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Friday, May 25, 2012

Do not own any diagnosis you are given.


Owning it strengthens it's grip on you. You are not your diagnosis, you are you. Surrendering to what you have been told you have tells the universe you have accepted your condition for what it is and all the symptoms that go along with it. Acceptance and energy put into you diagnosis increases it's power over you by way of your belief in suffering with it.

Instead of letting your diagnosis own you, acknowledge it's presents and begin to figure out what it is trying to show you or teach you. It is trying to communicate where there is disorder, unbalance, or what needs to be done in order to reach your highest potential. 

When you allow your diagnosis to teach you where you need change in your life, it loosens it's grip on you. Your perspective changes as does your vibration, therefore so does the vibration of your diagnosis, easing, possibly even erasing your symptoms.

Never walk around saying I have such and such and I have to take all thies medications, doctor appointment after doctor appointment, I have all these horrible symptoms and I am limited in my activities because of this terrible diagnosis. If you do this, you will remain with all these inconveniences of your diagnosis. What you think you create, you create what you think and speak.

Educate yourself on the spiritual side of your diagnosis. There is always a deeper reason. There is always something your symptoms are trying to tell you. If it is a diagnosis that you think can not be reversed than start with the goal of trying to ease the symptoms. 

Your thoughts play a large part in this. Look into herbs that can help you. Look deep within you and explore what might really be going on. You can help yourself when it come to your health. Once you balance out certain aspects of your life, your overall health and attitude will improve.

Doctors and pharmaceutical corporations will not tell you this as you, ''your diagnosis'' and symptoms are their paycheck at the end of the week. They want you to depend on them for your health, but now is the time to empower yourself and learn the truth behind dis-ease. This does not mean to stop taking medications and halt all doctor appointments, but it is pushing you towards researching the spiritual side of what ails you.

When discussing your diagnosis with others or thinking about it yourself say things such as I am currently experiencing symptoms such as ..... but I am working toward this passing through me. I am experiencing better health everyday. I feel good today and will feel better tomorrow. These symptoms are nothing more than annoyances, they do not represent who I am. I am releasing and balancing my body, mind, and soul and this takes time. I am working on complete health and improvements are noticed everyday. I am grateful for what my diagnosis is teaching me and when I learn all I can about myself and this diagnosis, my symptoms will lessen, possibly disappear all together, and even if they do not completely disappear, I will be grateful for any and all improvements.

Do not become your diagnosis, utilize your diagnosis to improve your health, listen to your body, and your body will listen to your thoughts. Think healthy. Think healthier. Think gratitude for the communication your body is desperately trying to give you.