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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aphrodite Day By Azlan White

In this photo -Detox Icunt
This mornings MOON is in this pure-hearted joyful Gemini, just after an ECLIPSE! We may rise feeling giddy or bubbly, or as if we have pink wings! All day, the MOON waxes toward a MOON VENUS CONJUNCTION at 2:24 pm pdt. This MOON VENUS moment is an alchemy point between two feminine energies.

MOON TRINES SATURN at 3:50 pm, pdt, grounding us with grace if we can allow it. Whatever we need to ground, there is grace in today’s magic of “stirring everything up,” and then giving it all “wings,” to fly, rising above any stress, or dis-ease. This ECLIPSE in Gemini, TRINE SATURN in Libra is a challenge to all of us to “master communications in relationships,” so that we can be inside of relatedness that is empowering for all creatures. Saturn at the very end of Libra, trined by an eclipse, is “killing off,” and shifting a bunch of “old relationshit,” shifting us from an “all or nothing,” black and white paradigm of relationships, with a lot of expectation and judgement, to a kinder more universal feeling of “brothers and sisters,” instead. There is a lot of negative limiting patterning that seems to be “built in,” to the system of “marriage,” that most Americans subscribe to. This Eclipse in Gemini reminds us of the nature of “brothers and sisters,” instead of husband and wife and there is a shift in relationship to kill off all the heavy serious relationship vibes, meanwhile birthing a new paradigm of “sacred partnership.” This “sacred partnership,” can be for the purpose of a moment, a healing, a project, or a lifetime.

Due to the nature of this years’s 113 year VENUS TRANSIT in front of the SUN, Venus’ movements are supercharged at this time of SPRING BURSTING FORTH–inside and outside! We can count on VENUS to have a few love-filled tricks up her sleeves at this time! May the spirit of the divine feminine and Aphrodite inspire us into romantic, friendly and all other forms of love, exploding through us all at once! (A Love Explosion!)