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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beyond Hydration: The Shocking Intelligence of Water

Reposted Imzaia's Official Body Report
By Dr James Chappell

[CAVEAT – According to the FDA, you should always seek medical advice from your orthodox medical doctor before attempting any natural healing protocol. If you do, I suggest you find one that knows what natural healing is and how it works using herbs, nutraceuticals and other adjunctive remedies. Only practitioners using drugs are allowed to claim they treat, prevent or cure disease. Natural healing practitioners may not make that claim even if their protocols actual do.]

Based on propaganda from medical media outlets, Oprah’s Vitality magazine, and writer Leslie Goldman, drinking eight, eight ounce glasses of water daily is passé, stating; “The recommendation to chug all that H2O was likely based on guidelines published in 1945.” So?

Although I agree with Ms. Goldman’s goal of “eating your water” through hydrating foods such as cucumber, celery and watermelon, water is not what you think it is. And eating your water really depends on the water you are eating. Consuming commercial, pesticide laden, dead food is not what you want inside you, be it water or fiber substance.

Water or H2O is the liquid form of gases made of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. Water is a universal solvent cleansing every part of the body including the cells. At the highest level, water is a transporter of energy, thoughts and frequencies. I have said for over 40 years, “Water is so intelligent; it created humans to move itself around.” Let’s see why…

Intelligence of Water

According to Masaru Emoto, Ph.D., a water researcher and author of Messages from Water volumes I, II & III, water contains a consciousness that can be influenced through prayer, music, light wave forms, written words, thoughts and more. It is NOT just gases in a liquid form.

Because anyone that dares to teach self reliance on any level; health, relationships, finance, law or anything in between, those that have a vested financial interest in keeping people from learning options, possibilities and accurate information, will relentlessly attack the message and the messenger. Such is the case for those of us suggesting water transports energy, thoughts, frequencies or has a consciousness, let alone, drinking eight, eight ounce glasses daily.

Ever since Dr. Emoto came out with his research and books, the “scientific” community, made-up of governmental employees and others under grants by them; universities, research laboratories, etcetera, have stated; “Emoto and his clan live in a fantasy world of make believe. They do not use our accepted scientific model and therefore have no validity.” That says it all. Get our stamp of approval or we won’t approve. Cut us in on the profits or you won’t make any.

This is nothing new. From the beginning of humanity individuals have been controlling other individuals, creating laws and behavioral rituals, dogmas, doctrines and rules. Especially the United States, and the agencies working within such as; FBI, CIA, DEA, SEC, IRS, FDA, FTC and all others, as well as the the multitude of companies and organizations — most distinctly the American Medical Association, and the pharmaceutical and chemical companies. These entities are all sharing the preverbal “trough.” Those of us outside of their system are continuously ridiculed, ostracized and ignored. And so is the case for the real effect of water and the reason we need it.

If there are influences that can change the molecular structure of water outside the body as demonstrated by Dr. Emoto’s research and others, it seems logical to assume the same influences may change water INSIDE the body, as well. Remember, the human body is made of 75 to 85% water or fluids. As Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill and others have said, “We become what we think about all day long.” In other words, thoughts imprint and manifest in our physical body.

White Water

Many years ago, I was called to a fellow researcher’s lab to participate in an experiment concerning the effects of water on dehydrated red blood cells due to tissue hypoxia or lack of cellular oxygen. Remember, water is hydrogen and oxygen in liquid form.

My friend, Norman, had created what he called ‘white water’, or highly energetically-charged water that used the etheric field of Scalar wave technology to traverse time and space; sounds rather impressive for those of us “with eyes to see and ears to hear.” For others, it is just rubbish talk. On that note, I have always said, “Everyone has a right to their own level of ignorance.” Unfortunately, what your doctor does not know can kill you.

Using Darkfield microscopy (another voodoo test the AMA and our government has claimed pseudo-science and invalid), Norman placed one drop of my blood on the microscope slide looking for RBC’s that were dehydrated. There was a 22” television monitor where we could view my blood. After he found a few dehydrated cells looking more like raisins, he asked me to step back from the microscope to a stool ten feet away where I could still see my blood on the monitor. Norman then asked me to pick up a glass jar of water just under the stool. As I did, I noticed the water was whitely opaque. It looked a lot like glacier milk or the water the Hunzcats drink in the Himalayan Mountains.

Norman asked me to keep my eyes on the monitor and my dehydrated RBC’s while drinking his “white water.” As I did, I was astonished in what I was seeing. From a distance of over ten feet, I saw my dehydrated cells RE-HYDRATING! I was drinking Norman‟s “white water” and my RBC’s under a microscopic slide ten feet away were re-hydrating as if they were being quenched with water directly.

I had never seen anything like this before. It gives meaning to the saying, “Wherever you go, there you are.” We can only live weeks without food, days without water and minutes without oxygen. However, since water is made of oxygen, it plays a part in that too.

How Much Water Do We Really Need?

Humans lose fluids and water daily. The amount depends on where you live; climate and altitude, what your lifestyle is like; including foods you eat, liquids you drink, what you do for work and what kind of exercise you employ.

Everyday, we lose water from respiration, perspiration, defecation and urination. Let’s break these four pathways down:

1. Respiration – How much water you lose from your lungs depends on how you breathe and how much moisture is in the air. The deeper you breathe the more moisture you will release. The faster you breath, such as when exercising, the more moisture you will release. Even when you sleep, you are expelling moisture all night.

2. Perspiration – The skin is the largest elimination organ of the body. Every pore releases toxins and moisture. Your core temperature and environmental temperature will determine how much moisture you will lose. The hotter you are the more moisture you will lose. Exercise increases core temperature and so does sleeping.

3. Defecation – Healthy people have healthy bowel movements. Your diet will determine what your bowel movement will look like and how often you have one. One purpose of the stomach is to prepare the small intestine to digest whatever you consume. One purpose of the colon is to re-absorb electrolytes and water. If you are consuming enough water, an adult bowel movement will be 12 to 14” long, 1 ½” in diameter and will float to the surface of the toilet bowl water. If this is not the case, you may be dehydrated.

4. Urination – In addition to where you live; environmental temperature, how often and how much you exercise, what you eat and drink will determine how often you urinate. One way of determining hydration is the color of your urine. The goal is to be clear to lightly yellow. Anything darker than that and you may be demonstrating dehydration. [NOTE: The skin also reflects hydration both from water and oil].

Through the above pathways it is estimated the average adult living in the United States and weighing 128 lbs. looses about 64 ounces of water and fluids every 24 hours. Therefore, the rule of measurement has been; if you take your ideal weight and divide it by two, then convert that amount to ounces, you can estimate how much water you may be loosing daily. Taking 128 lbs. divided by two equals 64 ounces of water that should be replaced. This equals eight, eight ounce glasses of water daily. Again, you can personalize this rule by the color of your urine and texture of your skin. Wrinkles may be a sign, signal and symptom of oil depletion and dehydration.

Until, if and when, I see evidence to the contrary, I suggest we all drink enough water to re-hydrate the body and if done with “energy” in mind, we just may be able to imprint our drinking water with the kind of thoughts and desires to help us achieve optimum health, longevity, peace and prosperity.

Dr. James Chappell is a retired board certified chiropractic physician, traditional naturopath, clinical nutritionist, medical herbalist and master formulator with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Since 1971, he has been an avid health researcher and educator specializing in teaching and incorporating natural healing protocols for chronic, severe and so-called “terminal” illnesses. He does not treat patients or disease. He teaches those interested in advanced natural healing. His books and nutritional products are found throughout the world. His services are sought globally, as well. Contact information: 805-646-1193 .