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Friday, May 11, 2012

Communications Spiralling Up

MOON SQUARES MERCURY this morning around dawn, pdt starting our day with all the unsolved puzzles afoot. By 10:33 am, pdt, the magical URANUS has SEXTILED this community MOON in Aquarius, giving us the magical tools we need to overcome any communications obstacle!
LAST QUARTER MOON point is tomorrow morning so we’re enjoying the last day in the LIGHT SIDE of the Lunar cycle of the HERMIT. This lunar cycle lights up for us, our own personal spiritual journey, and our own personal journey of empowerment as “ourselves,” in the world. This level of authenticity can require a little meditation. This weekend as we cross from the fruiting flowering phase of our creation cycle, to the waning, disseminating phase, we can look at unwinding for the last week of the cycle, into a deeper state of meditation and introspection.
VENUS goes RETROGRADE on MAy 15th (Tuesday). Meditation and introspection is not only appropriate to the “season” of the waning last quarter of the lunar cycle, it can also give us an ability to see a “larger perspective,” on our Venus Journey, the journey of our heart. This journey of the heart involves our creative expression, our love-life and affection, and our ability to give and receive love, nourishment, pleasure and enjoyment!! THe FEMININE GODDESS VENUS is going through her own private DEATH/REBIRTH. As the MOON wanes and VENUS goes RETROGRADE, we can meditate on the shifting fabric of VENUS in our own life and what that change is manifesting in our inner and outer world! We can consciously steward this change by listening to hear and see where “old stale patterns,” from past lives, past era’s or past childhood fears, may plague us over and over again. This alchemy of VENUS over the next few weeks, is a time to steward a DEATH/REBIRTH in how we view our own inner feminine, killing off whatever “bad ideas,” we’re carrying, and planting newer brighter, more loving concepts of the feminine inside (and out).
WE ARE IN ECLIPSE TERRITORY!! This means energies can be volatile and “Kali-like,” so we may take extra vigilance and care with our bodies and the things we care about.
May this intensified period of change, carry us from an old “field of consciousness,” to a new one, in grace and color.