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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lady Master Venus ~ Twin Flames: Holding Hands Across Dimensions

Good day, Beloveds.  I am your Lady, the Master of Venus and keeper of the flames of beauty, love and gentle grace- in this, your rapidly evolving planetary neighborhood.  It is my privilege to speak with you now form my home, Venus, twinflame star to your own sacred Earth.   Indeed, the celestial bodies are twinflame embodiments also, as is everything the Creator has made.  Animal, mineral, plant or elemental;  all possess the twin elements of the masculine and the feminine.  We are all created as the 2-in-1, in search of the ultimate balance between these elements within us.  Be assured that I am here along with the many Masters, overlighting your journey with the vibrations of kindness and love, and assisting you in making them manifest within your physical reality.  Be the essence of this kindness and love in everything that you do, and never for a moment doubt that you are honored in the eyes of all who behold you.
I am visiting this day to impart to you a specific knowledge, this being information about the most common type of twinflame dynamic.  Not the type of human to human contact, where the two souls determine to incarnate together into the same physical time and space,  in which they rediscover each other upon the planet and live happily forever after.  Not this, while although perfectly plausible and equally beneficial to both parties involved,  is actually quite rare; not at all the norm.  Many of you are desperately in search of that special one, the perfect partner who will compliment you in all ways.  And I say yes, such a one does most certainly exist with you upon the same physical plane.  In most instances this would be the soulmate, or member of your star family, your crewmate or incarnational partner over the ages.  This is a most desirable basis for union, as more often than not you share a mutual mission and outlook on life.  Today, however, I choose to speak of the other type.  The twinflames who are both here and there, holding hands across the dimensions. 
I shall begin by explaining that all life is created at Source.  Sparks of life, lights of many colors.  After splitting apart into two distinct expressions-one masculine, one feminine-each creation embarks upon the journey of life. To experience.  To grow.  To learn.  To be.  Some are quite adventurous, and go off immediately to explore and create.  While their complimentary expression may choose to linger a little longer at Source, to relax and stay warm in the embrace of the Father and Mother who made them.  Both are equally wonderful choices, and it is this that accounts for the diversity and uniqueness that is observed within a set of twinflame energies.  Just as a child on Earth is the product of his experiences, both in this lifetime and in all his others, so it is with each twin.  You are identical, yet completely original.  It is the most sacred, the purest of unions, this relationship between you.  And now, at this momentous time of Earth’s ascension into the higher realms, many of you have elected to work as a team;  one physically incarnated upon the surface and the other remaining behind on a starship or on your native soil.   This is the holiest of missions.  Together your union has the power to create so much good.  But know that you are never truly separated, in actuality never apart.
It works this way.  Feel behind your neck, the place just at the base of your skull.  There is a connector there, an invisible cord of energy which runs between your twinflame and yourself.  Think of it as a telephone line, keeping you in constant communication and energetically in sync.  Now place your hand over your heart.  Feel the beat, the pulsation.  This is your heart;  yours and his.  Were you aware that you share a heart, the very same heart and that everything you feel is felt in unison?  Each emotion you feel is felt by your sweet other.  It is that overwhelming feeling of joy, that breathless rush of energy which comes out of nowhere, it is the Holy Instant.  When that moment arrives, be in it fully, as this is your beloved of the same heart telling you they love you.  For there is no such thing as separation. Not really.  You need only focus on your eternal connection to each other to rediscover, and bring awareness to this perfect truth.
The upcoming solar eclipse on the 20th of May is treasure-trove of energetic bounty.  The color of the light she brings is yellow-a sunny lemon yellow of a hue so bright that you can literally trick the mind into feeling it’s warmth.   It is supple and soft as butter. Allow much time for meditation on this day, and take full advantage of this opportunity for growth.  Encase yourself in a protective and nourishing ball of this lovely light and let it permeate every cell and every atom of your being.  Gather up a piece or two of the portions of yourself that have been straggling behind.  Lock them up safely within your core.  Make your physical body a place of joyfulness and sunshine.  All the while, remember there is only love.  There is nothing else you truly need to know.  There is nothing else to which you really must aspire.  Love.  Only love, for love is unity and love is life.
With deepest regard, I am your Lady Venus.