You are transported to the time prior to this current incarnation. At this particular point in your expression of consciousness, you are being shown everything that you needed to experience in your current lifetime so as to achieve complete Ascension Consciousness prior to leaving your physical body, therefore changing the cycles of life experience for eternity. Your Guides show you various images from many times and places reflecting the abuse of the Goddess, the abuse of the mind and the heart; simply observe; you do not have to become attached to anything. If you do not “see” anything, just be aware of how your body feels and the emotions inside of you, the energy shifting between your chakras and breathe.

Master Jesus enters into this place, for He is the Ascended Master responsible for activating the clearing of the DNA on cellular levels for the collective consciousness of humanity, as well as yours as an individual. He comes to stand behind you, and very gently lays the hand of his right hand over your back in the area of lumbar four and begins emanating a warm gentle energy that fills up this area of your body, activating a Chakra Awakening and the onset of the clearing of all the crystallised energies that have contributed to every single perceived negativity or limiting experience that you have had in this lifetime, and all lifetimes prior to this one. Continue to breathe as the energy does what it must. Do not worry yourself if you cannot see or feel anything, I assure you the energy is still working and doing for you, what it needs to.

Become aware of a gentle humming from Master Jesus behind you. This humming dislodges the crystallised energy locked in the core of the cells of your physical body and all the body templates of your past incarnations. The toning He emanates is soothing, gentle, and yet profound. Imagine your heart chakra opening to release whatever the energy is bringing up for you, and becomes like a river flowing through you, a river taking away all of that which no longer serves you, all the old paradigm consciousness that you have held onto, which formed your current identity and the identities of your past. Continue to breathe and feel.
As Master Jesus continues with this process, Mary Magdalene steps into the same space, she stands in front of you with her very gentle loving eyes and looks deeply into your eyes. She creates a telepathic connection with you, which begins to emanate hundreds of symbols of light, which you receive telepathically, and are filtered into the system of your body. She places the palm of her right hand on your heart, and the palm of her left hand on your solar plexus and in a very soft gentle voice she whispers, “It is safe for you to be free in your power.”

“You were created with the intention of living as a powerful creative expression of Mother/Father God.” She tells you the time is now for you to live this truth. It is safe to leave your past behind and embrace the here and now. The energy continues to pour into your body from Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and the combination of their energy activates another dimensional portal through which the collective consciousness feminine abuse passes through into the dimensions of fluid love, where it is transmuted and all similar aspects of yourself are sucked into this portal and undergoes the same transmutation.
Continue breathing as your personal Healing Angels redirect this transmuted love back into your body, filling you with the six dimensional energy of fluid love; pure, clear and powerful.
Mary Magdalene begins to tone a gentle sound in unison with Master Jesus. Their combined toning activates the next level of DNA cleansing for you and all the four lower bodies, in other words, your physical, emotional, mental and astral body, which open on all levels to receive this vibration. Their toning becomes the new vibrational frequency that will facilitate your ability to focus on all the new energies you are attracting to yourself.

Relax into the moment and trust the healing taking place. We remind you that it is safe to let go and that you are ready and capable of holding the new energy and taking it into your life to do what you are contracted to do with it. The souls that you are contracted to link to this particular healing and vibration. Now connect with your energy on an even deeper level, facilitating an accelerated healing, cleansing, and re-creation of the original plan of fluid love that you, and this person, or people have been contracted to create. You are valuable gifts in one another's lives at this time; therefore don’t fear this person or people. They are major catalysts in the complete freedom of your soul, the liberation of your Goddess self.
Continue to breathe in deeply and exhale fully. Your fully mastered and Christ Self of the light stands on the left side of you, placing both hands on your left shoulder and activates a release of all latent energies related to responsibilities you believe you have needed to shoulder that are no longer a part of your plan of life, therefore clearing any unfinished business related to the feminine principle in your life; be it your mother, sisters, female friends, any man who represents a feminine energy, as well as the collective sisterhood healing.

The great Angel of your Universe, Lord Metatron, the Archangel of Light, comes into your presence now and supports the clearing of the consciousness of the collective sisterhood,

who has taken it upon herself to carry the responsibility of being a vehicle for sexual abuse; a vehicle that has taken on the pain of men and women, and she now releases it with the support of this mighty Archangel.
I, Lord Kuthumi stand on your right hand side, and place both of my hands on your right shoulder, and activate the release of all the responsibilities you have shouldered related to your survival instinct, where you have taken on the role of the male; the father, the son, and every other external aspect, which is no longer yours to carry. Take a deep breath in and exhale. Hand everything over; it doesn't even matter if you don't know what it is, just let go.

Mary Magdalene stops toning and reaffirms that it is safe for you to stand in your Goddess power, to stand as a female representing the feminine principles. Master Jesus stops toning. He reminds you that it is safe for you to thrive within the material world; that it is safe for you to tap into the fullness of your creation and create the life you deserve. He assures you of His presence and support throughout the changes that lie before you. He moves away from behind you and comes to stand alongside Mary Magdalene in front of you. I, Kuthumi, and your fully mastered and Christ Self of the Light continue to hold your shoulders. Master Jesus manifests a dove, symbolising peace, the peace that you are ready to accept and make as part of your life. Accept where you are in the here and now and accept that you are moving forward, because you are ready.

Prince Damien now activates a portal above your crown chakra. This portal has a suction energy and begins to absorb all the old energies from your base chakra up your spine, removing from your chakras all the old paradigm consciousness; this is also directed into the sixth dimension of fluid love, where it is transmuted. When you are ready inhale the new energy into your body again, into all your chakras, and in your mind acknowledge to Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene, to your fully mastered and Christ Self of the light, Archangel Metatron, me, Kuthumi, and your personal Guides and Masters who are present, that you are ready and willing to let go of all the crystallised moments in time and space that have kept you in a state of isolation that have made you feel paralysed, lifeless, spiritless, worthless and defenceless, and in its place you choose positive power, deserve-ability of that which is positive, abundant and of the light. Affirm that you choose love, peace, and you choose to stand in your truth.

Mary Magdalene takes a quartz crystal and gently taps all of your chakras, feeding this intention in them and the new energy from the sixth dimension you have pulled into yourself. Prince Damien now closes the portal over your crown chakra, and the dimensional portal to the sixth dimension. I, Kuthumi, release my hands from your shoulders, as does your fully mastered and Christ Self of the light.
Archangel Metatron now begins pouring a platinum liquid over your body which becomes an energy and acts as a sheath of protection, shielding you from external negativity in the form of other people's fears, and fear motivated opinions and perceptions so that you can move forward in your truth; helping you not to get caught up in the drama of other people's processes, yet standing beside them with compassion, but not attached to what they are going through.

Give thanks for this and for all that has taken place today. Know that your vibrational frequency has increased as a result of this and that you now are free to focus on your higher vibration intentions. This means you are free to move forward in your life in your direction of choice. Allow 72 hours for the integration to complete itself, during which time much healing

will take place. Give thanks now to Prince Damien; he will facilitate you coming back to the here and now in this timeline, in this place in your current physical body.
Breathe in deeply and exhale fully as you step back into this timeline and ground yourself back in your physical body.
Give thanks to all the Beings of the Light who have been present with you, including yourself for the experience you have undergone.
Rotate your ankles, your wrists, rotate your shoulders and your neck and feel yourself fully back in your body.
Are there any questions, we can assist any of you with.

Q. inaudible
LK. This is, in fact, a part of today’s process, embodying many of the new energies that you are anchoring into your conscious self today. Therefore they are linked to the healing of the collective sisterhood and the release of all the patterns of traditional belief systems that have led to the abuse of the female, her power and suppression of such.
Whenever a soul incarnates, such as all of you, undergoes the depth of energy healings and cleansing that you are undergoing, as you are now, impacts on your lineage; therefore, the first people that it impacts upon are one’s children, if one has children, and one's parents.

Q. Lord Kuthumi, could you please give me some more information about the Princes of Mongolia. LK. These particular forms of energy held a number of templates, which became abused at various times in the cycles of humanities evolution. Mongolia is one of the core areas on Mother Earth's body, where the trauma of the abuse of the Goddess has become stored. The trauma of sexual abuse stifles creativity; the complete suffocation of her power to be, to create and to manifest. The original template that was brought in by these Princes of Mongolia was supposed to release it. However, there were levels of astral energy that sabotaged the proper anchoring of these energies, however, in the current timeline as we speak with you now; all those templates are being activated to ensure the release of that pain and trauma specifically, in the geographical area of Mongolia.

Q. Lord Kuthumi, can you shed some light for me with regards to the headaches I have been experiencing this week. LK. This has often been called expansion headaches. It is when the crown chakra is taking in an additional flow of light, as is the third eye chakra, which causes pressure in the pineal and the pituitary gland area. This additional light facilitates for the healing, on a cellular level, within the brain itself and begins the process of pushing the person, in other words you, to open your chakras and release energy that is no longer a part of your current experience. The energies that are to be released are of the nature of grief, thoughts and attitudes that were never your’s, that you had adopted through the first nine years of your life, and it is the expanded consciousness, resulting in your intention to work with the Goddess, therefore it is a combination of integration and release. Use water to ease the pressure. Visualise your crown and third eye chakras opening and the pressurised energy falling out into a place where it can be transmuted into light. Be creative in any way you choose.

Q. Do you mean lying in water or taking water internally? Both Q. Lord Kuthumi please could assist me in finding clarity on the coughs I have?

LK. This is related to you needing to get something very important off your chest. We see it as not clearly in your conscious mind, however, the bridge between the subconscious and the conscious is flowing, and it is also related to the conditionings and belief systems that you were raised with relating to the role of women and your role as a woman, specifically. It is a time of reflecting on how much space you feel you have in your life to be yourself. Do you have room to breathe? Do you feel you have the space to live authentically? What aspects of yourself do you swallow trying to push down and not express. All of that gets stored within the chest area and must come up, which is what the coughing is about. Therefore introspection regarding what we have said to you will shed light on it. It has a very strong connection to your power as a woman.
Beloved ones I must take my leave now. However, as I leave, I bless you with the divine insight and clarity to recognise the unfolding taking place in your life right now. I bless you with the courage to embrace your power, to walk your talk and to stand face to face before yourself. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you and know that not ever are you alone and that we are all one and may all always be well in your world.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden ray of love and wisdom, and I greet and bless you in love Adonai. Michelle Manders © All Rights Reserved