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Monday, May 14, 2012

free Transcript - "Metatronic Ray Activation" Channelling. Kuthumi through Michelle Manders.

"Each of you are a Divine Plan in itself. You are a Divine Blueprint, and the information inside of you is a vital part of the grander plan. When any bit of information is missing, the plan, or the picture is incomplete. Therefore, to begin with, it is vital that you acknowledge you have a role to play regardless of your age, gender, culture or education, regardless of how much esoteric, metaphysical or philosophical experience and knowledge you have. Nothing matters other than the fact that you are a vital part of the grander plan.

This is one of the reasons why we are now bringing forth the Cosmic Master Rays and begin with the Metatronic Ray, which Archangel Metatron is responsible for anchoring within the systems of planet Earth, as well as the Solar System. The Metatronic Ray is a Ray of Platinum Energy, which serves as a field of protection around the mental body. Your mental body is made up of thousands of aspects of the mind - your human mind, the soul mind, spirit mind, astral mind, the different dimensions, as well as the God-mind. That too doesn’t matter in terms of where you are on the levels of the mental body. What is important is that you are aware of how the mental body works.

The purpose of this shield of protection is important because the Planetary Initiation into the Golden Age has accelerated immensely, and I am sure all of you are feeling the effects of this. Even Lightworkers who have been journeying the pathway for many years, and have vast amounts of experience and knowledge, are being deeply affected by this current change.

As each day, week and month passes, you are moving closer to the completion of contracts, setups and roles of service that you agreed to in preparation for that which you align with in the New Field of Service post 2012. This is a time of completing the “old picture,” which is why you are important because your effort, input and participation is needed so that the picture can be completed. The Metatronic Ray is facilitating this. It is attracting to you all that you require at this time to tie up loose ends, everything you need to gain a deeper understanding of what is complete, what needs the last bit of attention in order to be completed and how to work, feel and remember. All of this contributing to the manifestation of you feeling complete.

The Metatronic Ray is anchoring a new basis of creation and co-creation within three dimensional reality for all souls choosing to move beyond the obsolete. Your choice to experience any kind of healing and end anything that no longer serves you, is an indication that you are ready for this. Your questioning, your desire to know more, see more, feel and experience more of yourself and Spirit is confirmation that you are ready for this.

Humanity is being bombarded by mental activity of a lower vibration which is affecting many Lightworkers and people in general, because behind it comes another wave of energy; the higher frequencies of the God-mind literally pushing the old out the way because the time for new is upon all of you. I have said before that Mother Earth has chosen this transition with or without you. Humanity has reached a point of critical choice, literally the point of no return, a time where tools to complete self-empowerment is being presented in vast volumes. In other words, the choice is to choose to either live in the old paradigm or live in the new paradigm.

Every person who says, “yes” to reclaiming their power is passing through the portals from Piscean consciousness to Aquarian consciousness, which is a natural phenomena of cycles. The natural transition astrologically is aligned with the cycles that bring the end of the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Aquarian Age. This has also stirred up an immense amount of mental debris and this mental ‘non-sense’ is causing great confusion, and one’s ability to remain compos mentis at times is difficult simply because there are so many pockets of mental energy swimming around within the collective mental body. Thus it is at times difficult to discern what is you and what is of the collective consciousness.

The Metatronic Ray assists you in dealing with this particular experience."

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