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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inner Feminine Power Work by Azlan White

This morning MOON rises in Virgo in a SQUARE with VENUS, just one week before her BIG TRANSIT DAY! There is a SHIFT happening with the Feminine Fabric of Consciousness! We are embodying that shift. Today is a “crux point,” of this shift. Whatever content is inside our “inner feminine shadow-box,” its time for it to come out and join the whole in a healthy way, so all can be acknowledged and given the right dose of power to fit in the “bigger picture.”

SUN INCONJUNCT PLUTO ignites power out of discomfort. How are we leaking energy, witholding our creative selves, or allowing fear to consume some of our light? This is an aspect with which we can acknowledge our own discomfort as “fodder for growth.” We are learning to embody our own essence in a more empowering way, for ourselves as well as for the people around us.

MOON TRINE JUPITER at 10:50 pm, pdt, sends the MOON and our emotions into the VOID with a dose of grace, if we can receive it. This night we’re expanded on a soul level by our day today. As we head into dreamtime, we can aVOID fear, by touching into our deep soul, the cosmic center of the galaxy and/or our ancestors.

May our wisdom overcome our hesitation, our pain turn to medicine and our emotions be expanded into deeper compassion for those around us.